Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Paris Christmas Lights

 The lights of the Eiffel Tower are famous
in Paris, but according to the local Parisians that
we met at church yesterday, and who offered to give
us a tour of the Paris City lights at night, she had
never seen the Eiffel Tower, where she couldn't
see the top of it.  She felt really badly, but we thought
it was beautiful and perfect in the mist.

We checked into a hotel we had stayed at a few years
ago when we had traveled here and then on to Italy
to take some cooking classes.  It is the Westin Vendome,
just across the street from the Tuilleries.

It is so elegant and beautiful (and we were able to get it
on miles again!!)  This is one amazing hotel.  I told
hubby that this hotel was perfect for my taste!

Windows across Paris are gorgeous at Christmas time,
and right across the street from us is a Laduree shop.
Their windows, like everyone's around the city,
are gorgeous.

 The top trees are chocolate medallions painted with
gold.  Hubby sent a picture home and told the kids that
Mom would be wanting to do a gold chocolate tree next.
He sure knows me!

Printemps, one of the major stores in Paris is celebrating
150 years and has beautiful animated windows.
You can circle the store and see all of their animated

Each is animated and sponsored by a different designer.

Of course, one must go into Galeries Lafayette to
see their fabulous tree display under the stained glass
dome.  Pictures can't really show this.  It is stunning and

The ornaments on the giant tree are huge and in white, silver,
gold and black.  Lights and huge ornaments also hang from
the ceiling.  They offer a music and light show at noon, 4:00 and
a few later shows.

The dome is fabulous any time of year with its ornate
balconies surrounding it, floor after floor, but
at Christmas time, it is exceptionally spectacular.

The Galeries' windows are filled with Star Wars
with the opening of the new film this week.

And I have to hop back to Disneyland Paris to show you
our "Dark Vader Burger" and "Yoda Cupcake".
Both were delicious.  The burger had a black bun and had
arugula instead of lettuce and round cheese.  The Yoda Cupcake
ended up being a flourless cake with a green mousse on top - much
more exciting than just a cupcake.

What about these enormous Christmas trees in
the Place Vendome, just up the street from us.  

Our lobby is filled with gorgeous metallic gold.
This fresh tree has been encrusted with big, crunchy,
gold flocking.  

Wow, this is a fabulous tree.

At the end of the Tuilleries, towards the Champs Elysees,
there is a huge ferris wheel that gives spectacular views
of Paris at night.  Tonight was the first night that the
sky was clear and beautiful.

Moving up the Champs Elysees, the Christmas marts fill
both sides of the street with food stalls and gift stalls.
The smells are wonderful and the lights are beautiful.  

We visited the Christmas marts in the day too
and they are filled with a funky collection 
of new and vintage Christmas decor.

Our tour guide was disappointed with the night lights of
Paris, as she said that usually every street is lit up.  She 
felt like there were tons fewer lights this year.  She wondered if
it was because of the global warming conference was currently
taking place in Paris, where one stress is to use less electricity.

Despite her disappointment at what her beautiful city had
to offer, as in the way of Christmas lights, we thought it was
beautiful, and it was so fun to be taken by private car
all around the city with this wonderful couple as they
showed up their City of Lights at Christmas time.

As a foodie, my favorite shopping has to be at Galeries LaFayette Gourmand,
the food section of Galeries LaFayette.  But we couldn't find it.

Finally we asked and they have moved it across the street.
Now it composes five floor, three food, one plates, glassware
and pans and the top floor with linens.  This is food heaven.
Last time we were in Paris, they had shrunk it from previous
years, and now they have expanded it and it is beyond divine!


And drool some more!
Yes, everything tastes as good as it looks.

There are cheese shops, bread shops, chocolate shops,
pastry shops, spice and candy shops, and also small
restaurants where you can get freshly made food.

There is also a whole floor of fresh vegetables and
fruits and gourmet groceries.

These are traditional Buche de Noels, which are everywhere.  
The variety is endless, and very creative, although they are pricey - around 100 euro.  I love this last one wrapped in gold

This wonderful macaron was for breakfast.

We indulged in the gorgeous eclairs below - 
L-R Vanilla with Golden Candied Pecans, Raspberry, Pistachio,
and a Passion Fruit Chocolate.  All gorgeous and all delicious.

We hate to leave the food and lights and grandeur of Paris, but we are off to Germany for more Christmas fun.


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. You must be getting to know your way around like a pro..Very cute pic of you too!
    Looks is very different ehre this yr w/ no snow and grey days..and I ahve not been out once at night so have seen very little decor.You must really be in the spirit!

  2. What an amazing time at Christmas. I love all the sparkle and the whimsy. The food is to die for. Joni

  3. Thank you for taking us along on your fabulous tour of Paris during the holidays. Everything is so beautiful. The food, desserts and candy are so over the top. Have fun in Germany. Merry Christmas.

  4. Even without the additional lights I'll bet it was still beautiful! Wonderful pics!

  5. So many beautiful pictures! The trees and the pastries - yum! I miss Paris.


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