Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jeweled French Script and Sheet Music Easter Eggs

How yummy are these elegant Easter Eggs
decoupaged with French script, sheet music and 
glitter and accented with jewels.

My little nest is certainly going to be jeweled this year.

I couldn't decide which I liked better -
French Script or sheet music

so I decided to do some of each

and a couple varieties of the music sheets.

After I finished those, I knew I needed
to add in some glittering metallic eggs.

I promised the instructions but really
they are so easy, this is a grade school
level craft project with a little more
sophisticated supplies!

As I started this craft project I was taken back
to first grade where my dear teacher Mrs. Laughlin
loved crafts and taught me to love them too.  

She would do what in my first grader's eye
were HUGE paper mache projects - a Santa
Claus for Christmas and a turkey for Thanksgiving
and I am sure many others.  When you were finished
with your assignment you could go and work on the
large project.  As I picture it in my mind they were
near life size paper mache projects.  Thank you to
wonderful teachers whose inspiration lives on in us!!

Jeweled French Script and Sheet Music Easter Eggs

Purchase extra large eggs at the Dollar Store
(Mine are in two sizes and are between 3.5 and 4.5 inches tall.)
1 8 x 11 sheet of printed paper per egg
(I purchased scrapbooking paper but you could print your own.)
Mod Podge
(I used the one with glitter in it.)
Jewels or buttons from the craft store
Assorted Ribbons from the craft store
Additional glitter 
Glue gun

Remove the label from the plastic eggs
and any candy from the inside.  Tear the paper
into strips about 3/8 inch wide and tear
off the ends so you get a uniform look on
all edges of the strips.

 Begin by painting the Mod Podge on about
half of the plastic egg.  I found it was easier to
paint it on with my fingers. Lay a strip around 
the egg on a glue section and
 starting in any direction you like.  Tear off the strip
when the ends meet.  Wet the paper on the outside
surface with additional Mod Podge and smooth
out any wrinkles.  You will especially have
gaps when going around the pointed ends, just
wet with the glue and press until it lays flat.

Continue to do so until the egg is covered.

I found it easiest to sit the egg on the bottom
end of a paper cup that I had cut out the bottom of.
That way I had a stand for the wet egg.

Let dry.  The Mod Podge will go from white to clear
as it dries.

You can see in the first picture the glitter in
the Mod Podge.  I had planned on glittering
them after they dried and I did on one or two but
liked the soft glitter effect of the Mod Podge with
glue in it so I didn't add any more.  If you desire
to add glitter, lightly brush on more Mod Podge
and sprinkle on glitter.  Do it over a paper plate
so you can pour the extra glitter back into the bottle.

For the metallic eggs, I sat them on the bottom
of a cup and painted them silver.  When they
had dried I brushed on the Mod Podge with a
sponge brush, only covering the top half and
sprinkled glitter on it.  After letting that become
dry to the touch, I painted the Mod Podge on the
bottom half and sprinkled glitter on it.  Again
let them dry completely.

Apply ribbon and jewels using a hot glue gun.
( I found jewels that had no backing instead of 
jeweled buttons in the craft section at Hobby Lobby.
I liked working with those rather than a button but
a button would work too.)

Stack them deep or place them individually,
they are little works of art and something easy
to do with family or friends.

I was inspired by a photo posted
by Lindsay of book print covered eggs
but she had no source for
the photo.  Whatever print you choose, these
are fun, easy and yet elegant.

I will be posting these with
Home Sweet Home


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  1. THOSE are adorable. I pinned a couple of them. Remember the old LEGGS containers? They would have been perfect for this project! xo Diana

  2. These are darling. I love them!! Pinned to Easter. Linda @Crafts a la Mode

  3. Jacqueline, Your eggs are beautiful! I love the layers of paper, glitter and jeweled ribbon! Pinning!

  4. Your eggs are gorgeous Jacqueline, such a fresh twist on Easter eggs! You have infinite patience with your Easter crafts, first the incredible burlap ruffled tablecloth and now these eggs! Your tutorial is great, but I still see me making a hot mess of trying this! So so pretty, and I love how they all have their own little personalities!

  5. These eggs are so beautiful! They have a Victorian flair. Thanks for the tutorial. happy Easter!

  6. These are BEAUTIFUL, Jacqueline!! I absolutely love them!! Zuni

  7. These are beautiful! I love them all, but I think the music is my favorite. And YES to glitter! :)

  8. Gorgeous Easter eggs...HPS....Michelle

  9. These are so beautiful and creative! I just bought a vintage hymnal...wouldn't those pages look nice on the eggs?! Thanks for the directions!

  10. Hi, Jacqueline! Well, guess what?! I have to tell you we have Featured you again at What to do Weekends!! I absolutely love these eggs! Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing them with us. Your feature is up now.

  11. Jacqueline, these are beyond gorgeous!!! I love, love, love each and every one.

    Happy Pink Saturday. I am so glad you linked with us. I would appreciate it if you would include a link to Pink Saturday in your post so your visitors can find us, too.

    This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this weekend as "the one with the most clicks". Thank you for your support, and your inspiration. Everything you share is always special.♥


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