Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Tree Napkin Tutorial

These cute Christmas tree napkin
folds are so easy and would be 
perfect for your holiday table.

Start with a square ironed napkin.
Mine had a design just on one side
so I folded the design inside to make
it show on the outside of the tree.

Fold in half twice to end up with a square.

Start with the folded point at the top
and the open edges toward you, then
fold up each layer of the edges
leaving about a little less than half an inch of
the layer before it exposed.

This is what it looks like with all
of the layers folded towards the top.

Now flip it over with all of the folded
layers underneath and the point at 
the top.

At the bottom edge, fold in one side to the
middle making a point.  This point towards
you will be your top of your Christmas tree.

Fold in the other side to the center.

 Flip it over once more so that it looks like this.

Now starting with the top layer,
the one farthest from you, fold
the top layer up to make the top point
of your tree.  On the next layer fold it

On the third layer, fold the point up
and tuck it under the second layer.

On the fourth and final layer, fold it under.
Then take the remaining napkin at the bottom and fold
it under to create the triangle shape of the tree.

If desired stitch a bell or
small ornament at the top of the tree.

These really added some fun to my
table that I posted last time.  I even showed
my dinner guests how to fold the napkins.

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  1. Hellooo Jacqueline. These napkins are adorable, although I would need a month to get these done! lol I am saving this for future reference. Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!

  2. Perfect timing!!! I am hosting our dinner group tomorrow night and wanted to do this. THANK YOU, Jacqueline and Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

  3. Very pretty with the fabric of your napkins, Jacqueline! I love special napkin folds for the holidays. Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family!

  4. Thanks! I am about to set the table for a dinner gathering and this fold will work perfectly.

  5. Thank you. Something different - I'll try this. I hope it is as simple as it looks. Warm regards

  6. Wonderful idea for a napkin fold. So festive and perfect for the holidays. Thanks for sharing Jackie. Happy holidays to you and yours. xo

  7. Thanks for the tutorial. This is a cute idea.
    Loved the Christmas note and photo today. You have a beautiful family!
    Merry Christmas, my friend! ~ Sarah


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