Monday, October 14, 2013

Surprise - It's A Happy Happy Birthday to Michael Lee West

it's a surprise,
Happy Birthday 
Michael Lee West

Michael Lee is turning 60
and all of her fans in 
are gathering at 
my house for cake and cookies.
And you are invited!

The dessert buffet is all set up.

You know Michael Lee, 
hostess of the blog

Southern Baker - Gardner - Author
and Ultimate Party Hostess.

Michael Lee's Party - Foodie Fridays
was where we first became friends.
She always has something 
interesting and creative to
blog about from her books,
to her cooking, to her
animals and beautiful home.

This big birthday is extra special 
so dress in your party attire.

We have chosen a seasonal theme done
in cream.

Michael Lee always does
everything with style,

So we need to have all
the little details just perfect.

Nothing but the finest for our guest of honor.
Go ahead and bring your books
I am sure she will be willing to 
sign them.

Some guests have already arrived.
I'm glad you arrived early too.
I am sure the line will be out
the door.
Just put your gifts at the end of the counter.

The candles are lit and the cake is ready.

Teeny Templeton,
her heroine
in the latest series of 
(Gone With A Handsomer Man
A Teeny Bit of Trouble)
is a Charleston pastry chef who
loves Red Velvet Cake, so of
course we are making our

Since the birthday girl is a
southern girl, I am sure she will like it too.
We aren't going to slice into it
until after she gets here, so I thought
I would give you a peek just before
I finished the frosting on it.
For instructions on frosting a Rose Cake, 

We chose all white frosting for this
birthday party.  I think it looks so elegant.
It is easier than it looks and
Michael Lee loves
anything that is elegant yet

Oh, here she is!
The birthday girl has arrived!!
Let's light the candles and sing.

We always top our birthday 
cakes with a sparkler.  It just
adds to the festivities.

Everyone make a wish
Michael Lee West 
to have the best year of her life!

Happy Birthday Michael Lee
and thanks
Jain and Mary
and the
Novel Bakers
for inviting 
Purple Chocolat Home 
to participate in this
virtual birthday party.

I will be posting with
Let's Dish
(for the white challenge)
Tablescapes Thursday
Seasonal Sunday

Please visit the rest of the party!

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And of course visit Rattlebridge Farm and wish Michael Lee
a very happy birthday!

Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. What a fabulous celebration. Love those candles. I've never seen them and they look so pretty on your beautiful cake. Wish I could decorate a cake as beautifully as you have, sigh.
    Happy birthday Michael Lee,

  2. Love the sparkler picture Jacqueline! Looks like a very fun party and I'm sure Michael would love the pretty cake:@)

  3. Oh how PRETTY, Jacqueline!!! This is the quintessential Michael've captured all the fun & food of her books as well as her blogging adventures. Just always do things so elegantly. I'm in ♥ with every inch of this display!!


  4. Jacqueline~ The Ultimate Red Velvet Cake with Roses no less...SWOON! I'm so in awe of your baking talents that I sadly lack~ those beautiful frosted roses...*sigh* Of course, it's surrounded by all that bling and creamy white beauty! I adore your sparkler shot! Thanks for joining in the fun and Southern celebration with your signature Purple Chocolat Style! Happy Birthday Michael Lee West!

  5. Jacqueline, I have made your red velvet cake a few times and people just love it (and I'm the worst cook ever!) I even made it for this party but due to cake decorating incompetence on my part the cake did not make it to the party! The napkin holder with the creamy fork is so funny--I had to look at it for awhile. I love your roses on it and this party is just so festive! Michael Lee deserves every bit of it for all the joy and inspiration she gives us. Linda

  6. I'm not a foodie blogger but can appreciate the idea behind celebrating a milestone birthday for a special blogging friend in this manner.
    Jacqueline, your cream coloured theme and red velvet cake would make any woman happy. The table is gorgeous, and I'm glad I learned that broken cookies have no calories. ;-)

  7. White, Bling, Sparkle, Cake! Everything needed for a special birthday celebration! Your cakes are always amazing but this one, red velvet with roses and sparklers~suitable for a Queen of Fiction, Food and Fabulous things is perfection! Beautiful Jacqueline!

