Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Frozen" Wintry Blue Table for a Crowd

This wintry table for the family
is filled with snowy white and icy blue
and it perfectly was great
for Christmas Eve but
it also fits the cold January

My inspiration for the table was this
super wide organza "ribbon" with
sparkling snowflakes on it.  I found
this at Wal Mart this year and used
it to add to presents too.

The 15 feet of organza ran down the center 
of the snowy white pinch pleat tablecloths.
They were actually round tablecloths
that I overlapped.

My crown plates were stacked and 
topped with a chocolate hiding in
a small individual gift box.

Guess who decided to settle
herself right into the "Frozen"
landscape of the table?
Of course - Elsa!

I am sure you can tell that aqua
ranks right up there with purple as
one of my favorite colors and we had
lots of fun candles to use from
my daughter's wedding.

Icy sparkling silver candles
are in the crystal dripped candelabras
and I gathered anything icy blue from 
around the house to decorate the 
center of the table with.

A large vase was filled with
sparkling icy blue ornaments.

A table regal enough for 
Queen Elsa would use these
crown dishes and this fanciful

Crowns adorn these bejeweled
bottles for the Queen's table.

What a fun table to sit down to.

We just move the couch to
the garage and move the tables
into the office.  We place 2 - 8 foot
tables end to end and we can seat 20.

Of course the kiddies loved
that Elsa was on the "Frozen" table.
She was definitely the rage this year.
Fortunately I bought my Elsa dresses
early before they all were gone!
(The $50 costumes are currently
on ebay for $200!)

I love this Elsa.  She is much 
smaller, but the kiddies 
quickly found her in the 
aqua organza snow drift.

I always love candles at the table
with the little ones, but I try to
make them promise not to play
with them!  Of course they didn't
keep their promises.

We still have Christmas up!
My parents always kept it up until after
my birthday which is two weeks after
Christmas so we continue the
tradition in our home.  I am always
a little sad to see it all go - it always
seems so naked around the house.

I will be posting with 

Pinch pleat linens -
Aqua organza ribbon - Wal Mart
Elsa doll, large - Wal Mart
Elsa doll, small - Disney Store
Napkins - Home Goods
Plates - Home Goods
Silverplated flatware - Horchow
Silverplate goblets - Spiegel catalogue
Silverplate candelabras - Macy's
Silver candles - Home Goods
Aqua candle holders - Hobby Lobby
Aqua trees - Hobby Lobby


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. What an elegant table to sit at -- I just can imagine how exciting it was for all the littles to sit at this table. Love the ribbon you found at Wal-Mart! Elsa looks so cute tucked into this icey table! I haven't seen the movie. We are up in Spokane -- we have plans to see it tomorrow. Love all the icey blue ornaments in the vase. So nice to see you at Christmas. Joni

  2. Jacqueline, your icey table is is so elegant. I love the idea of a long table where the entire family can gather together. Thanks for sharing this gorgeous setting.

  3. Your table is absolutely beautiful. The aqua accents are so elegant with your beautiful white dinnerware. Your photographs are stunning. I love the idea about shifting furniture to another room to accommodate your long table. Your hubby is sweet to move your furniture......not sure if I could get my hubby to do that. Great idea so you can all sit together. I still have lots of my Christmas up makes me smile!
    Hugs, Katherine S.

  4. Your table is magical and very much like a winter wonderland.

    What date is your birthday? Today is my son's birthday.

  5. Very, very elegant Jacqueline! Your gorgeous setting really makes the meal an evening to remember:@)

  6. As elegant as a movie for TV..
    Or for the big screen!
    Always astounded!

    Saw cute..!

  7. You are amazing. This is absolutely beautiful! I agree about the Christmas trees, we took our down yesterday and I'm missing them...all 3 of rhem. Snuggle up !!

  8. Your table is gorgeous! I love that we both have these beautiful crown dishes. Coordinating with the aqua just makes everything pop! The silver just adds the perfect elegance. How sweet to accomodate the whole family. Love visiting Jacqueline, you know how to dazzle.

  9. Pure magic! You are so talented at creating a very special scene with all your beautiful tablescapes, Jacqueline. I adore that aqua color & how smart you were to purchase plenty of it.
    Very very elegant setting!!

  10. Oh my your table was simply magnificent, I love the frozen theme you choose, I saw the movie and I just loved it, such a gorgeous table you have set love your crown dinner plates ;-) have a great birthday.


