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Don't Get Burned - Vitamin D Cures The Burn

This may be the only life-altering blog I write,
so don't miss this one, or you're going to get burned!
Well, let's admit it, you've already been burned
multiple times in your life, but I have the cure!

Welcome to official summer with Memorial Day!
Along with summer comes sunburns - boating,
pools, picnics, walks, you name it and those sunburns
can burn all night long and into the next day.
But the sun isn't the only thing that burns.
How many ways can you get burned,
let me count the ways:
Curling irons
Pots and pans
Glue guns - ouch! ....

You know, you've had it all, right?

Let me take you back to my college days
(and since I am going to my 40th high school
reunion this year, that was a few years ago.)

College was done for the year and we were going
to take a road trip to California before we returned
to Wisconsin.  We were heading to the beach!  For
a girl who grew up in Wisconsin with sandy beaches
at all of our lakes, but had never been to the coast,
this was quite a thrill.  We were going to stay with
our friend Paul, at his parent's house.  

Of course, snow white college students mixed with
bronzing California sun can end up being a disaster
but each day after the beach, Paul had us slather on
liquid Vitamin D.  His grandfather had worked at a
dairy and someone had been severely burned there.
While waiting for help, one of the workers had poured
liquid Vitamin D on the burn and by the time help
had arrived, the burn no longer hurt.  Seems too good
to be true, right?

Well, we did it and within 30 minutes it took away
the burn.  Of course, we were dumb college kids,
and even though we were snow white, we were
staying at the beach all day.  Then one day we
drove down to San Diego and forgot to bring
the Vitamin D.  By the time we applied it that
night, it didn't have any effect, so we realized it
had to be applied soon after coming inside.

Fast forward a little - when I had no access to Vitamin D
but sure wished I had as I had sleepless nights because
of too much sun.

My brain finally wondered if there was enough Vitamin D
in milk (that's why the dairy had it in the first place) and
I decided to try slathering milk on a sunburn as soon 
as I came in from the sun.  Amazingly enough it took the
burn away in 15-30 minutes, but I smelled like sour milk.
Well, just a little good smelling lotion applied over the
milk application, after the milk had dried and the smelly
cow was taken care of.

This was a miracle and I was going to share it with everyone,
especially as we spend a lot of time in the sun at Lake Powell
or Cabo.

Many scoffed, but those who tried it became believers.

Too many waited until night time when they were in severe
pain to give it a try, and as I had told them, it had to be as
soon as they came in, for some reason, and they had to suffer
the consequences of not listening to me.

(Here she is when she was young.  Now she is grown and married.)

Fast forward, once again, to my fourth child who was about 5,
and who crawled up on the counter and placed her
hand on a sealed disc burner which was still hot
and it removed the entire skin of her palm.  

We immediately plunged her hand in milk and kept
adding ice cubes and fresh milk for several hours.  She
slept peacefully that night and we forgot about the burn
the next day because she wasn't in any pain.

Two days later, we were at a picnic and I showed it
to a Dr. there, and her hand was beautifully healed, no

Yes, there is enough Vitamin D in milk, and I have tried
it all from skim to whole and even baby formula and 
found relief.  A little milk on a paper towel held on
a blistered finger for half an hour and you won't suffer
all night with the burn. (Somewhere in those years I 
read in a women's magazine about a university study
using milk for burns and they thought it was the 
proteins in the milk and they stated it had to be
whole milk.  Wish I had saved that article and written
to them!)

But the great news is that you can now buy Vitamin D
in capsules, so you don't have to risk the smell of sour
milk.  Just pierce a capsule, squeeze it into your palm
and apply it.  If you are applying it to a large area,
mix it in your palm with some lotion!  I now carry
Vitamin D. capsules in my purse.

Let me tell you about my worst burn lately and how I
took away the burn.

This is a picture of this awful burn.  We had driven to our
cabin which is 20 minutes away and reaching into my husband's
car, an Audi Q7, to take out some food, my leg touched the
exposed tail pipe - just one more reason to not like his Audi Q7!
But that is another story!

Instantly I had a circle of blistered skin and I can't remember such
pain.  Screaming and holding my knee I searched my mind for
a way to get relief.  I had hubby run into the cabin, knowing 
full well that we had no milk there, but hoping someone may have
left some, and he came out with some vanilla ice cream. 
 Hey, I didn't have any Vitamin D
capsules since I had left my purse at home,
 and I was desperate to try anything.  With a paper towel, I
applied some vanilla ice cream and held it there for about 15 minutes.
Within half an hour I was active again, and had totally forgotten
the pain.

When I told several of these experiences to my pharmacist
friend, she said I needed to share this information with
burn units.  She was interested in the sunburn, but fascinated
with the other burns.  I never have done that, but I thought
I would share it with you for summer.  

It really is miraculous, so don't get burned this summer
without having Vitamin D on hand in some form or other.

This isn't like Aloe Vera or ice, this actually takes the heat out
in just minutes.  Give it a try as I know you are going to get
burned in one way or another soon.  But don't put it off - do
it the minute you come in from the sun.  I don't know why,
but it doesn't work if you wait until the evening when you
really start hurting.

(I just got burned last week doing crafts with a hot glue
gun!  A little milk on a paper towel and despite it instantly
blistering, within an hour the pain was gone.)

I am going to share this secret with
Metamorphosis Monday


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  1. Great advice! I am going to try this next time, and I'll also share this with my sons and their families (both are in Florida). Burns are awful no matter what kind.

  2. It really works!!!! I tried this years ago when I had a bad sunburn, you told me to try your milk method and everywhere I applied milk it was pain free and didn't peel. Unfortunately I missed a few places and by evening I was in pain and just those areas peeled days later! Miracle cure! I have shared this with everyone through the years! I think they call that the trickle down effect! Thanks smart lady!

  3. BTW I love the picture of your feet over the pool shot!

  4. Oh my goodness, what an ugly burn on your knee and I'm so glad you could resolve it. I'm fascinated with the vitamin for burns, I didn't know.
    I'm pinning to remember it, I'm a real casualty for burning myself at home too.
    Thanks for the visit sweet friend, I so appreciate it.
    Happy weekend.

  5. Wow!!! I am so glad you shared this!!! I wish I had known long ago! I used lavender oil, which heals well and quicker than the silvidine stuff they give you, but it takes longer for the pain to go away. And after nights of using it on my kids sunburned backs, the scent reminds them of sunburn pain, which I think is funny! But the milk idea sounds great! Can't wait for my daughter to get a sunburn!!! .... Oh... Wait.... That's not very nice.... 😉... A... Thanks for great burn advice, I will try it next time I or a member if my family gets burned!!!

  6. What a great tip Jackie. I wish I knew that years ago when I was baking myself in the sun all day. What were we thinking? I will pass this on to friends and family. Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend.

  7. I just hope I can remember this the next time I burn myself!
    Enjoy the holiday weekend.

  8. How I wish I knew this secret many, many years ago. We had nothing to protect our skin as kids that I recall and with my fair complexion and strawberry blond hair you know I got sunburned - over and over.
    I remember the stinging burn of my lobster red skin like it was yesterday so I will definitely pass on what you've shared Jacqueline.
    Good to know for other burns too.

  9. Very interesting! I take it every day. I know when the BBQ blew up on Tati we soaked it in milk. Like Vicki, I love the purple toes.Joni

  10. I'll try not to get burned to begin with, but if I do... thanks for sharing!!!

  11. Vitamin d is a miracle worker I've been taking it a lot for my leg! Glad your sunburn is better!


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