Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Bunny Birthday Lunch

Easter time is one of the most marvelous
times of the year when life returns and
flowers bloom and we celebrate
Christ's resurrection.

Today's table celebrates Easter in
shades of purple and pink with the
most adorable bunny dishes that I got
this year at a Pottery Barn outlet in Texas.

I knew when I saw them that I had to make 
them the star of an Easter table with the
two naughty bunnies trying to climb up
and snitch the cake!

Could they be any more adorable?

My dear friend Barb was having a birthday
so these fun tiered birthday cakes are what
our darling bunnies are trying to grab a bite of.

They are Cream Cheese Pound Cakes that I will
post the recipe for later.

I decided to fill the table with beautiful purples,
my favorite colors.  I love all of the fun shapes 
and textures.

These beautiful iridescent flower plates I
purchased last year, but I only had four in 
purple so I alternated them with pink ones.

I was going to use pink accents in 
the centerpiece so these worked out well.

I have had these square purple plates for
over a year now and just happened to 
have enough for this table of six.  
What amazing color and I just love that edge.
They were a find at Home Goods.

Little butterfly napkin rings
fit our spring table.

You can see the square amethyst glass plates
that I turned on an angle and set them as a charger.

Some real grass with fresh cut flowers
tuck into a mercury glass urn for
the center of our table.
Real grass is so fun for a
spring table and you can
buy it at the grocery store.

These micro mini daffodils were given
to me last year and after they died
off I planted the bulbs outside.  They
are just perfect tucked into the spring grass.

Chocolate and foil bunnies
sit on a pedestal for the center of the table.  
The table is accented with fresh flowers.

They just can't wait for lunch!

And neither could I!  It was so pretty.

The tiered cake pan was purchased at
 Orson Gygi in Salt Lake City,
The Cream Cheese Pound Cake is
so buttery and yummy that I just piped
a little bit of frosting around all
three layers.

Fresh flowers from the garden in
purple hues were used to garnish the cakes.

Just before lunch I added fresh raspberries
and a candle for each cake.  It was fun 
to have everyone blow out the candle 
on their cakes.

What better lunch to prepared for
our little bunnies than
Lettuce Wraps.
(I will post this recipe next week too.)

Happy birthday Barb!
Glad those little bunnies couldn't nibble
on the cakes.

I will be posting with

Goblets - Horchow (years ago)
Silver ware - Horchow (discontinued)
Tablecloth - Your Chair Covers
Purple glass charger - Tai Pan
Napkin rings - Tai Pan
Square plates - Home Goods
Flower plates - Home Goods
Bunny pedestals - Pottery Barn Outlet
Chocolate bunnies - Tai Pan
Foil and glass bunnies - Home Goods


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Your stacked bunny plates are adorable Jacqueline! It's such a pretty table and the individual cakes are sweet too! Happy Easter Week-enjoy:@)

  2. Happy Easter to you and yours:)
    I have 2 mini mini 3 tiered molds:)
    Another all out table for you and yours~

  3. Adorable mini tiered cakes. This is a great idea! And of course your purple theme is fun as always, Jacqueline. Your bunny cake stand is really cute. Did you find it at the San Marcus Outlet? I didn't realize you were in TX this summer. I'm going to be sad if you were so close and I didn't know. Would have loved to meet you for lunch or coffee. ;-)
    If you are back this way, give me a call.

  4. Wow, beautiful, beautiful table, Jacqueline! Love all the different shades of purple and pink.
    Weird, but I was looking at that cake pan today at HomeGoods, put it back thinking I would never use it. I may go back and get it after seeing your cute cakes...and the bunny pedestals are adorable.
    Happy Easter!

  5. My gosh- What a beautiful post- with eggs and cake and bunnies-I love it all. Happy Birthday to Barb- xo Diana

  6. Your table is just so pretty and whimsical, J! I love those colors! I saw the bunny plates at Pottery Barn and thought they were darling. I loved how you've used them with the individual cakes...can't wait for the recipe!


  7. Lucky Barb, what a beautiful birthday! The plate stacks are swoon worthy~I bought those bunny stands too and have had so much fun with them! They look adorable with the mini tiered cake, I just might have to get that mold, thanks for the link!
    Also, your wrap presentation should be in a magazine Jacqueline, just gorgeous!! I can't wait for the recipes!

  8. I had pretty much made up my mind that I wasn't going to buy any additional cake pans, until I seen these cute mini cake ones. This is such an exquisite table and with the various shades of purple it is all you. Very pretty Jacqueline!

  9. Your table is looks absolutely yummy and sooo beautiful, I love your plates and pretty Easter decorations....

    Wishing you a very Happy Easter~

  10. I really do think yours is my favorite blog to read just for fun and inspiration. There may be a few blogs that are bigger and more famous than yours, but your skills truly top them all! I am never disappointed and certainly am inspired today. I am in love with those bunny pedestals...so darn cute! Loved everything, just wish I had been a guest!

  11. I adore this purple table this is one of the prettiest tables I have ever seen, especially the little climbing bunnies. I wish I had a Pottery barn outlet store I too would have snatched up these little cake stands no matter what the price was. And your cakes are so beautiful. I am a pastry chef with the firm belief you eat with your eyes first so make your presentation count and boy do you always do that in your blogs. thank you for such beauty. Susie

  12. Your little individual cakes are works of art Jacqueline, especially with the piped frosting and violas! I couldn't resist picking up a couple of those naughty bunny cupcake pedestals either :) Love your grass and mini daffies! I tell myself every year I'm going to plant wheat grass for spring and then forget to do it. Love the pinks & purples at your table, Happy Easter!

  13. Jacqueline, I agree with Sue above. You always have something wonderful for your readers. I can just see you hauling those bunny plates home, as I would do the same:). All the purple is so beautiful. Love the cakes of course too, and I would have loved eating the lettuce wraps -- they look so delicious. Joni

  14. This is amazing beyond any words in my current vocabulary!!! Goodness, Jacqueline...just unbelievable! The dishes are gorgeous, and when you put all that beautiful food on them, they were even better!!! Lettuce wraps...gotta remember that. I served them a couple of years ago for my stepdaughter's 30th birthday party, and they were a hit. I had forgotten how pretty they can be. You made them look like heaven!!!

    The cakes are gorgeous! What a beautiful idea! You garnished them to a T!!!

    Beautiful table! No doubt Barb was on top of the world for this celebration!!!

    Happy Easter, girl! You outdid yourself to the max!!!

  15. Love all the purple in each place setting! The bunny cake stand on top is the cherry on top! Have a wonderful Easter!


  16. Of course purple is perfect for both Easter and you. Since traveling to Viet Nam lettuce, aka spring rolls, are among my favorite things to make. Who knew they were so easy!

  17. Oh, No wonder your kids like to come to your house. You have a treat for them not only with tasting but feasting with the eyes!! So colorful and lively and fun!

    You are so creative, Jacqueline! I love all the touches. Just darling.

    I always forget to plant grass. Oh, well maybe I will remember next year.

    Celebrating Christ's resurrection. Happy Easter to you.

  18. Oh sweet Jacqueline, you DO have the most awesome elements and sihes for every occasion and these are no exception! Your stacked bunny plates are too adorable for words and your entire table is amazing, I mean, I wouldn't know where to begin...SO IT'S UNBELIEBABLY GORGEOUS!
    Happy Easter my friend.


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