Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Elsa's Frozen Party Tablescape

In the wondrous land of little
granddaughters, nothing is quite
as popular now as Disney's Frozen
and Elsa tops the list of popular
Disney characters
so when I volunteered to help with
the birthday parties of two
granddaughters, we of course
chose Elsa and Frozen.

I never planned on getting myself
into a huge party but I can blame
it all on this great ice cream cake
that I found at
Baskin Robbins.  
We weren't even in the market for a cake
but while getting an ice cream cone I
wandered over to the pre-made cakes
and saw this one and I just had
to have it, thinking I had some
granddaughters with birthdays 
coming in a month.

So I securely wrapped it in plastic wrap
and popped it in the freezer to await
the parties.  

Unfortunately, someone left that outside
freezer open and the poor thing melted
(only two things melted and it had to be
one of them!!)

So off to the store I had to go again.
The clerk and I had a good laugh over it.
She said she was at least glad I hadn't
put it in the fridge as some people had.

Grandma Jackie had been very lucky
in that she had purchased all the costumes
and a lot of toys before the movie
came out last year so I had lots
of Frozen items to decorate with.

If you have anyone interested in
Elsa costumes or toys you will know
how difficult it is to find them.
We count ourselves very lucky.

I purchased the Frozen castle
at Thanksgiving last year and 
decided to keep it at Grandma's house
so it is special when the kids come to play. One side is Elsa's 
frozen side

and the other is Anna's Erendelle side.

I told people that this was my first
(and probably last) full-on Pinterest
type party, where I went all out
on food, decor and theme.  

I hung a fabric tube between the two 
chandeliers and covered it with white
and then aqua fabric to make a
backdrop on the counter.  Then white
tablecloths went on the counter and they
were covered with aqua and purple
organza toppers to represent both
Elsa and Anna.

Posters that I purchased from Wal Mart
filled in the back side of the tablescape.

My niece Shaunna
created the food cards.

(Chocolate covered peanuts)

(Cotton candy - I had to buy a little
cotton candy machine, but the kids loved
it and I am sure we will get lots of use from it.)

I saw this at
I made blue Kool Aid and added
frozen lemonade concentrate and 
diet 7 Up and topped it with vanilla
ice cream.

She also told how to make these
darling cups on her blog.
I just used a Tulip puffy fabric
paint and while it was still
wet I sprinkled it with glitter.  

Andi made these white chocolate
dipped strawberries.

and these mini cupcakes.

We made sparkling fondant snowflakes
to top the cupcakes.

Jessica made these wonderful 
Ham and Swiss Sliders
and she made snowflake
cookies to decorate later.

(Sparkly bubble gum from Zurchers)

Grandma found these huge Elsa dolls
at Toys R Us a while back so 
after they decorated the tablescape,
birthday girl received one.

Here Jacquelyn is looking at the
tablescape.  She just turned 2!

I was lucky enough to find napkins
and plates and cups at Zurchers
and Partyland.

The first guests arrive dressed as Elsa
and they are surprised to find 
Grandma has made an Elsa dress for herself

More Elsa granddaughters arrive.

We were so lucky to find a
singing Elsa who also face paints.
She was amazing and the girls
were enchanted.  
She also appears as other
princesses.  Find her at 
And see her sing as she
sang to the girls on
youtube.  You have to
search Let It Go Kat Nelson.

I couldn't get my video to upload
and I couldn't get youtube's to link
but she is fabulous.

She wears these amazing
contacts to make her eyes
unbelievable.  What a great
singer and performer besides

The girls were just clustered around
her, pushing in to be close to Elsa
and asking her questions about
herself and Arendelle.

This is one of the birthday girls, Goldie.
Elsa first sang to all of the children and
asked them to sing on "Let It Go's"
chorus.  Then she had a coronation
ceremony for the birthday girls
where they both got crowns.

She was busy all night and
stayed in character the whole time.
She painted 28 faces!!
Whew, exhausting!

She was great with the boys 
at the party too.

Many happy customers!

