Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Disneyland, Paris

We have arrived in Paris and went right outside
of our terminal to board a bus for 
Disneyland, Paris.

Lucky for us, they have a non-stop flight from
SLC to Paris on Delta airlines and with
all of the fun movies to watch, I didn't
even sleep!  Our flight leaves at 5:00 pm so
with the 9 hour flight you are arriving at
2:00 am.

I don't believe in the "stay up all day and go
to bed at your regular time" philosophy.
Been there, tried that, hated that!  I felt like
the walking dead.  We have found that if we
head straight to the hotel and take a 2 hour nap
we can get up and enjoy a full day and then go
to bed at the regular time and sleep through the
night.  Works like a charm for us.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle
 inside the entrance is magnifique!
I love all of the French influence.

My favorite part is that they let you walk upstairs
and out onto a parapet.  No one lets you do that
(This is the parapet on the front,
you get to walk around the parapet 
on the back side.)

This is the inside railing and the roof inside
the castle.  

Look at these columns holding up
the roof.  What would it be like to 
be a Disney Imagineer?

From here you can go outside
on the back parapet and look out over 
the land.

The upstairs has magnificent stained glass

and stunning tapestries.  This one is
huge and incredibly detailed.

After you leave the Sleeping Beauty Castle,
just around the corner there is a 
carriage waiting for another princess.
There wasn't a soul in line to take
pictures by Cinderella's carriage.

The front of the castle has water fountains
that are going off regularly and are a 
beautiful part of the Disney Dreams
spectacular at night.
Disney Dreams is their nighttime
fireworks, music and laser light
show celebrating 20 years
of Disneyland, Paris.  It ends
in September.

Paris in the springtime is
spectacular but you can't find
more spectacular flowers
than here at Disneyland. 
They just blow your mind how
stunning they are.

The Phantom Manor
(not Haunted Mansion)
is unique and the changes in it 
make for a fun ride.  It takes the
theme of a bride all the way through 
the ride.

The grounds are cleverly
filled with spooky music and
fun walkways.  There is so much space
here and they have used it so well to
create intrigue.

Alice's Curious Labyrinth
is an incredible maze that ends
with more parapets you can climb
up to and walk around.  

Afterwards, pose for pictures at
the Tea Party.

Over by Pirates of the Caribbean 
they have a fun pirate ship you can board.

They also have massive 
Skull Rock that is a maze
of caverns that you can explore.

So some might by disappointed that 
they don't have Splash Mountain or
the Matterhorn, but all we could say
all day was,

We loved the uniqueness of
Disneyland, Paris
and were thoroughly enchanted by it.

We were thrilled that we got to see
the Disney Dreams
spectacular at night even though it wasn't
a weekend.  The fireworks show is
always my favorite thing to see.

The most enchanting part was how uncrowded
it was all day.

This is my fantasy - to be at Disneyland
without massive crowds.  We didn't even
need a FastPass all day!!!

Leaving at night we had this
fabulous moon!  What a great
first day in Paris!
(Well, actually it is a little ways
out of Paris, but in Disneyland, Paris!)

We are staying in the 
Disneyland Hotel.  The park 
entrance is just an extension of the 
hotel.  I decided I had to stay
here when I saw it was PINK!
We aren't more than 100 feet
from the entrance of the
park and the hotel sits
right between the two parks.
Talk about convenience!

This is the back side of the
entrance and it is restaurants
and lounges.  This is where we
retired to after a long day at Disneyland
for a hot cocoa.

The Disneyland Hotel knows how to
make hot cocoa!

What a fabulous presentation - a block
of rich and creamy chocolate on a stick
to melt in your warm milk with a sugar
cookie spoon - yum!

I have nothing to say but

I will be posting this with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. OMGoodness- How beautiful!!!! I would love to see it in person. I was about the 1oth one in line when Disney World opened in Florida for the first time and I still love it. Paris Disney looks REALLY enchanted. That is a beautiful picture of you!!! xo Diaan

  2. Happy Anniversary and what a beautiful way to celebrate.
    This does look enchanting. Enjoy each and every minute and take lots of photo's. Blessings, Catherine

  3. Have fun are!..Disney Euro..I bet you thought of the kidlets too..
    Fun fun fun..I guess you are bringing home little resto tokens:)
    A few spoons would look cute in cupcakes..Stock up..great props!:)

  4. Oh Jacqueline! I love it all!! As you may know we are Disney fanatics and are headed to Orlando next week! I would love to see Disney Paris and if there are no crowds it will be even better! My family has been pouring over your Belle's Castle restaurant posts as we prepare for this year's trip. A new Snow White ride awaits too! I did not realize the big rides are not in Paris but the castles and mazes and HOTEL all look fabulous. I hope you show us more! Happy Anniversary. Linda
    p.s. You don't look like you just had a 9 hour flight! I like to rest for a short time too after a long flight as I rarely sleep well on the plane.

