Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Reclaimed Wood and French Script Dining Table

I finished this remodel project some time ago
but when a close friend asked if we had ever
finished remodeling our St. George condo,
I realized I had never posted more about it.

I had shown you my first tile job which was
the backsplash in the kitchen. 

But I had left you hanging on the rest
of the project (bet most of you forgot!)
We took everything down to the sheetrock
and redid the kitchen, floors, fireplace
and baths.  

We were down there this last week and I 
decided to take some photos and create a
tablescape highlighting the remodel of the
dining area.

The inspiration piece was this reclaimed
wood table on whitewashed columns.
I found this at a local store
Osmond Designs.

Next I found these two French script settees
online.  I love the look of settees
mixed with chairs.  It makes such a warm and
welcoming table.

Coordinating French script chairs from
another online site provided chairs on
each end.

The beautiful black drum chandelier
was also an online find while
the mercury glass vases were from 
Home Goods.

So I set off to my favorite Home Goods
store in St. George, Utah to find some
fun plates and accessories to create
this beautiful tablescape.

I was captured by these wonderful
silver polka dot china plates, so
I had fun collecting coordinating
items at Home Goods.

In the condo I just had some ocean inspired
plates and since I had just done a tablescape
using that theme, I decided to find something
else that went beautifully with the remodel.

This silver backed plate was slightly
larger than the silver polka dot dinner plate
so I chose to use it as a charger.

I already had the flatware but I found these
cream and silver linen placemats and 
thought they coordinated perfectly.

The stack was topped with a matching
bowl and I was thrilled with all of
my new finds.

I also found cream and silver napkins
with silver napkin rings 

and these
gorgeous silvered goblets. 

I have never gone to the store and
just picked out a whole tablesetting
before.  It was a challenge but fun.

I was limited by the number of
linens and napkin rings I could get
so I set the table for four,
but fortunately they had more plates and
so I was able to get 7 of each of those.

It all looks so different and upscale
from before.  

We have had the place for 15 years and
it had carpet in the dining

We redid the flooring so that the entry,
living, kitchen and dining is all in dark wood.

I love this cheetah rug from Ballard under the table.

I also made these lined 
burlap and flocked pinch pleated
curtains with bling detail for the
dining area and the living area.

I will finish with a shot of the
dining area at night with
the drum chandelier lit.

I love the fun patterns the chandelier
makes on the ceiling.

You can find a lot of these items
on my Pinterest board

I will show you more of the remodel
in later posts!

Thanks for coming to visit
Purple Chocolat Home
where something new is always

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  1. It's all soooo beautiful, I really love your dining table the settees and chairs match so beautifully, love the entire dining room ;-)


  2. Lovin' the settees Jacqueline! Your diningroom is very pretty-enjoy:@)

  3. This looks like you. You are a design wizard with such style. I love the polka dot plates!!!

  4. Well we were all stunned by the condo redo when we stayed. Your tile work is fab, and your table is lovely. I love how you have so many chairs around. Love your table setting. Joni

  5. Well we were all stunned by the condo redo when we stayed. Your tile work is fab, and your table is lovely. I love how you have so many chairs around. Love your table setting. Joni

  6. Jacqueline, it all looks beautiful. I can tell you have lots of fun with these projects. Love the silver polka dot plates. I gave my niece some Kate Spade plates with turquoise polka dots a few years ago. I found them at a store sidewalk sale for nothing. Wish they had had more. Thanks for sharing all the details on this project.

  7. Wow! You have done a beautiful job on your condo. I love the subtle sheen from the glass and china and the different textures in linens and upholstery.
    I am going to have to find out where St George Utah is - that part of the US is a mystery to me.

  8. Jacqueline,
    "Something new is always Happening!" is right! you never stop, do you! I don't know how you do it all. And all you do is beautiful and so fun!

    Love he table settings, this is so you! long with that rug and the dining furniture! Whenever I see bling, I think of Jackie!

  9. swoon, I love it all! I want to redo my dining room so badly, and this would be my dream! LOVE the table and the seating. I have a runner out of that same fabric as your place mats, and the same flatware, so I'm on my way! I wonder what my hubs would say if I took a sander to our table!!

  10. WOW, Jacqueline, this is IT! This is the look that I love. The textures of the old wood, the French script chairs, the mercury glass vases....everything! I was just on Pinterest pinning some dining rooms where they are using banquettes as a seating option for a farmhouse table. I love that look and a dear local friend found the most gorgeous Swedish banquette that fits perfectly around her dining table.

