Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lake Powell Living Tablescape

Summer at Lake Powell!

We have had our new houseboat for
three summers now and this is 
the first time I have gotten 
around to doing a tablescape here.

We were here with 12 friends
and the custom made table
fits 12 perfectly.

Soft neutrals make up this
waterfront table situated in
Labryrinth Canyon.  Any of the
many canyons at Lake Powell 
make a beautiful setting for outdoor 

These fun plates and bowls
were from Target the year we
(yes, we spell it with a Z - it is definitely a prize!)

You might remember my makeover of the
outdoor chandelier that centers over 
the 8 foot square table.
Click here if you didn't see that.

We don't use cloth napkins at
Lake Powell, but I had a couple
that matched that are here for
baskets of bread.
These lovelies were from Pier 1.

The tray and shell bowl and orchid
normally sit on the ottoman in the
cabin but we brought them out 
to create a nautical centerpiece.

They look so lovely, I may have to find
something else for the ottoman.

We do use placemats for dining 
on the boat so I chose these tan
woven ones.

The glasses are blown glass that 
I found in Cabo.

My friend Aly took a lot of
these beautiful pictures.

It has been so fun to see friends
become interested in tablescaping
and photography.  Aly is a graduate
of BYU in photography.  She volunteered
to always photograph my tables.  Unfortunately
she lives in Phoenix!

I love how soft her photos look
using her 50 mm lens especially
with all of these silver accessories.

The plates are fabulous.  They have a 
hand made texture and a thick edge so you have
to pick them up to realize they are melamine.

I love this modernized damask look.

What a fun stack they make.  I had to collect them all
that summer to get 20.

Notice the etched flatware.  I found that
at Dillards that summer too.  It is so elegant.

So glad you could share a meal
with us at Lake Powell,
our favorite place to be during the summer.

I will be posting this with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. What a beautiful table setting and a beautiful place to be. Blessings on the rest of your summer!!!!

  2. I am swooning over the houseboat! What a dream!!!! Your table is beautiful and you really shocked me that the dishes are melamine!!! They are beautiful!!! I have been looking for some more melamine dishes for our deck and can only find ORANGE and BLUE etc. Bright colors that I do not want. I will look at Target! Enjoy the rest of your summer. I can't believe how fast it is going!!!

  3. Dear Jacqueline,
    This is simple stunning. I am sure you will bring home many beautiful memories of this journey. Enjoy.
    Blessings, Catherine

  4. Casually elegant Jacqueline! And what a view:@)

  5. Love that flatware! Does it have a "brand"? Only our beloved Jackie would tablescape at Lake Powell. Love it.

  6. Beautiful, Jacqueline! Of course you would be tablescaping at Lake Powell. Have a grand summer cruising the canyons. Lake Powell is a wonder!

  7. Hi Jacqueline, Beautiful place, beautiful houseboat, beautiful table! Love your dishes - they don't look like melamine. Love your silver starfish too. Enjoy the rest of summer!

  8. Your table looks stunning, Jacqueline. I love the look created with the soft neutrals. And, that pattern from Target is gorgeous.

  9. Wonderful job! I love your centerpiece and love that it touches on be achy without screaming it in a typical way. Love the neutrals mixed with just a bit of shine. Very nice.


  10. A lovely tables cape (or should I say "boat scape"?) -- love the colors -- so calm and relaxing!

  11. Your table is fabulous! Love the neutral tones you chose to go with the coloring on the table. Those plates are great and the drinking glasses are awesome. Love the view outside! You do live a charmed life!

  12. Great job! I love the color scheme, so calm and elegant. Those dishes are stunning!

  13. This table is just stunning as all your tables are but I am so fascinated by your glorious desserts where ever do you have time to create them. your houseboat is a real beauty also.Susie

  14. That is such a stunning place to dine Jacqueline, Lake Powell must be very calm if you can cruise around with all those lovely things~boating isn't quite so elegant on our Gulf Coast! Your friends are very lucky indeed to join you on your beautiful Capt Enterprize, and the photos are dreamy~

  15. Beautiful Jackie. You have created a gorgeous setting even on your luxurious houseboat. The dishware is so pretty, it's difficult to tell it is actually melamine. Love the centerpiece. The shell bowl and mercury pieces, plus that stunning starfish. You certainly dine in style on your houseboat. xo

  16. Holy moly, woman...this is beautiful! Your maiden tablescape at Lake Powell is a hands down winner! Of course, we wouldn't expect anything less from you!!!

    NEVER would I have imagined those dishes to be melamine!!! I tell you...they really make melamine in so many great styles these days. I have trouble remembering what the old stuff from days gone by even looked like!

    That is one swanky nautical centerpiece, too! And pretty, pretty napkins...just perfect! The Cabo glassware is gorgeous!!

    I would love to have a table like that here at home! You can dress it up or dress it's going to be fabulous any way you put it!

    Just lovely, Jacqueline! So glad you're enjoying your time at the lake!

  17. You have quite the boat, Jacqueline! I'm sure your friends were delighted to be entertained so beautifully and graciously.

  18. Oh how beautiful, Jacqueline! Everything! The view, the table, the plates, flatware, accessories, etc. the photography is superb too.....Christine

  19. What a wonderful table! It's soft but has tons of interest! Everything just goes together so beautifully! That table . . . Oh, my, it's just perfect! We were in Lake Powell about 12 years ago when our boys were young and loved it! We took a boat tour and floated on that pristine water surrounded by red mountains . . . What a great place to vacation!

  20. A beautiful place setting with amazing scenery! I am sure your guests were honored to sit a such a beautiful,serene,table cruising along Lake Powel.l

  21. The view is amazing as is your beautiful table. Awesome photography!


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