Monday, October 19, 2015

A Little Gothic Style for Halloween in Purple and Black

Our charming Gothic couple,
given to me last year by my SIL, are the inspiration
for our decorations at the kitchen bar.  The bar is huge and offers
lots of space to decorate, so Beaulah and I filled it with all
sorts of purple, black and silver Halloween decor.

  I love their all black
clothing with touches of purple, and their violet eyes - 
 a slightly creepy couple, yet kind of cute.

Their dress inspires our color scheme - purple, black and silver.
Beaulah and I love that there is so much purple 
used in Halloween decor
these days.  It fits right in at Purple Chocolat Home.

Reach right out for a goblet, if you dare.

Purple just makes you feel like the night is elegant -
even if a little spooky, and the touches of black add
to the effect, while the silver elevates everything just a bit.

We had fun this year decorating between the Venetian glass
chandeliers that hang over the kitchen bar. 
 We ran lights between them
and draped the chandeliers and the light string with black lace and
purple ribbon - great Gothic touches.

The lights are our favorites.
They were a new item from Target - Spiders in a jar!
Reminds me of my dad - he used to pay us ten cents to catch
spiders in the basement, and we would bring them to him in
Mason jars!  Totally creepy, but I wasn't scared of
spiders as a child either.  I was a spider hunter!!

Fabulous bone candles fill a silver candelabra dripping with
crystals.  I even added a few purple crystals.  These
were a new purchase from Home Goods - should have
grabbed more!

Beaulah and I discovered these purple spidery
placemats last year and we had to bring them out.

 The plate stack is a dark silver charger, a ruffled purple plate and 
a silver dessert plate.  Black and antique silver flatware is
perfect with this table setting.

Creepy, sparkly, purple rats are enjoying our Gothic table.

I love this gnarly old hand (looks like mine) with its purple
spider ring.  This was purchased at a fun holiday boutique last year, along 
with the potion bottles.

Our gigantic treat container is filled with Purple Chocolate Popcorn -
so much more fun than white chocolate popcorn this time of year.

Purple Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

Pop 1 bag of popcorn (3.5 oz).  Meanwhile
melt 1 1/2  C. purple candy melts.  Pour popcorn
into a large bowl.  Pour the melted candy melts over
and stir until coated.  Turn out onto a piece of parchment
and let cool.  Break into pieces.  Enjoy!

These goblets are new - they literally jumped
in our cart at hubby and I were at the grocery store.

They came in clear, purple and red.  How could we resist?

(Got this one at the same grocery store - Harmon's.  My sister is
visiting, so we bought it for her, and she insisted that it
join the tablescape!)

Here's to having lots of magical fun for Halloween.

Hope you enjoyed your Gothic purple inspired trip to
Purple Chocolat Home today, where holidays are
always lots of kid friendly fun!

Run over to a Fanciful Twist and see
the Fabulous Tea Party she has posted - makes
 you want to put on your witchy outfits and join in!

Beaulah and I are heading over to party with
with witches!  I know Zoulah, Beaulah's twin from Red Couch Recipes
is already there! Fly on over!

I will be posting with

Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. I just drop in and look my eyes full of your beautifuls, your creatives, your collections of wonderful things all splendidly arranged and displayed, and then I'm all set for dryer-buzz and mirror-wipes and whatever is simmering on the stove.

    What a glorious riot of purple---don't think I've ever seen such a fabulous gathering of purples and blacks for any holiday---especially the old ORANGE traditionals---and since I, too, floundered about in that Orange and Brown world of the seventies, hating the fabrics and the clothes (What WERE we thinking??!), this is absolutely so refreshing and delightful, I cannot tell you.

    Your little couple is oddly suited to each other, with the expressions of long familiarity in their world---she of the frowny disposition and he of the woebegone "Yes, Dear" expression.

    And I---well, let's just say I have an orange tray with a spider on it.


  2. How fun, it looks like you're all set for Halloween! Love the purple popcorn and my favorite is the 'I'm not a witch I'm your mother' sign:@)

  3. Love all this Jaqueline. I love how you really did up your bar area with the fabric draped and the lights, and the purple is just so much fun! You really do have a lot of purple Halloween. Love the gothic couple and the sign, "I am not a witch, I am your mother" really resonates. That bony hand is so perfect. Love your purple popcorn too. Joni

  4. This is awesome and so you. Purple and all. Beautiful details and that gothic couple is the cutest. You really outdid yourself on this magnbificent setting.

  5. I love your site! I guess it goes without saying that purple is my favorite color. ;-D

  6. Purple Perfection Jacqueline!! What a wickedly wonderful Halloween scene! I love all the witchy signs, and those goblets, wowza!! The terrifying treats of purple popcorn are the greatest finishing touch!! I would love to trick or treat at your house!

  7. This is over the top spooktacular table, Jacqueline. You are so creative, so amazing!!!!...Christine

  8. This looks like a perfect "Addams Family" table! Love it!

  9. what a fun spooky house. Your grandchildren must be enjoying this.

  10. Purple chocolate popcorn? That is fabulous! I also love the bone candles in the candelabra! Happy Halloween!

  11. That was a fabulous table! You and I have many of the same spooky items, although what you bought in purple, I often bought in black. I love that one of your little witches has a bat shaped mouth. They are very sweet. I don't think my party will show up in Vanessa's list, as it's not on my blog, but you are welcome to visit if you'd like.

  12. Wow, everything is so beautiful! Happy Witches Tea Party day!

  13. Enchanting, Jacqueline, a visual display for the heart and eyes. We have the same taste in goblets, I see, and my eyes covet the purple web placemats. Thank you for such a lovely party. Diana

  14. Magical! I just love this color scheme. So sophisticated but also perfect for Halloween. I enjoyed all the details so much.

  15. Welcome Gothic Couple! They are a perfect addition to your beautiful collection.

  16. Oh how fun! I love the way you did the chandeliers and new gothic couple are adorable. So much fun here- I'm sure kids and adults will love this. Those new spider lights from Target are too cute!

  17. I am never disappointed in your sense of fun coupled with your sophisticated touches.

  18. I'm late to your witchy party and bar filled with all your wonderful Halloween decor! I'm swooning over the streamers and purple accents hanging from the chandies! Your purple popcorn makes one terrifying treat...Happy Halloween!

  19. Well of course you have to have a purple gothic Halloween Jackie! Really fun, with so many special touches! I make that popcorn recipe and have made green, orange, and purple. It's yummy too! I missed getting signed up for Vanessa's party this year, but it's so wonderful! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  20. I'm a little late in visiting your Witches Tea Party. I love the decorations and colors. Purple is my favorite color! thanks for visiting. Take care, Darlene


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