Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Magical Christmas Playhouse

There are some people that know how
to create magic, and this little playhouse
is one of those magical gems that just
makes you feel like a child again, wanting
to move in.  Everyone that sees this, 
including my grandchildren says, "I want one!"

Come in for tea to this magic wonderland
filled with details and ruffles and everything
girly you can imagine.

I was invited to participate in a Christmas
Home Tour by some friends and this
is the magical playhouse in the backyard
of one of my new friends, Joanne.  She and
Laura and Rachel decorated it for Christmas.
Rachel has featured photo shoots at it several
times on her blog, A Little Cuppa Tea.
Here is her Christmas post of the charming house.
She has some wonderful day time shots too.  I
was only there at night, but it is oh so magical
at night.

Of course there is a fabulous Christmas
tree stuffed with everything fluffy and sparkly
and wonderful that sits right in front of the

There is even a faux fireplace created by 
two spindles and a board.  Doesn't this
make you just want to be a little girl
and have a Christmas tea party in here?

There is wonder everywhere, but this railing
around the loft covered with bits of lace and 
fabric just took everyone's breath away.

This shot through the chandy shows you the 
gorgeous collection of fabrics.

I just sat down on the floor to take
some of the photos and felt like a
little girl.  Who wouldn't be charmed by this?

Bear has invited us to have a wintery
tea with her as she enjoys her magical

This wintry vignette sits under glass
on the tea table, right next to the daybed.

Beautiful magic fills every corner of
this tiny playhouse.

Bear is still decorating the place for

It is too hard to pick a favorite spot, but this
charming daybed with
ruffled bedspread, sweet bear and
exquisite pillows just is the focal point
of the magic they have created here.

So glad that you could join me
and Bear for tea in this
magical wonderland of

May Christmas bring out the child in each
of us.

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  1. Oh wow what a truly magical play house....and how lucky you got to spend time there ;-) wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a very healthy New Year.


  2. Yes, so magical! I have wanted a playhouse as long as I can remember! A hot chocolate party would be just right in the cost little house. I have tried to build o e similar got he ribbon house at TI Pan, but only have the plans on paper, so far. Now that all my "little Girls" are grown up and my grands live in Germany, I have a hard time justifying my "playhouse"! LOL, but there is still hope I am sure!!!
    Hugs and Christmas love,

  3. I love how it looks at night, I never got to see it with all the lights on, Its absolutely charming! Thank you for the gorgeous pictures and the shout out!

  4. Very pretty! I'm headed over to see Rachel's post... Merry Christmas Jacqueline:@)

  5. How perfectly magical. What a delight to see and it looks fabulous all lit up. Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing such a pretty setting.

  6. Oh wow, is that your cottage? I've seen pictures from that cottage before, it's beautiful! Happy Yule!

  7. Oh so magical Jacqueline, I'm all smiles, what an ADORABLE cottage and playhouse! The perfect spot for a tea party too...I'm in love with the gingerbread trim, twinkling lights and wonderful chippy details. Thanks for sharing the charm & whimsy. Merry Christmas to you & your family! Hope your holidays are Merry & Bright :)

  8. Jacqueline, you are not kidding when you say this is AMAZING. It really is. Just adorable, and I want one, too!

    Thanks for sharing.


    Sheila :-)


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