  11. I think this is my favorite tablescape of the season. The colors are wintry perfection and of course the dear doll is the icing on the cake! :)

  12. Jacqueline,
    Such a beautiful table! WE use an extra long table for family dinners as well or when we have extended family here. I am glad my family helps move furniture!
    Hubby and I have been ill with one thing or another this Christmas Season and I haven't been able to do the fun things I had planned. We did finally have our special family dinner, but of course, I was too rushed to take pictures. Some day!
    Loved the Frozen movie. I cried multiple times. It reminded me of some of the things I deal with with anxiety, definitely a movie to purchase when it is available. I love your dolls and dresses. so cute. Your grands sure love coming to your house! All the aqua is simply beautiful!
    Hope Joni is having fun she is just two hours north of me right now!
    hugs, and Talk soon!

  13. I often think about using wide ribbon as a table runner while I'm in the craft stores. Then I forget about it once I'm home. Thanks for the beautiful reminder!

  14. Gorgeous table! Didn't take me long to figure out aqua looks amazing with our favourite purple either.

  15. We still have our Christmas up, too! Now at least I don't feel so all alone in that! Having it for 2 weeks after Christmas is cool because you then have time to enjoy all the decor without the hustle and bustle of the holiday season on top of it!

    You KNOW I adore the way this table is presented!!! Every person sitting there could not help but to feel a tinge of royal! I'm really good at moving furniture out to accommodate the number of guests I need to, and I applaud what you did here as well. It's the only way to seat royalty! :-)

  16. I remember your long table from Christmas last year [pinned] and can't wait until the little ones in our family get a little older so we can do that~10 under 6 this year and we just had apps and did a lot of running around! Your table is stunning, aqua is my favorite color and it can't look any prettier than when it is paired with sparkle and elegance as on your beautiful table! Happy Birthday!

  17. Jacqueline,
    I just can't stop looking at your beautiful tablescape and all of it's elegance. As I stated in my earlier comment........your tablescape is absolutely beautiful. I smiled when I noticed that there is a perfect reflection of you in your pink top with your camera on your beautiful silver candelabra. It is ever so tiny, but I think it is a perfect signature piece. It is always such a joy to visit your blog and look at all of your pretties and your creations. You are so very talented. I hope you have a wonderful New Year and I am looking forward to seeing all of your fabulous tablescapes this year.
    Hugs, Katherine S.

  18. So pretty and the blue does remind of the bitter cold we are having! What a wonderful, big family table. I can only imagine all of the preparation it takes to entertain them all :) Well worth the effort!

    Happy New Year, Jacqueline!

  19. To have all gathered this way - on the same table, with that center "garland" - it makes everything so meaningful and special. Like Christmas should be. You're blessed.
    When I saw the thumbnail in my blog I thought your lovely daughter had set the table and worked with the theme from her amazing wedding.
    Everything is so sweet, special, whimsical. And you have pieces to make Queen Elizabeth envious ahahahah
    Happy New Year, Jacqueline. May it be a year full of blessings and thank you for always sharing some with us.

  20. Hi Jacqueline, Your table is beautiful! I especially love your photo from above showing the organza flowing along the center. I haven't seen Frozen yet as I stayed home to recoup while all the family went out, but I am intrigued now that I see what it inspired here! I just love this table! Linda

  21. Jacqueline, your table is amazing. I love your home and the space you have to host that many at one table length!! I love love aqua/turquoise and am sooo sorry I missed that ribbon. Gorgeous! Happy New Year, Happy Birthday.. xo marlis

  22. Oh my . . . this is just gorgeous! I love, love the blue -- the ribbon and the ornaments and the votive holders with the rhinestone bands around them.

    I haven't seen Frozen yet, but a weather forecaster here said it is a documentary of weather conditions here :)-- we are frozen here in Michigan!

    Am going back now to look again at your tablescape. It's a feast for the eyes!

  23. I love the crown dinner plates and am so thankful I did not see them at HomeGood's or I would have to buy a storage house to accommodate any more plates. My house is running over! Your table is just gorgeous and I do love the plates as well as the entire set up of twenty-so impressive.

  24. Jacqueline, this is sooo pretty! I love that ribbon and your table is beautiful! I love how the tablecloth with its pinched pleats makes you think of snow drifts. :) Happy New Year to you! XO

  25. Your table is magical! So, so beautiful! The crowns work well, too, for Three Kings Day!

  26. What a beautiful table, I love that
    shade of blue too, one of my all time favs. Wow, that ribbon is
    perfect with the snowflakes and is
    just the right width for the narrower tables. Know everyone from young to older had to love it. Your crown plates are simply marvelous,
    very very pretty.
    That was a great idea to add those lil Elsa dolls in where the kids were sitting.......
    Thanks for sharing this lovely
    Blessings, Nellie

  27. Hi Jacqueline!

    This table is the most beautiful dining table I've ever seen! I love it. The colors are fabulous and you've put it together perfectly. Better than tables I've seen by professional party decorators. All of your touches throughout the table are spectacular!

    Happy New Year & many blessings, Edie Marie


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