Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Dinner in the Great Hall

Easter is one of my favorite holidays of the year.
I remember as a little girl always getting an Easter bonnet,
new shoes, a new dress, a new purse and gloves!  I really
liked the bonnet, gloves and purse.

Here I am in my yellow Easter bonnet, sitting 
on my dad's lap.  (1958) 
We even have Easter coats on!

So Easter dinner with the family is special,
and since we keep growing, we decided to
have it in the living room, so we could all
sit at one table.  We have had this table set up for
several events since the beginning of February.

When I told the kids to take it down, there were
moans and groans, and I was asked to keep it up for
Mother's Day.

We decided we should just change the living room
to the
(like in Harry Potter)
for feasts and family dinners!  I guess we could
move the living room furniture into the formal
dining room!  Haha!!  We will see!

A black and white striped tablecloth was paired
with a sparkling pink runner, and that was topped
with square, embossed white plates.

I brought out the sterling that I had
purchased from my Aunt Ionia's Estate.
I thought it was Whiting's Lily (the spoon on the
right), as that was the pattern of the berry spoon
I had inherited from my parents' estate, but when
I ordered and received some Lily pieces to
replace missing pieces, I realized I didn't have
the right pattern.  After a little research I found
that it was Wallace's Violet pattern instead.  There
are two editions of Violet, so I ended up with a mix
of all three patterns, but I think they go beautifully
together and I have enough for everyone.

I had fun with some tags that I found
They were used to decorate the table

and each place setting.

My gorgeous cookies with edible images
from Fancy Flours were part of the decor
for each place setting.

Easter goodies adorned the table.

A touch of natural grass

and cut stems added a little greenery.

More Easter goodies were at the other
end of the table.

I just loved the black and white stripe
with the soft pink.  It created a fun, new look
for the table.  

It is fun to take photos from the balcony upstairs.
This one was taken before the cookies were
placed on the plates.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter too.

If we decide to turn the living room into
the Great Hall, I will let you know!  Seems
like everyone loves it this way!!!

May your lives be filled with family memories.

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  1. How beautiful!
    This reminds me of the way my husband's family in Denmark entertains - a very long table with one lovely theme.

  2. I think it is wonderful that you have created a GREAT hall.
    Even more amazing you have all the chairs..dishes..etc..and energy to host it all.
    But the most beautiful of all..is that you fill it up w/ all your loved ones.

  3. Your Easter table is stunning my friend, so happy with all the pastel colors without going overboard with the bunnies and dishes and so many other elements around; but best of all with your family, just perfect!
    Your great hall for Easter looks amazing and I think your family is right, you should keep it for Mother's Day too.

  4. PS: Your memory pic is adorable with your dad. I too wore a bonnet and even my underwear was new.
    We were just reminiscing with mother the other day, how in NYC we would go to St. Patrick's Cathedral for mass and later to see the Easter show at Radio City Music Hall, you know, the rockets.
    After that we'd go for lunch in one of the automatic restaurants in the 60's. When all was finished we would head back home to Astoria- Queens.
    Great Easter memories like you have!

  5. How darling are those photos! I agree with you, I would be so excited to pick out little white gloves and a purse every Easter, and sometimes, we were participants in the service, so we would recite verses or a small poem in front of the congregation. Great memories. It looks like you are creating some beautiful memories too with your gorge table setting. Those white plates are special, aren't they, so delicate and intricate. Beautiful! So glad you had a wonderful Easter.

  6. Gorgeous and Sweet!
    Fabulous Setting with some daring details that only you could manage. For all the life in me (spent at Pinterest) I would never have the courage to pair a stripped cloth with a pink runner. Shame on me as it looks so perfect.
    I'm with the "children" about the furniture ahahahahah It will be a great "excuse" to have gathering every time it strikes you fancy. That way new generations will be raised among your amazing creations and you will have the Home full of love and laughter just like you like it!
    Happy Easter!

  7. Love the great hall Jacqueline! I have wanted to do this ever since I saw you set a long table here for Christmas I think...the biggest room in my house is the foyer and I dream of setting one long table in their for a special family event once the grands get a little bigger and will actually sit! Your table is gorgeous and the goodies galore are very tempting and special. Did I mention I want to come live at your house?

  8. So beautiful Jacqueline! This area definitely becomes a great hall when you entertain! I like the black and white striped tablecloths and the pink accents. I did a post recently showing me dressed up at Easter as a little one too. You just don't see much of that nowadays- especially not the hats and little purses! Your family will always remember these moments and all the special touches you put into them!
    Mother's Day will be here before we know it!

  9. Jackie, this is so grand. Love the idea of a Great Hall. Your family is growing and it accommodates so many. Truly elegant and beautiful. You have a natural talent at designing and throwing parties. Not to forget your incredible talents in the kitchen.
    The Easter photo is darling. Easter bonnets were the rage back then. Looking forward to Mother's Day. xo

  10. Jacqueline, I don't think it could be any prettier. Wow, every detail makes me smile. I love that you host your family at one long table. How special! You are making wonderful memories for your children and grandchildren.

  11. Beautiful! So elegant. I love how you have mixed the black and white stripe with the pink, a stunning contrast. Loving the little touches of whimsy.

  12. Beautiful table, just beautiful. Loving the detail you put into it and those dishes are epic. I need to find those to add my to collection. Thanks so much for joining the Dishing It & Digging It Link Party. I hope it brings you some new friends and great traffic and I hope to see you again for next Sundays party.

  13. Every single detail is gorgeous! Love all of your cookies too! You look very cute in your Easter outfit; what a great photo!

  14. Oh Jacqueline...this blessed Easter table is just magnificent & so worthy of the greatest celebration in our Christian faith! You always do such a beautiful job with so many interesting & creative touches.
    I'm sorry it has been so long since I've visited. I was in a deep slump after Ern's passing but now that a full year of "firsts" without him, I'm coming up for air. I truly know the meaning of "waiting to exhale" now.
    Thanks for stopping by & giving me a chance to come visit you & all your gorgeous postings.

  15. p.s. I think the silverware pieces compliment each other beautifully!
    My daughter ordered mixed sets on purpose recently. That's the way these young ones thing now...nothing "matchy-matchy" LOL

  16. I vote YES for the Great Hall! More room for great eye candy!


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