Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Wicked Tablescape

This "Wicked" tablescape was so fun for Beaulah and
I to set up.  The inspiration was our new chevron
table runner.  

We happened to fly in to Home Goods
on Beaulah's broomstick - early in the season, obviously,
and we spotted this fabulous runner.  Beaulah flicked
her wand and it hopped right into our cart.  We just
loved the chevron pattern, the black fringe and the 
fun burlap applique.

 The real magic of our table begins when the
potion is poured and the skull glasses start to bubble
and spill over.

These fabulous orange skull goblets just flew into
our cart too.  Amazing how that can happen when
Beaulah is out shopping with you.

My SIL Vicki came to town and brought me these
fun plates.  She had EIGHT of them!  Wow, that
was so fun.  Of course we had to send her a picture as
soon as we had the table set.

One is a female.

And one is a male.

We offset them on white textured plates.

I made these fun Halloween napkins by serging the edges
of a 17x17 inch square of fabric.  What a great way to get
seasonal napkins in a myriad of patterns.

The black flatware was the perfect choice for this
table.  Don't you love the glittery spiders crawling
out of the napkins?

Half the fun for us was watching the magic potion
pop little bubbles and rings.

Another fabulous find from Home Goods this year was this
huge Halloween Candelabra.  We topped it with our spooky
black and silver candles, also from Home Goods.

The remainder of the centerpiece are fun Halloween
ceramic houses that we collect.

This little haunted tree gets placed under glass.

We eve found chevron patterned straws for the table.

Beaulah and I hope you have had fun visiting today, seeing our
special Wicked Tablescape.

We thought it went perfectly with our last post, so our
candy man had to come for a visit.

I will be posting with 

Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Well, I love your wicked table. What great finds you have. Home Goods has the best stuff! Love the orange goblets are just too much fun! You always create the best tables. Love your napkins...

  2. Very fun Jacqueline! Love the bubbling glasses and your napkins are fantastic, great fabric:@)

  3. I spied that wicked runner at my HomeGoods too! It makes for such a fun table and of course I love your bubbling potion goblets! Your plates are scarily perfect with your candy dish!

  4. Wonderful Wicked fun Jacqueline! Love the steaming orange goblets with your new skull plates!! Home Goods is always a treasure trove :) Love the cute fabric you found for the napkins~ you are ready for a lot of Halloween fun!

  5. Beautifully Halloweenie and inspirational, as always!

  6. How very chillingly charming!

    The orange goblet caught my eye immediately, for there's one sitting somewhere here behind me---an impulsive little grab for Sweetpea as I roamed the diminishing aisles of our local DEALS a couple of weeks ago. They're changing into one Dollar store or another, but they've been sorta our PARTY CENTRAL for years---absolutely marvelous stuff, and almost every single thing a dollar. I hate to lose such a wonderland of STUFF to choose from for parties and holidays. I think they must be kinda where all the broken boxes and incomplete sets from Home Goods and Marshalls, etc. go to end their days.

    I also picked up six of the matching tall iced teas in silver gray, orange and clear. We gather downstairs to a good dinner that's been in-the-oven-while-we're-outside every year after we turn off the porch lights at 7:30, and have a wonderful time just US. Candy for dessert.

    Yours is horrifyingly splendiferous, as always. Will you be parting with the "clouds of mist" recipe?


  7. As usual you created a stunning table. I love anything under acloche and putting the haunted tree was just the perfect touch. Boy would I love to come see the collection of dishes you have. Susie

  8. What an adorable Halloween Table! Love your plates and centerpieces. I also love anything in a cloche. I should have bought that runner when I saw it! It would even be great to use for a Wizard of Oz tablescape. Your napkins are aadorable. I love how you put the spiders climbing out, a great creative touch. Valerie

  9. Your wicked table is so festive! Love the bubbling brew in the goblets, so much fun!!

  10. Sure wish I'd come across that runner as I have a number things it would work with. Like you I often satisfy napkin needs with a serger.

  11. It is funny how things just kind of fly into your cart at Home Goods. Ours finally opened (haven't bought anything yet. I love the orange goblets, they lighten up the table, and that Vicky is so naughty bringing you 8 more dishes. Let me know where you got the Halloween house. Love them. Joni


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