Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lemon Raspberry Cream Cake

This wonderful
Lemon Raspberry Cream Cake
one of my favorite cakes,
one that I often ask for on my birthday.

It is light and luscious with lemon
cream frosting, lemon curd and
raspberry filling.

Top it with fresh raspberries 
and a dusting of powdered
sugar and sprinkles and
it makes a magnificent presentation.

This is perfect any time of year
but especially in spring and summer
when you want that
light lemon taste.

Lemon Raspberry Cream Cake

2 Betty Crocker French Vanilla Cake Mixes
1/2 C. mayonnaise
Raspberry Jam
2  10 oz. jars Lemon Curd
(I like Dickinsons or Trader Joe's)
2 C. heavy whipping cream
Powdered sugar
Sprinkles (opt.)
Crushed Lemonheads (opt.)

Make the cake mixes according to package 
directions but adding 1/2 C. mayonnaise.

Line bottoms of 3 8 inch pans with parchment
paper.  Do not grease pans.

Divide the cake mix between the three
pans.  You will have a little left over to
make a small 6 inch cake.

Bake for about 30 minutes or until
cake springs back and toothpick comes
out clean.

Let cool 10 minutes then run the knife
around the edge of the pan and turn
out onto a cooling rack.
(Lining the pans with parchment and not
greasing the pans will make your cakes
come out much flatter.)

When cool, remove the parchment paper.

Place the 2 C. whipping cream in a large
mixer bowl with one jar of lemon curd.

Beat until fairly stiff peaks form.
Divide the bowl of frosting into thirds with
your knife - using 2/3's for the sides and 1/3
for the top. 

Place a small dollop of frosting on cake platter
and place first layer on upside down.  
Cover with raspberry jam to about 1 inch
from the edge.  You don't want to go
farther or the jam will leak out into your frosting.

Place second layer on top of the first layer
with top side up.  Cover with second jar of
lemon curd, going only out to within one
inch of the edge again.

Place third layer on top, top facing up.

Cut off 3 bamboo skewers and insert
them into the cake to hold the cake together.
Press them down into the cake.

Use a knife or offset spatula to apply the cream
to the sides of the cake, pushing gently down
to the cake plate.  You will use about 2/3's of
your frosting for this.

Then spoon the remaining third of frosting
onto the top of cake, mounding some in the

Spread the frosting to the edges.  

Mound a package of fresh raspberries
on the top of the cake.  

Place powdered sugar in a fine mesh sieve
and sprinkle over the berries and cake platter.

Finish off with a garnish of sprinkles and
crushed Lemonheads if desired.  


Serves 16

The mint leaves were the only ones alive
in my garden!

My daughter made this for my birthday one year
and as it was set on the counter, it slide right
off and flipped over.  We had to just scoop it
up and eat it anyway.  Of course we took pictures!

I will be posting this with


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  1. I can't believe you have mint leaves...you're so lucky! I have NOTHING in my garden but brown now. This cake looks wonderful and I am going to try it. I happen to have some lemon curd I made in the fridge right now. Have you ever piped a thin circle of icing or whipped cream around the edge of the cake before filling the layers? It makes a little well and keeps the jam or curd in. I do that and then frost the sides and I never have any filling escape.

  2. Jacqueline, this cake looks awesome. Wishing for a slice for a little midnight snack. Thanks for the recipe.

  3. May I pin it?
    I have a board "If Life gives you lemons..." that would love to have this one.
    It has everything I love and looks even better... WOW. What a lovely presentation!
    I believe it would be a lovely adition to my dessert buffet on Easter.
    Thank you for sharing,

  4. Oh my! This looks absolutely divine. And, I love lemon and raspberry.

  5. what a delightful cake and it looks so light and heavenly.
    Mayo in the cake, who knew?
    Something else to try. How do you all stay so slim?

  6. Lemon Raspberry....my favorites together!

  7. this looks so delicious, and so perfect for spring! maybe Easter or Mother's Day. thanks for the recipe.

  8. Your cake is a thing of beauty! I love the combination of flavors and I'm so intrigued by the addition of mayonnaise! Our was buried under snow and has not recovered, it's hard to believe anything can kill it though :)

  9. Jacqueline, I want a big slice of this heavenly cake right now!! I adore anything with raspberries and this cake is a thing of beauty. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe... and it's easy!

  10. What a beautiful cake! It reminds me so much of one of our favorite cake recipes but it doesn't have the layer of preserves which sounds wonderful.


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