    How kind of you to drop by and leave a comment! I so hope your weather is not as bad as ours; today the state cancelled all schools because we are experiencing yet again another dangerously cold day: -25.

    Be well, HAVE FUN!!!!!! Anita

  11. Thank you for leaving me a comment, Jacqueline. I back-linked to find your blog here. What a beautiful place to visit. I am your newest follower and I already put you on my sidebar-(after promising myself I wasn't going to follow any more blogs) lol - Anyway, here I am and looking forward to getting to know you better. xo Diana

  12. I love it! So beautiful!!I need to find me some silverware like that, it's so cool! However, I'm a little bummed you didn't include the story of how one of the chairs fell off and got ran over by a truck! ;)

  13. You decorated your home so beautifully, Jacqueline. I love it. We have a vacation home in FL too and funny but I decorated it with a lot of "Carte Postale" items too. I guess great minds think alike, huh? I love your dining table. I was looking for something like that for the FL home But I could not find something big enough so I settled for a dark one. I would have preferred a light one since everything in our MS home is dark so I wanted a change for FL. Oh well!!! Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed your finds. Isn't HG great? We don't have one here but it is a 4 min drive from our FL home.....Christine

  14. St. George and Cabo, two very different places that you give your own special style to. Always fun with a touch of glamor....I like that.

  15. Oh, what I would do for a 2nd home to decorate!!! I don't think that's on Dr. Nichols' agenda, though, so I'll just live vicariously through you! :-)

    You did a smashing job with the tile and all the redecorating!!!!!!! I'm impressed that you personally did the tile work as well as the window treatments! Where on earth do you find this kind of time?!??!?! I don't work outside the home and I consider myself a pretty good time manager, but I never seem to have enough hours in a day to get THIS kind of stuff done!!!! Hats off to you, lady!

    I love the settees at the dining table. That's a look I'd like to put in our dining room. I just thing it looks very glamorous and has the potential to create a much more intimate setting.

    The chandelier artwork is fun! Perfect backdrop to the more contemporary piece above the table.


  16. Hello Jacqueline, your dinning room is to die for (I hate that expression, but what else can I say) it is absolutely gorgeous.
    I just found your blog and I am amazed at your desserts. Big Question: How do you stay so slim and bake like that?
    Your newest follower, Connie :)
    P.S. I am having a Give-A-Way at the moment and I think it is right up your alley . . . come put your name in the hat.

  17. Stunning! Each element is gorgeous so it's difficult to favor just one. I love it all!


  18. I love the chairs and the rug from Ballards. Your tablescape looks rich and gorgeous and oh I love the drapes you made....Well, it's all perfect!


  19. Love your remodel. What a great table. Coming to you from my new blog.

  20. Just lovely like everything else you do. Your homes have style and class.

  21. Absolutely stunning! love the french look and the chandy pictures. The chandelier is gorgeous in this space. how fun to have another home to decorate. All of your table elements are so pretty. Home Goods is such a great store. the run is so fun.

  22. What a beautiful space and I love the fabric in the room. The dining table is fabulous. Beautiful room!
    Miss Bloomers

  23. Hi Maam Jacque,
    OH graciousness... you know I am your avid fan since I met you 3yrs ago (I guess, if not more than that).

    I love you frenchy chairs. I have a frenchy chairs in the lounge and I would die for these chairs of yours.

    I LOVE every lil thing and every inch of your treasure. That's for sure. Take note, it's only in your condo, right? LoL*

    BTW, I have or my curtains looks like yours too. The color and the motives.

    Hmmm... I guess, I catched your style your style.

    TY a bunch for inspiring me.

    Hugs from D´BoX,
    /CC girl

  24. Ooh how wonderful! I really love that table! The chandelier and pictures of chandeliers look so awesome too! Isn't that fun that you could find enough at one store to create this nice Tablescape! Love the polka dots and the fancy bow. The rug is so cool- I'd love one for my office!

  25. I don't know where to begin!!! The first thing I fell inlove with wasd the rug! I love, LOVE it. The settees are beautiful as are the chairs. And the BLACK drum candy, be still my heart!!! The table setting is ALL YOU!! Perfect! I can not tell you how much I love it all.

  26. This dining room is stunning, Jacqueline! I love it all ~ the table, the settees, the chairs and that light fixture.

  27. Your table is beautiful. I also love the curtains you made.

  28. Beautiful dining room I love the settee and chairs. You did a beautiful job on the curtains.


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