Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cinderella The Movie Table and Party

Who wouldn't be swept away by a Cinderella birthday
cake that twirls, from the new Cinderella (2015) movie.

My granddaughter and I were swept away while
looking for a birthday cake idea for her birthday
and her cousin's birthday, as Grandma was going
to do a combined party for them.

We saw the cake by Icing Artist
on YouTube and decided this was the cake we wanted
for their party.  She gives amazing step by step
instructions in her video.

I had my friend Annie make the cake, and when it arrived, 
and it actually spun around, I was so thrilled.
(Anniepbee on Instagram or

Of course the whole table had to be based around
the new Cinderella Movie with a glass slipper
with a gold butterfly.

They came six to a box and were the perfect size for
the table.  Then I made fondant butterflies using 
a butterfly mold, that I covered with gold glitter.

The table is regal with gold flatware and an antiqued gold
charger.  The flatware is from Horchow, and the chargers
were borrowed from my friend Rachel, who got them at
Tuesday Morning.

Cinderella's ballgown is reflected in the 
aqua tulle tableskirt that surrounds the table.

This was ordered from Etsy for my daughter's wedding reception.

It was pinned around the edges to a rosette tablecloth
from Linen Tablecloth, at such a reasonable price.

Aqua plates are stacked with a white plate.  Both came
from Tai Pan.

I can just imagine Cinderella joining us at the table.

Home made organza napkins are surrounded
with a glass ring shaped napkin ring.

I chose my aqua goblets with the twisted stems
and gold rimmed goblets to go with Cinderella's table.

I had been enchanted with chocolate slippers that
we saw at 
in Pleasant Grove and I ordered one for each of
the granddaughters as a take home gift.

The delicate chocolate shoe sits in Cinderella's carriage.

The gift shoes were left in their boxes.

Of course we had to have Cinderella's slippers in cookie form.
Mini cupcakes were also topped with the iconic golden butterfly.

I found these ceramic shoes at Hobby Lobby and they
reminded me of Cinderella's everyday slippers which
are traded for glass slippers.

Every little detail is set for Cinderella to come and enjoy.

And of course, Cinderellas started pouring in.
Miss Greater Salt Lake, Hannah Harkness and
her Little Miss (my oldest granddaughter) Kylie
came dressed in their custom made Cinderella gowns.

We had to order the Cinderella carriage again and everyone was dressed
up for the Cinderella party.

My niece Shaunna designed these gorgeous invitations
for Goldie who was 5 and Jacquelyn who was 3.

Of course the Fairy Godmother was there, but we had a surprise
visit from the King.

It was a party fit for many princesses.

Watch as she twirls.  If you want to make the cake
here is the source for the twirling turntable.
The best part was that the cake not only looked great, but
it tasted fantastic.  Thanks Annie!

I will be posting this with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Wow!! What a magical amazing party!! The granddaughters will have such a fun memory with you for doing this for them! I request the fairy godmother for our next birthday party ;)

  2. This is so cute!! And so magical! It would be my dream party as a little girl (and now). Love it!!

  3. Very pretty, it looks like the girls had a blast:@)

  4. What a nice theme for the girls! I'm sure they loved the chocolate shoes! Love all the details.

  5. Jacqueline, We just returned from Disney World and I thought of your as we dined in Belle's Castle! Of course there were so many Cinderella things there because of the new movie. No new little ones in my family yet but I must find some reason to set a Cinderella table like yours. I love all the glass slipper details and the ball gown skirt on the table. The little princesses look so happy and they must have been delighted to ride in that carriage with the beautiful fairy godmother and the King! Happy Birthday to the girls! Linda

  6. All I can say is WOW.
    I feel like I am looking at photos from a movie star's home..You are amazing and so good to your Littles.

  7. Oh, your Radiant Grace! (in my best Game of Thrones voice)

    This is enchanting and so lovely a memory for the children (and for you, of course---I treasure every little effort which makes them smile and enjoy the magical moments). What a charming, perfectly-planned soiree, and how beautifully carried out in every detail.

    I so look forward to all your sharings of these lovely times; most of them give me that little bubble of Happy which wells up whilst awaiting Christmas Morning, or your Birthday guests to arrive.

    So many of my own memories with all the Grands are simply of WORDS, of stories and tales and little conversations, and it's simply splendid to see so many of the beautifuls translated into the Charming, Magical REAL through your talented hands and extraordinary imagination.

    rachel, doffing my own Fairy Grandmother's hood

  8. My goodness! What an amazing party for your grandgirls! I can't even begin to imagine how fun it would've been to have a grandmother like you! The cake is amazing. Having the Cinderella Carriage arrive is over the top fantasy! I'm sure the little ones that joined will remember this forever. You and the King looked marvelous!

  9. This was such a fabulous and magical Cinderella birthday party for your little grand princesses, Jackie! You thought of every detail with loving care. The Cinderella cake is gorgeous and the carriage ride looks like a little girl's dream come true!

  10. This was such a fabulous and magical Cinderella birthday party for your little grand princesses, Jackie! You thought of every detail with loving care. The Cinderella cake is gorgeous and the carriage ride looks like a little girl's dream come true!

  11. This was such a fabulous and magical Cinderella birthday party for your little grand princesses, Jackie! You thought of every detail with loving care. The Cinderella cake is gorgeous and the carriage ride looks like a little girl's dream come true!

  12. Oh my Jacqueline, you really thought of everything here, those "glass" slippers are incredible, and the cake, wow wow wow! No one was turning into a pumpkin at this party! Your granddaughters have a real life fairy godmother grandmother throwing them parties like this!

  13. Your granddaughters are so lucky to have you as their Fairy Grandmother ;) What an amazing cake and the table is certainly fit for any Princess. Well done!

  14. Oh my Jacqueline, You and your magic wand didn't miss a single detail with this Cinderella party! Your table is fit for fairy princesses with your wonderful ballgown skirted cloth, glass slippers with fondant butterflies, chocolate slippers, and fabulous cake! You make a beautiful and talented Fairy Grandmother...I want go on that carriage ride :)

  15. Over the top goodness! I can't believe all of the lovely details and the gorgeous cake. Everything is beautiful and so coordinated. I know your sweet grands are loving this special party. You covered everywhere!

  16. Wow, a party fit for a princess, and cinderella too! I thought you were going to say you made the cake, it is amazing as is the birthday table. Everyone looks lovely in their cinderella finery.

  17. Jacqueline, I want to come back in my next life as one of your granddaughters. What an amazing birthday party. Every detail is enchanting! I think the glass slippers are the best!
    I loved the movie and could see it again and again.
    Happy Birthday to Goldie and Jacquelyn.

  18. Wow! Fantastic! You always do such a wonderful job! Love the colors and the slippers! Happy Birthday to the birthday girls!


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  20. You are amazing...oh that cake and the carriage! Love that you're the fairy godmother to all!!!!!

  21. Beautiful table Jacqueline and I love all of the adorable details!

  22. What an opulent table. Absolutely beautiful! I am sure everyone enjoyed this fun party. I am sorry I didn't see this sooner. I haven't had a computer for a month and have had to go the the Library to use them there, (if I was desperate). Stunning details. I love the blue skirt around the table. We must have similar tastes and I so enjoy visiting your Blog. Have a wonderful week....

  23. I just watched Cinderella on On Demand. I just knew you'd be loving every detail!! Great celebration.


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