Monday, February 8, 2016

Hundreds of French Macarons - a Valentine's Cooking Class at Purple Chocolat Home

I wanted to share my 
French Macaron Cooking Class
held in my home.

If you are unsure about how to make them,
just prepare for a class of 20 plus people!!

I was in a panic, as I had successfully made
them before, but of course if you are going
to teach, everything is going to go wrong,

The class was advertised on Instagram
and in less than a day, we had more than our 20 
spots full.

My oldest granddaughter is on a competition 
cheer team and they are competing in
March in LA.  My daughter and I were talking
of making and selling French Macarons to
friends and neighbors as a fund raiser, but we
ended up deciding to host a cooking class as
a fund raiser.

We literally made hundreds, so that each person could
have a box to take home.

We also filled the kitchen with them as 
part of the Valentine's Day decor.

We even included how to add a touch of
real, edible gold.

The furniture was taken out of the living room so that
each participant could have a seat and decorate their
own macarons.

Each place setting had a beautiful Macaron box,
a paint brush, a paper plate, and access to
the plate of decor items.

The demonstration part of the class took place 
in the kitchen,

After demonstrating the technique, everyone had
a turn to give it a try.
The macaron silicone mat can be purchased

Then we moved into the living room 
to the table set up for 22 to begin

Our little cheer competitor stands at the head of the work
table, decorating her own macarons.

She also handed out prizes, as we had
drawings throughout the night including
a digital scale, a candy thermometer, piping
bags and tips, and other fun Valentine's related
items.  Over half the people received a prize.

Everyone decorated and ate and had a great time.

They each went home with a fancy box
 of six beautiful macarons.
To purchase the boxes click here.

(Screen from Home Goods - 3 years ago.)

The class was a huge success and a fun evening
to get together, learn, eat and socialize.

We already have requests for more classes.

We showcased the piece de resistance,
and the last four, (who stayed
for the final clean up) got to eat it.  I am definitely
making these for a party dessert in the

I will post this table with

Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Oh I am not surprsied that you already have requests..Fantastic Jaqueline..and they look beautiful and perfect.
    That screen is so TOI.
    Kudos for everything.

  2. What a delicious bright welcome this morning!! This would be the IDEAL cooking class, if they were rated with gold stars and spoons. And you win the Golden Apron for such a clever idea, the immaculate arranging, the perfection of the preparation and space and skill, and the sheer wonder of it all, as plain old sugar turns to magic.

    Just walking into that colourful, welcoming space would have beaten Willy Wonka and a trip to the vaunted aisles of Laduree', with fun and fellowship and a take-home treasure-box thrown in.

    I'm just addled and amazed by all the colour and pure talent it takes to undertake such a demanding task. Wow. Simply stunning.

    Girl, you DO beat ALL.


  3. Jacqueline, they are sooo beautiful. I have never made any, and I hear they are a bit tricky to make. You not only made them, by the dozens, but they turned out so beautiful, and so pretty for Valentine's Day! Love them. Only wish I could have been one of the lucky guests. Love you! Joni

  4. What I would give to have been one of the lucky ladies at your party! I still haven't had the nerve to try making day, soon. I can't imagine making hundreds of them and having them come out so beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing this fun post.

  5. A great fun raising idea and all the colours you made are awesome. I made them once and it made so many...hubby doesn't like them so I figured I'd just buy a few for a treat after that.

  6. What a creative fundraising event! I love a good macaron! You always have such beautiful posts- whether it's holiday decorating or delicious food! I have a question for you. I couldn't help noticing that there was a "saying"on your kitchen cabinet. I'm intrigued to know the full saying! Please share!

  7. How fun this looks! I wish I lived closer to you. Maybe you should come down to Texas and hold a class here! :) Everything looks so festive, beautiful and fun! Cute screen, too! Where did you find your adorable macaron boxes?

  8. What a lovely way to raise money for your young competitor! She won't forget that evening. It looks like it was a lot of fun, with everything done with your signature style!

  9. What a fabulous idea for a fund raiser. I am sure all of your guests were awed by this event. You put on a showstopper! Everything is perfect, down to the pretty macaron boxes. I only wished I lived closer, so I could experience this for myself. I love how you share your worldly travels and what you learn.

  10. fun and fabulous is your style Jacqueline, and what a fantastic idea! I know everyone got more than their money's worth and had a ball~ where did you ever find those macaroon boxes, so pretty!

  11. Lovely macaroons! Excitement, success and fun! Great party and blog post. You are the best, Jacqueline!

  12. Sorry, I had the links for the boxes, but then something went wrong and it didn't post and when I redid the post, I forgot the links. They were $14 for 12. You have to assemble them, but I went ahead and gave directions on how to assemble them as people were giving them a poor rating because there were no assembly instructions and they were just too beautiful to have people pass up because they didn't know how to assemble them.

  13. How fun!! The macarons are so cute.... your oven must have been running constantly to make that many!! I invite you to share your posts at Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop & Link party, it's on every wed night!

  14. When is the next class??? I'll hitch hike if I have to!! Everything looked so fun and yummy!!

  15. Truly stunning! Sad that I missed out on this fabulous event!


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