  5. Oh my, Jacqueline. I am so thrilled for you. You know all those gorgeous pinks caught my eye. I so hope you will share this with us for Pink Saturday this weekend.♥

  6. This is fantastic...How cool to not wait in lines all day. There's something so special about Paris. So many wonderful places to visit and the food, Ooh La La. Enjoy your very special anniversary with your most generous and sweet hubby.

  7. Wow!!! Looks amazing!! I feel like that skull rock would look spectacular in Cabo!! Keep us updated on all the fun things you do!

  8. Jacqueline, your photos make me feel as if I'm there. What an enchanting spot. I never thought about going to Disneyland, Paris. I may need to put this on my list.
    So excited for you to be celebrating your anniversary in Paris. What a dream!
    Love the idea of a sugar cookie spoon. Need to pin this one. '-)
    Keep having fun……….Sarah

  9. Wow what a treat!! So nice of you to take the time to share this with us.

  10. What awesome pictures!
    LOVE them! We went to Orlando 22 years ago and decided that we would go again after the kids were out of the house. I think Paris will be on our list for our 35th Wedding Anniversary, too! Our daughter's family will still be in Germany so we have such good "reasons" to go! We have also found that your nap just after you arrive and then staying up until bedtime makes a big difference. We also make sure to get morning and afternoon walks those first few days and it really resets your body's clock with all those things combined.
    I know you and your hubby will be having a blast!
    Good thing I didn't know you wre going until you had left, I might have sent a "list" with you ! ;)

  11. It certainly is beautiful and your post almost makes me want to visit. I never have liked amusement parks (true confession time). I am so happy that you have shared this - now, I know what I am missing. Lol!! Have fun.

  12. I love Paris anytime but Paris is special in the spring! Never been to Paris Disney but with all the beautiful photos may have to rethink that one. Someday I would love to take my grandson.
    Happy Pink Saturday. I know this is a fantasy trip.....

  13. In all my times I've been to Paris, I never wanted to go to Disneyland until this blog post. Looks enchanting! Cant wait to see how your cooking classes went!

  14. Whenever I've been in Paris I've never been with anyone who wanted to spend a day at Disney when we can go to Disneyland at home. This is so beautiful that now I must make it a priority! The castle alone is worth the trip ~ gorgeous! And that hot cocoa looks just heavenly!
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  15. How nice to hear that it wasn't crowded. The castle is truly gorgeous!

  16. The very first "click" for me this rainy Pink Saturday, and it's opened the doors of magic and Springtime and fantasy into gardens and BRIGHT.

    I've immediately started my little brain cogs whirring with the thoughts of taking the GRANDS to see that one. I'll have all year to make the plans and ideas and reservations, since there would be FOURTEEN of us. Three of the GRANDS live in Orlando, so they've been to theirs frequently, but I cannot help thinking that this PINK one would offer so many lovely activities and views that we'd love that one as well.

    With eight chillen, four Mamas and us two---wouldn't THAT be the trip of a lifetime? As the Queen in Three Musketeers said, "And NOW, I shall have FOURTEEEEEN!" My my, you've certainly given me food for thought, and I think it's all Madelienes and macarons!


  17. Thank you for this grand tour of Paris. I was there many years ago, before Disneyland arrived. Lovely post.

  18. What an amazing time you're having! I think that there are no crowds may be the best part (and that you're in France)! :)

  19. Ooh la la, that castle is so large and pink and beautiful. Love all your photos of the happiest place in Paris! Being so close to the entrance and not having crowds at Disneyland would be wonderful! Love the hot chocolate too. Joni

  20. What fun, what a beautiful place! Definitely different from Disneyland or Disney World. I really enjoyed seeing it through your eyes. Great pic of you, Jacqueline, and Happy Anniversary! Hugs, Beth


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