Monday, February 17, 2014

Prime Rib with Mushroom Sauce - Made Easy

Succulent prime rib that just melts in your mouth 
is one of those amazing special dinners but if
you are like me, you may have sprung 
for the expensive roast and ended up with
just a Sunday dinner roast beef.

It wasn't until my friend Carrie made prime
rib that I learned how to do it right and now
it never fails.
The secret is using a thermometer to measure
the interior temperature of the meat and then
the mushroom sauce which is out of this world!
(Really, you will be tempted to drink this, or
you could turn it into a fabulous mushroom soup!)

Easy Prime Rib with Mushroom Sauce

Prime rib roast
Fresh garlic cloves, peeled
Beef rub
Mushroom Sauce

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Start with a prime rib roast (standing rib roast)
and it can be bone in or boneless.  We had a boneless

Make 12 deep slits about 1 inch deep all over
the rib.  Insert a peeled clove of garlic in each
Rub a generous amount of the seasoning on all sides
pounding it in a little so it adheres.

Place in a roasting pan and cook at 450 
for 20 minutes,
then turn the temperature down to 275.  
It should cook
about 20 minutes per pound or 
two hours for a six pound
roast.  I have a temperature probe 
that connects to the
interior of my oven so I can 
monitor the temperature
the whole baking time.  
If you don't have that, about
at the end of your cooking time 
insert a meat thermometer
into the center of the roast.  
If you want it medium rare
cook it to 130 to 135.  
We like it more medium so I roasted
mine to 140.  Let it rest for 15 minutes.

Slice and serve with mushroom sauce.
(Yes, it really is that easy but don't skip the thermometer!)

Beef Rub

1 T. dried rosemary
1 T. cracked black pepper
1 T. granulated garlic
1 T. granulated onion
3 T. kosher salt

Mix the above and rub it generously over the roast,
pounding in to adhere it.

(Or if you don't want to make your own rub
you can sprinkle the roast generously with
rosemary and then generously with Montreal
Steak Seasoning - you know how much I love it!
This works great too!)

Mushroom Sauce

Melt 1/2 C. butter and add 
1 sweet onion, diced and 1 lb. sliced
mushrooms (the mushrooms will 
shrink down a lot).
Saute until the mushrooms 
and onions are tender.  Add
2 cloves garlic and saute until 
the garlic is translucent.

Meanwhile in a large stockpot
mix 4 1/2 teaspoons
beef base with 4 1/2 C. warm water.  
Add 1 1/2 tsp.demi glace 
(from Williams Sonoma or online - this is
a deeply flavored reduction 
made from beef.  You can
also make your own.  
It is pricey but lasts forever in the fridge.  
Online they have it in smaller amounts that 
would save money.)
Add 1 1/2 T. sherry wine vinegar.  
Bring everything to a boil.  
Meanwhile mix 2-3 T. cornstarch in 1/4 C.
cold water.  When the sauce is boiling stir in the
cornstarch and boil until thickened.  Add more cornstarch mixed with cold water if necessary to get it to thethickness you want.

When the sauce is thick, stir in the mushroom mix
and heat through.

Hope you enjoy this easy special occasion

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  1. Where do I get in line? Sounds great and I haven't had some really good beef in quite a while:@)

  2. I'm still waiting to "be adopted". That looks delicious and Prime rib has always intimidated me. A long time ago, I had just the experience you described and I haven't tried again. I just might brave one now.

  3. This would be the meal of choice for my valentine!
    Looks delicious. I'll share the recipe with him.
    Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  4. This sounds delicious! I know that The Great Dane would be very happy to smell this roasting - and that mushroom sauce....I will have to check out the reduction the next time we are down in WA - our nearest W&S.

  5. Looks so good and it's perfect for a Valentine dinner. I like the fact, how easy it is and the icing on the cake is the delicious mushroom sauce.
    I will have to buy some of that demi glace...I know it is packed full of flavor. yumm!

  6. yummy . . . we love prime rib at Christmas. I'll have to try that gravy recipe!

  7. Delicious! Do you have this on Pinterest so I can pin it?


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