Besides dinner and facepainting,
we had cookie decorating,
snowman building and
a game of pin the nose on Olaf,
but most of the kids had a hard
time leaving Elsa's side.

When all 28 faces were painted it was 
time for the birthday cake.  

We lit 2 candles for Jacquelyn and had her
blow them out and then 4 for Goldie and
she got to blow them out.


The cake was a wonderful ice cream cake.

Finally both birthday girls got to
open presents with these huge
Elsa dolls from Grandma and Grandpa
which I found just two weeks before
at Toys R Us.

A fabulous
Frozen Party 
for a lot of special little children.

For more Frozen ideas
visit my Pinterest Page.

Thanks to everyone who helped!

I will be posting this with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. What a beautiful birthday party. It is a wonderland for your granddaughters to remember. You truly made a lovely party from beginning to end. Your heart and love shines through.
    Blessings, Catherine

  2. Wow, Jackie, you sure went all out with this very special birthday party. Everything is so awesome and beautiful. So coordinated and you though ahead of time to buy those lovely Frozen accessories. Funny story about the ice cream cake. Your granddaughter will always keep this beautiful party in their hearts forever. So much love.

  3. You know what?
    You take the cake as a nana.
    Wow. And look at you:)
    So cute all dressed up and happy with the girls.
    This is a party out of Hello magazine:)
    Kudos..all the love you have for them shines through every sparkle..every glitter.

  4. What a magical party! What lucky girls! Everything looked beautiful!

  5. Oh my god, this is amazing! And I don't even like Frozen - or have kids :)

  6. Such a fun party, I'm sure the kids were thrilled! The entertainer was the icing on the frozen cake:@)

  7. Amazing!! Come do Islas birthday in February! 😂

  8. You are incredible!
    That is a beautiful party.
    You look so beautiful and young to have so many grandchildren.
    Everything is just perfect!

  9. Hi Jacqueline, What a fabulous party, from the decor to the food to the entertainment! You are right about Elsa's popularity--we were just at DisneyWorld and the line to see Elsa and Anna was 5 hours long!! They were selling frozen carrot sticks in the snack kiosks, labelled "Olaf's Nose" and one day I watched a newly arrived shipment of Barbie sized Elsa dolls vanish from the shelf before my eyes. The movie is wonderful and even grown up princesses love it and the entire look! Your part is full of clever ideas from Sven's antlers to the frozen hearts, and the sparkly glasses are beautiful. I'm sure the girls will remember this forever ~ your grandchildren must love to visit. So much inspiration here! Linda

  10. OH my, WOW! I want to be a kid in your family!! You are one creative lady! Love how you did the table and the story about the cake! I am so out of it (no small kids around) and don't even know who this Elsa is!! My daughter would have loved her when she was little- I'm sure of it! I can tell from the looks of the doll and the magical castle there must be a nice story that goes along with them. You rock Grandma!!

  11. What an incredible party!! Lucky little girls!! You've given them wonderful memories!

  12. Surely Disney has a contest where you win an all expense paid trip to Disney World for the whole family! Spectacular! Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

  13. Lovely...any little girl will find herself in paradise!

  14. This is wonderful! Everything is beautiful and magical! You are so talented! I'm forwarding it to our daughter for ideas for our granddaughter.

    Thanks for sharing!


  15. Wow Jacqueline, that party is over the top wonderful, of course you thought of every little thing!! The birthday parties are getting more and more elaborate, but how much fun! My favorite thing was the painted plastic cups, so brilliant!

  16. 1his was quite a party! You have the most beautiful cake stands I have ever seen. All of your lovely props take your delicious treats to the next level.

  17. Way to enchant all the sweet little 1's!! U rocked their world!

  18. You provide the most fun parties for your little ones! I am just amazed at all the detail. I know you are loved and appreciated. Did you make the girls' costumes, too? My girls would love one. Your costume is so pretty on you!

  19. Everything looked so great for your party!! Love it! Are you sharing the files for the Food Labels? I've been searching for something similar, and these are perfect. Please let me know. Thanks!


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