Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mini Chocolate Cabbage Cakes

Nothing wows people like a 
Chocolate Cabbage Cake
and I decided to make mini versions
of my 

which is the size of a large head of cabbage.

I usually start with a full cake baked
in a ball cake pan or two metal bowls
but I wanted something small and simple.

So I started out with a cake ball a little smaller
than a baseball - about 2.5-3 inches in diameter.

This super moist, super large cake ball
started out as a - surprise - bakery cake.  
Our Macy's grocery store has a really good bakery
 and this is one of the moistest chocolate cakes
I have had.  Mixed in with their super thick
layer of chocolate buttercream (and yes, their
frosting is yummy too, 
especially stirred right into the cake),
this made the most
delicious, moist and gooey chocolate cake
ball ever!  Of course you can make your favorite
chocolate cake and frosting or use a leftover.
Did you know cake gets moister after several days
as it begins to absorb the moisture from the frosting?

Just break the cake and frosting up in a bowl,
and then form it into a ball. You want
this to be sticky and gooey so that you can't wait
until your next bite.

Now comes the fun part, wrapping your little
moist cakes in cabbage leaves.

I wanted to get radicchio to mold my chocolate
on, but the store only had green cabbage so I 
chose the smallest head I could find.

Melt candy melts in the microwave.  I used 
about one and one half cups white and 6 to 8
discs of green.  You could do this all in white too, or 
milk chocolate.  Any color would be fun, even
pink, but I wanted a green cabbage cake.

Paint the melted candy onto cabbage leaves.

This cake ball is so small that painting 
the bottom of the cabbage leaf with candy melts 
didn't work so I decided to use the top of the leaf 
and curve it more by letting it cool between 
two bottles.  This worked great.  

The coolness of the leaves made the chocolate 
set up quickly.  Just peel the leaf off the chocolate.
Then, while it is still a little soft, I was able to
cut the bottom of the chocolate leaf so it would
sit flat on the mini pedestal.  I easily peeled the
chocolate off the top of the leaf and was able to
reuse the leaf time and again.  You will need about
5 to cover.  I did mine one at a time to make
sure I was getting the right size and curve of leaves.

 Start with the leaf on the
top of the cake to cover the cake as you look down
into it.  

Use a little of the melted candy as glue
on the bottom of the leaf and where the
leaves overlap. 

Continue overlapping leaves around the cake ball.
The beautiful thing is that if the leaf doesn't
work out, you can just remelt it in the microwave
with the bowl of candy melts.  

I can't wait to serve these to my girlfriends!

I will be posting these with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Oh, I adore your "cabbage" cakes! They are pure genius from a very talented lady.

  2. These are truly amazing, Jacqueline! I noticed a lot of wonderful Easter themed baked goodies on your sidebar too. What a talent you are! ;)

  3. They are adorable cakes, Jaqueline! A fun idea and so realistic looking. I enjoyed watching your bread stick video on your sidebar. It would be wonderful if you had your own cooking show!

  4. Well, if THAT isn't the most amazing cake thing I have ever seen. Wow and Wow and Wow. I LOVE it! xo Diana

  5. You did a good job!
    I made a baby shower cake w/ white chocolate melted /formed into real curly cabbage leaves..Ricardo..recipe..and it was the hit.. a small baby was nestled in the cabbage:) Oh years ago..You just brought back memories..

    The leaves were almost ransparent though..

  6. I have has these on my "to-do" list for years Jackie. I might just need to make it. Yours are gorgeous!

  7. Oh yum! So cute and I bet delicioius. Thanks so much for your kind visit.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  8. This cake looks incredible! Love it! :)

  9. You share the cutest ideas, Jacqueline! I'm forwarding this one on to several friends and to my niece. These are adorable!

  10. That is the cutest cake...and sounds fairly easy to make...will let you know when I am ready to scream because it doesn't look like yours!

  11. Bet you didn't have any trouble getting the kids to eat these veggies:@) The cakes are really cute!

  12. You are so creative Jacqueline! A project like this takes patience and a steady hand. Hopefully I'll have enough of both to pull this off!

  13. You are so creative Jacqueline! A project like this takes patience and a steady hand. Hopefully I'll have enough of both to pull this off!

  14. You've outdone yourself with these cabbage cakes Jacqueline! Too adorable, and how brilliant you are to use a bakery cake for the cake ball base! What a stellar idea! There is something about cabbages that is so appealing, I love to use them for decorating tables for spring, and your chocolate cabbage creations are irresistible!

  15. Now, this is a charming way to greet the morning! These fall in my Mammaw's category of "Too Pretty to Cut" in the cake world.

    And Oh, for the days of the boundless energy and zest of youth, when whole nights dedicated to decorating a cake were the norm, and the most exacting details no problem. (The "Garden Cake" with tee-ninecy rows of a dozen of the little cabbages made with a rose-tip, along with radishes and carrots and toothpick-bits pulled through a writing tip to coat, then stuck in with leaves to dangle the most dainty little eggplants from the stems---too twee for words).

    Yours is perfect, as is the table of yesterday---such care and creativity.


  16. Thanks for the cute comment on my blog today- blogger does not give me a direct access to your email-you come through as No Reply...xo Diana

  17. I am completely in awe. These are adorable. Stopping by from Pat's blog to say hello.

  18. These are exquisite! Too perfect to eat, though I'm sure I would. :)

  19. These are so adorable Jackie. You have managed to wow us again. Love the small sizes and the green is perfect for St. Paddy's day. Your platter is so sweet with the bunnies.

  20. So creative and clever Jacqueline! Your cabbage cakes are perfect addition to a table of bunnies or shamrocks :)

  21. These are absolutely adorable! Thank you for sharing!

  22. How neat is your cabbage cakes! Thanks for joining HSH!

  23. I think it's safe to say your blog is now my spring obsession. So glad I found it at Bev's Pink Saturday, at How Sweet the Sound. I'm your newest follower, my email so I don't miss a THING> Happy Pink Saturday!


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