Monday, January 5, 2015

St. George Condo Remodel

The complete remodel of our St. George
condo hasn't been shown yet on my blog
so I decided it was about time to get it done.

I had showed you my reclaimed wood table 
with whitewashed pedestals and French
script settees.
Click here to see that post.

I also shared a little bit about the first tile
backsplash I did all by myself.  Click here to
see that.

Those were all little parts of a complete
remodel, taking the 4 bedroom condo down to 
the sheetrock, replacing all the flooring
and cabinets and painting and redecorating

It was a long distance project as St. George
is about 4 hours from our home so it took
some time to complete it.

We had purchased a new couch for the
condo, but after purchasing it, it was
sold out from under us, so I chose to 
keep our leather sectional which was in
great shape.  

But we added a lot of new furniture like this
new sideboard.

The living room, entry, dining area and kitchen
all had dark wood flooring installed.

A new fireplace facing and metal mantel
were added.

The kitchen and dining area were all new
with all of the furniture and accessories.

The French script furniture and
rug were items I found online.

I made the curtains in the living and dining area
myself, adding these diamond accents to the pleats.
The fabric is a flocked damask pattern over a
refined burlap style fabric.  I love the contrasts
of the flocking and burlap.

Contemporary style in the new drum lights
adds a flare with dangling crystals.

We placed one large one over the dining
table and two smaller ones over the bar.

We moved the television into the main room
and placed it on this stone table that we
had before the remodel.

 These fun burlap and ribbon lamps
flank the television.

The master bedroom has the softest bedding
from Anthropologie and a white-washed wood
and leather four poster bed.

All of the bedroom furniture was previously
in the master bedroom.

We painted the room a pale aqua that makes
it feel like a vacation home.

The master bedroom has a freestanding tub
manufactured by
my husband's business.

The walls are also manufactured by his

We installed bowls on top of the
Tyvarian counters in the bathroom.

The condo has three bathrooms and they
all got a complete remodel.

I love the story behind this luxurious bed.
It was a brass bed that I had here for
years but I wasn't in love with it.
I decided to give it away, but my friend 
didn't want it either.

Then I had the brilliant idea to try and paint
it as I wasn't going to keep it anyway.

A quick paint of aqua and I was now in love
with this old bed.

My friend fell in love with it too, but it was
too late - now it wasn't going anywhere.

I made these curtains also and we painted this room
a pale aqua too.

 It is amazing what a sponge brush and a little 
paint can do!

The third bedroom got this new mirrored and tufted
bed.  This is my favorite bed.

Fun pillows and a gauze bedspread
make this a truly romantic room.


This is the fourth bedroom which pretty much 
remained the same except for new paint and baseboards.

This is the chest and mirror in the entry hall.

It is amazing what a total transformation
the condo has made.  Originally I had
asked for new countertops but they 
never got done.  I am so glad we didn't do
the counters as I would never have done
the whole remodel and the old oak 
cabinets really needed to go!

It usually feels tropical in St. George as
we have palm trees there and it rarely freezes,
a huge change from 4 hours north.

 It is a fun place to escape to 
during the cold spring months.
Now with the remodel, it is even
more fun to escape there.

A newer addition was this gorgeous daybed
added to the master.  My friend purchased it and found
that it didn't fit in her room.  She couldn't get it 
through the doorway.

She decided to take it back but I had asked her
to lend it to me
for my daughter's bridals so I couldn't let 
it go back to the store and I had to
find a place for it.

It fits perfectly at the end of the bed in the
master bedroom.  Glad I had a place to put it!!

Wow, it felt wonderful to get this long distance
remodel project finished 
and it feels great to finally get
this project posted.

I will be posting this with


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  1. Lovely!! I adore the bridal shot! Her sweet toes show.

  2. Jacqueline, this is a huge project, especially long distance. It all turned out beautiful. Have you seen the photos of the lenticular cloud formation over St. George? Very unusual!

  3. Happy New Year Maam J & family.

    That was an ginormous remodelling a 4 BR condo. It must be forever job.

    Btw, I appreciate if I can get the info on where I can order your bedcover in your master's BR with French print and even the throws?

    I am asking because I have a french theme (sort of) and they have French prints as well.

    Thank you in advance for the info and wishing you all the best of 2015.


  4. Happy New Year-You did a lovely job with the condo-you have me wanting to come visit. I like all the rooms but I really like the Anthropologie bedding.

  5. That was quite a large job! The condo looks very elegant and comfortable. The bedrooms are all appointed very nicely and the kitchen is beautiful! I have a cousin that lives in St. George. I know it gets pretty hot there in the summertime but I imagine the winter months are much more comfortable.

  6. Jacqueline, thank you for sharing your lovely St. George home with us. Will you be posting a tutorial on the brass/aqua bed? (before pics, prep work, products used, etc)

  7. Hi Jacqueline, Your condo is lovely! You have such a knack for decorating (as well as cooking, tablescaping, writing...) - what a talented person you are! I enjoy you sharing through Purple Chocolat Home!
    Blessings, Beth

  8. This is beautiful thanks for letting us take a peek!

  9. Jacquiline I can come for a visit any time this month I 'll take the bedroom with the neutral tones and the mirrored headboard don't worry I travel lite but I am not sure of the departure date LOL so beautiful where did you find the time to do all this?Susie

  10. Lovely! I especially love the tufted and mirrored headboard, since I have the same one in my master. I have a daybed at the bottom of mine similar to what you have in your master. How funny! I am going to post some photos on my blog once I get the painting done and get more tablescapes up as well. Love looking at your blog.

  11. What a beautiful vacation spot! You do such a great job with all your decorating. Such a beautiful place to make many memories.


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