Monday, June 1, 2015

Feather Your Nest

It is time to Feather Our Nests and I am talking about
real nests, feathered just how you would like them.

Of course, mine is going to be feathered with creams 
and golds and sparkly bits and pieces.

Can you see the gold and silver metallics, and the gold
wire.  This bird loves sparkle and shine.

We have started a monthly craft group and this time we were
feathering nests, each crafted to match the home of its owner.

 We started with pre-maid nests for about $4.99. 

 Our host, Laura,  purchased all of the supplies.  Ribbons, yarns,
fabrics, laces, wires, grasses and eggs were all provided to
choose from.

These were really simple and fun.  We just gathered small bundles
of ribbons, yards, fabrics, etc., (just like the birds would)
 and then we wired them together and
glued them on.  You can see my little bundles were tucked up
and over the edge, going under the twigs that encircled the nest.
Then the underside of each bundle was glued to the nest.

Yes, you are right, that is where I got that nasty blister that
I mentioned that I put milk on.  

This was continued until the whole rim of the nest
was covered.  You could also add a second layer
underneath if you wanted more fulness.

After that, little bits and pieces of flowers, glass,
trinkets, wires and ribbons were added on.

You can see from this one that a fun mix of 
yarns were used, mimicking the items a bird might pick
up to feather his nest.

This nest was finished off with a little green moss and
beautiful blue eggs.  A purple silk flower was

Your imagination is the limit, and you can use bits and
pieces around the house.  This one has some pinks and greens
and even a touch of lace.  Laura had purchased some lace 
and eyelet clothing at a thrift store and just cut them up.

This nest is finished off with a soothing swirl of vibrant
green grass and pretty green eggs.

I love how each one turned out differently, depending on
what that little birdie loved and wove into their nest.
This one has such a natural feel.

This birdie has soft, fluffy yarn inside of its nest
with touches of bright green moss.  It even found
a darling pendant to hand from its nest.

How about this glitzy one with ribbons and laces and metallics.
The eggs were painted metallic and a fancy brooch was added.
The extra fullness on this one was achieved by
adding a second layer under the first.

Isn't this one just adorable?  I love the little tiny nest
tucked into the bigger nest.  Any bird would love
to lay their eggs in this nest.

Oh, just beautiful!  No two are alike.

This is the 
Purple Chocolat Nest
and this little bird just loves it!

Thanks Laura for a wonderful craft night.

Give this fun and easy craft a try.  No 
matter how you Feather Your Nest
it turns out beautifully.

I will be posting this with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. What a fun craft night! Your nest is beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing, very inspiring...makes me want to build a nest with lot's of bling! ;)

  2. An adorable idea! Love those blue eggs.

  3. How very pretty all of the nest turned out....
    I love all the glitz and glam.....


  4. Craft Night sounds like a very fun idea Jacqueline! Cute nests-enjoy:@)

  5. Yours is very pretty. They're similar to the ones a blogger makes and sells but I'm sure it's more fun to make your own.

  6. What a lovely vignette. I envy you your craft night, sounds like fun.

  7. Great idea to have a craft night. Your nest is lovely, but I'm surprised that the sweet purple flowers didn't make it into your nest. '-)

  8. A craft group is a great idea and so are these beautiful nests. Thank you gor giving me a new decorating idea!

  9. Great idea for you gals to have a craft night! That sounds like so much fun. Laura did a great job gathering all the goodies to make your nest. I can tell that you have some very talented friends. I love all the embellishments on your nest. Thank you for sharing all the creations with your wonderful photography. Hugs, KS

  10. I'm green with envy! What fun! I wonder what craft you will choose when you host?!

  11. I hosted and did the Bunny tail chair wraps. It was fun.

  12. These are so beautiful! I've seen nests on Vicki's blog, 2 bags Full ( Vicki posted wonderful pictures of some nests today!) And on Karen's blog, Todolwen, and thought a version would be fun to make. Looks like it was!!!

  13. What a clever idea and so fun to make nests with friends. Love the bling you added.

  14. Those turned out so beautiful. Where did she buy the bird nests and what size are they? Thank you.


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