Saturday, December 7, 2013

Nativity Makeover and A Winner

I had two Nativity sets that
had been given to me over the years
that just weren't my favorites but 
I would put them out anyway but
never in a place of honor because
I just didn't like the colors.

This one I loved the pieces and I especially 
loved the city backdrop but the
colors were just kind of cheesy.

On a whim, I decided to buy a can 
of champagne gold spray paint and
a can of Glitter Blast in silver
and I did a 
15 minute makeover!
Glitter Blast is my new
favorite!!!  The other nativity
was a gun metal gray and I
just blasted it, no painting.
My daughter saw it and said
she had the same one and wanted
to blast hers.  It comes in lots
of colors but I like the silver one
for this.

Amazing what a little paint and glitter
can do to change something.

Now this fits with my decor.

I did love the colored jewels on the
Wise Men
and on the camel so I taped them off
before painting.

Now the made over 
has the place of honor in my living room
and it is amazing how many
comments I have received on it
and everyone wants to know where
I got it!

If you have some Christmas
decor that just doesn't fit or
you just don't love, grab a
can of spray paint and in 
minutes you can transform it!

May Christ be the 
Reason for the Season
and may peace fill the earth.

The winner of 
giveaway is
from Alyssa Cook Photograph.
Go check out her lovely blog.
Thanks everyone for
participating and supporting
my daughter in law in her
new blog and blogstore.
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  1. Love the transformation. Spray paint can do wonders and is a very handy tool. Why settle with something you aren't crazy about? I hope you are enjoying the holidays.

  2. Your nativity looks beautiful Jacqueline and I love the sound of Glitter Blast:@)

  3. Gorgeous transformation, Jaqueline! Spray paint has become my new best friend over the past few weeks. We used the mirror looking glass sprat paint on several of my mother's vintage brass pieces and added crystal teardrops. They look like totally different pieces. You did a fabulous job!

  4. Oh, I totally love this, as I have one set I don't like the colors too! Gorgeous idea my friend. Hope you are having a lovely holiday season.

  5. Jackie - such a great idea! I have a gorgeous set that I spray painted gold a few years back. I haven't displayed it for a few years now because I'm more into silver these days. Thanks for the reminder. I might have to dig it out, paint it and add some glitter! Now if I could only figure out where to paint's not looking too good outside today in our neck of the woods! xo

  6. Lovely makeover. I really like it, especially that is is so neutral and would fit in anywhere. Looks great.

  7. I love how spray paint can give something new life. I have lots of colours but no glitter yet. The nativity set is nice in the silver.

  8. Now that is some stylin' Nativity! Very blingy!
    Congrats to the winner!

  9. What a great idea! Several times I have passed up deals on nativity sets because the paint jobs looked so bad, but I am going to have to keep in mind, that if I see a set on sale to just consider the shape and size because I could always use your suggestion and paint it!

  10. What a great idea, Jacqueline. The nativity really looks nice. ;-)

  11. It is beautiful, Jacqueline. What would this world be like without spray paint?!

    Hope to see you at Pink Saturday.

  12. There's nothing like a can of spray paint to work wonders!

  13. Hands down one of the greatest ideas EVER!!!! I have some Hallmark ornaments of which I'm none too fond because of the colors, and I think I might apply this very treatment to rev 'em up and give 'em new life! What a terrific idea, Jacqueline!!!

  14. I love this.

    I don't have the same "problem".

    Every year I receive Nativities as Gifts but I love each and all of them - last Saturday that was my work: putting them all into display :) - but I'm keeping an eye for some clearance after the Holidays for some not so pretty - and not so expensive ;) - and do exactly this makeover.

    I Love Silver - this year Christmas Decor is White and Silver - and I have none.
    Thank you for sharing,

  15. With a can of spray paint, you have made the nativity totally yours. I have a number of them and each is so very different but together they fit my eclectic style.

  16. A wonderful transformation! It looks just like you! Blingy and beautiful!

  17. Congratulations Ally!
    What fun!


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