Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lake Powell Blues

Doesn't it seem that once August
hits, the summer is gone?
How sad, I love, love, love 
summer and water and swimming,
picnics and gatherings, gardens
and sunny skies!

We have been gone another
week boating at Lake Powell.
My last tablescape was
at Lake Powell and I wanted
to show you another
table from there.

I have two sets of dishes down
at Lake Powell, the tan and cream ones
that you saw here
 and these aqua and cream ones

Again, they are melamine and I purchased
them at Target three summers ago.
I apologize that they don't have
them anymore as many of
you were interested in them.

They have a thick edge and a great
texture to them so that they don't
seem like melamine.

I was able to purchase
around 20 of each piece
so we have enough for a crowd.

The table seats 12 so we eat up
on this middle deck for
lunch and dinner.

Of course I love this set best
as it goes with the watery blue
accents on this deck including
the aqua crystal chandelier.

The plastic glasses were also
from Target three years
ago as were the placemats.

We chose rusty earth colors
for the granite countertop
to mimic the red sandstone 
at Lake Powell and the aqua
to mimic the color of the water.

This fabulous etched flatware is
Casablanca by Mepra.
I bought it at Dillards three years ago.

I just scavenged the houseboat
to put together this centerpiece.

The dinner and salad plates have the same

The bowl is a perfect complement
in reversing the colors.  I am always
attracted to square shapes in plates.

These fun aqua salad servers
were picked up from Tuesday Morning
about three years ago too.

New Zebra print outdoor pillows
from Pier 1 were added 
this year, they blend well with
the plain aqua ones that we
got from Target three years ago.

Another fun week was had at Lake Powell.
I have to share my week with
my "Chefs" next week.  
What a treat that was.  You will have
some surprises.

Speaking of surprises,
this mermaid was caught on camera
under the moonlight.

Who knew there were mermaids
in fresh water lakes?!!

I will be posting this with

Thanks again to Aly Cook
for having fun with me
creating these tables and
taking many of the photos.
I love it when my friends
get into tablescaping too.


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. It is truly beautiful all the Aqua.. I love it. a very nice setting .. thanks Janice

  2. Looks like another fun summer adventure Jacqueline-your table setting is very pretty! An extra bonus to capture the mermaid pic:@)

  3. What a gorgeous table scape my friend.....
    Loveeeeee the dishes to bad they don't have them any longer.....


  4. Aqua is my favorite color for tablescapes...gorgeous. That table is awesome...can't believe it is wide enough for 3 place settings per side!
    Have a wonderful week, Jackie.

  5. Loved thinking about the great time you enjoyed at Lake Powell with your family or guests. You are the best hostess where ever you are.

    Your aqua melamine and chandy are stunning and the tablescape you did was perfect. So pretty looking out over the lake from your houseboat.
    Looking forward to hearing about your chefs!!!!

  6. Beautiful table. Love the aqua colors- they go beautifully with the surroundings! Your boat is a beauty and I bet you have lots of fun on it. Gosh I don't think of summer as gone yet at all. Of course up here it's not so hot and summer only got going good in June. I'm hanging on to each and every day of it :-)

  7. Beautiful table. Love the aqua colors- they go beautifully with the surroundings! Your boat is a beauty and I bet you have lots of fun on it. Gosh I don't think of summer as gone yet at all. Of course up here it's not so hot and summer only got going good in June. I'm hanging on to each and every day of it :-)

  8. This is such a pretty table and perfect the boat when you are looking out at the water and sky! I really love the beads on the chandy to tie it all together!

    Yes, I'm sad, too, to see summer nearing an end. Sniff.

    Jane xx

  9. Jacqueline, I just love your boat! What a great place for the family to gather and create wonderful memories. The worst thing about the end of summer for me is that the family scatters back to school, work, other obligations and it's so much harder to get together. Your aqua is perfect for a boat. I'm wondering where the purple might be? I'm sure you have a touch somewhere! :) Linda

  10. Beautiful! You sure know how to vacation! :)

  11. I love this table. It is so lovely and goes perfectly with the water. I love your blog, but unfortunately, it is no longer delivered to my inbox. I miss seeing all your wonderful creative ideas.

  12. What a gorgeous tablescape - with a boat's view of one beautiful lake!

    Well done.

  13. What a pretty table. Love that shade of blue and your melanine plates are great!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  14. Your table doesn't disappoint. It is striking and it looks beautiful with your crystal chandy. The melamine dishware is a perfect color and it shines with all of the aqua. Love the zebra pillow. Looks like fun for all. Amazing houseboat too.

  15. How fun is this....a tablescape on a houseboat.
    Love your dishes.......I remember
    admiring those at Target a few years ago myself. The color and the design is beautiful and perfect for
    a houseboat or deck.
    What a wonderful place to have din din....wow, what a view, and what a fabulous houseboat. Know yall must be loving that...........
    Have a great rest of the summer.
    Blessings, Nellie

  16. Love all of the aqua, especially the chandelier. Those dishes are great!

  17. Jacqueline, these dishes are perfect for your Lake Powell Houseboat. Love the aqua, and the new zebra pillows look great. It's fun that you can tablescape on the lake as well as at home. '-)


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