Wednesday, April 8, 2015

It's Garden Thyme

Have you started planting anything yet?

My youngest granddaughter and I
planted peas, arugula and carrots
the other day.  It is wonderful when they
love to do anything, even chores, with you.

It's garden time and I am ready for it!

Of course some of my favorites are herbs
as they come back every year so early.

Lettuce and spring plants are going in now
and summer plants in a little while.  I let
my lettuce, arugula and cilantro go to
seed during the summer and they sow themselves
so that they come up all over the garden in early
spring.  It is always a fun surprise to see
where they grow.

Our weather was so warm this winter
that my rosemary wintered over.  That
has never happened before.

Our plate stack consists of beautiful whites
like the tulips and spring greens like the herbs.

I love the textures of the white plates and the
pop of color the placemats give.

 The stack is topped with a spring green
flower bowl that creates a nest for
our seeds and mini trowel.

The beaded napkin nestles in amongst
the plates for more textural interest.

Our cream colored flatware are perfect
for this table.  Did your flatware ever disappear
into the garden as the kids used them for "diggers"?

Mine sure did!

My fancy flatware caddy is filled with spring flowers
and herbs and is the focal point of the center of the table.
I found my Godinger flatware caddy at Tuesday Morning
but I did see some online on Amazon.  I love how versatile
and elegant it is.

Other spring greens are brought into the
center of the table with a moss ball in a
clay urn

and a chicken wire cloche.

My ever useful green bubble goblets are the featured stemware.

I hope spring has come where you are and
that you are enjoying it.

(I am, except for hayfever, but I read that eating
a teaspoon of local honey can help with allergies
and I am doing it and IT WORKS!  I still have
to take my allergy medicines, but it helps.)

Even if you aren't a gardener, get out and 
plant something and watch it grow.  It is
fun and children love to see what they
have planted grow.  

I will be posting this with

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  1. Don't you just love going outside in the Summer and picking your veggie from the garden? I'm moving soon, so no planting for me :(

  2. Too early for me to plant yet but I've been able to start the spring clean-up.
    I like your herb garden stakes and interesting seed packets.

  3. I always drool your treasure Maam J.

    Love the caddy.

    Have a nice Spring(or whatever time of the year, you have, §:-)

    Greetings from Cape Town.

  4. How fun that your granddaughter is interested in gardening! My peas are up-woo hoo:@)

  5. Your table looks pretty and I love the garden theme. I have planted lettuce, radishes and kale outside and inside I have sown zinnias. We have some bulb plants blooming, so it truly feels like spring now.
    Blessings and hugs, Beth

  6. I love the colors you chose for your table it's lovely and I planted pea too and some green beans the other day one zucchini plant..then it rained like mad and I haven't been able to go out into the Garden again.. but I planted the seeds first in little pots in my new little green house.. I just love your table thank you for sharing with love Janice Happy Spring..

  7. Jacqueline, your garden theme table is charming. The stack of white plates with beautiful textural details does remind me of the petals of tulips. Beautifully done!
    Love that your little grand daughter likes to garden with you. Wonderful experience and life lessons for children to garden. We had a small garden plot for each classroom when I taught first grade. It was both fun and very educational.

  8. The time I spent with our grandparents in their garden has fostered a lifelong interest in gardens and growing our own food, which at the moment is quite difficult due to the very persist hoards of possums that inhabit the city.
    Your images are beautifully styled and photographed. XXX

  9. I love your table "garden" Jacqueline! So clever and pretty!

  10. Hi Jacqueline! The garden theme is great. Love all the green and the pretty herb markers. The flatware basket filled with herbs is a great touch too. I look forward to your blog posts - they are always pretty. I tried my hand making jeweled eggs from your DIY tutorial for my easter tablescape this week.

  11. SO pretty! I really like the colour scheme, the dish stack and the wonderful seed packs and trowels in the lovely bowls. Your chicken wire ornamental cage is fantastic!

  12. Your herb and garden inspired table is lovely, love the colors and the freshness of the season.

  13. Beautiful shades of green and love this table.

  14. Jacqueline, this might very well be my favorite among your many fabulous posts. The simple white and different shades of green are just gorgeous and I love the way you incorporated the seeds and little spade in the place setting. This post made me want to go dig in the dirt - well, almost! I am not really much of a gardener - lol!!

  15. You are so lucky to be planting outdoors already! I have some seeds started, but indoors. Pretty table!


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