  8. What a wonderful birthday celebration you've prepared for our friend! She is going to love a big slice of the red velvet cake, Jacqueline. The candles are so fitting for the Southern Belle Queen. On of these days I'm going to try making those pretty roses. Happy Birthday, Michael Lee! xo

  9. Jacqueline you've created the ultimate red velvet cake for the birthday girl. Michael Lee is going to be thrilled with this cake. It's gorgeous and red velvet!
    Yes, I, too, love a sparkler on a birthday cake. It's fitting for a celebration. Love your curvy candles.
    Happy Birthday, Michael Lee! ~ Sarah

  10. You have outdone yourself, Jacqueline. I know Michael will be thrilled.♥

  11. Jacqueline, I'm over the moon about this beautiful, touching post. Your red velvet cake is absolutely stunning! I can just imagine sinking a fork through the icing, into the dense red cake. Be still my heart! Thank you SO much for your kind words, good wishes, and gorgeous photography! xxoo

  12. Oh my gosh, everything is so beautiful and that cake is amazing!!!

  13. oh its so wrong to covet cake isn't it... i LOVE your special cakes, i have saved many a pic of yours over the year, but this cake always enchants me! BUT, first let me get my fill of no calorie cookies, is this a fairy tale or what?!

    your island is stuff dreams are made of, what a perfect birthday party in the makings! and that sneak peak of the cake, BE STILL MY FAT SOAKED HEART!

    look how GORGEOUS your sparkler pic is, perfectly fitting for our favorite southern firecraker of an author! oh my, you sure do throw good parties, thanks so much for celebrating with us today, i am leaving happy and refreshed knowing a broken cookie is the key to my new fit self, happy birthday michael lee and thanks for playing!

  14. So glad to be invited to the party - you have done a beautiful job - love that cake!

  15. Jacqueline, Your style is so elegant! What a lovely lovely party! That cake is perfection.

    I know Michael Lee is thrilled to be honored in such a beautiful way.

  16. Love the sparkler picture! This birthday celebration will make the birthday girl feel very special. What a fun day it has been at Rattlebridge Farm! I must make your red velvet cake very soon. xo

  17. WOW! The lovely red velvet cake is perfect for this celebration of Michael Lee's birthday! The white roses icing is so beautiful for this cake. I am just blown away by your decorations for this occasion. The large green ceramic urns with the the cabbages and flowers is a gorgeous centerpiece. Have a special fall week!


  18. How thoughtful you are to have this lovely party, and I'm so glad to be invited. I can always count on you for the somethings special. You've not failed my expectations.

  19. Thanks for linking to the All White Tablescape challenge.
    You went all out for ML!

  20. You are the ultimate hostess! Everything is perfectly special and the cake is the crowning touch!

  21. Looks like a fabulous party! Thanks for having all of us.

    - The Tablescaper

  22. That cake is gorgeous, and I love what you did with the pumpkins!

  23. What a great party! Your cake is beautiful, Jacqueline. I know Michael Lee will be touched.

  24. I think all the comments reflect what I think! It is a beautiful post for a special lady! The cake is fabulous as is all the bling details. Thank you for sharing.
    Blessings My Friend,

  25. BEAUTIFUL! Happy Birthday! Hugs, Holly

  26. I DO love the lipstick signature -- it is so you! The white cake is so classic and timeless, and she would love it because it is an easy cake to make, but it looks like it takes a lot of time. I Love the tall candles! What a great birthday party! Joni

  27. Wow what a cute job Jacqueline! Your cake is outstanding! Love those crazy candles too! It would be fun to attend a party for her- what a nice party yours would be! Love that sign about broken cookies having no caloires! I think I need to go break some!

  28. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! I love it, Jacqueline!!! I especially like the blinged out vessel the flatware is in! What a neat idea! I think I could manage to bling up a vase or two around here! :-)

    One day I'll get the nerve up to try that rose frosting. My hands aren't too steady these days, so I don't know...mine will probably end up looking like intestines instead of roses! :-) :-) :-)

    Gorgeous! Have a beautiful weekend!

  29. Michael Lee is one blessed author...your party to celebrate her perfect day is so well thought out...down to the smallest detail. Of course, the cake and candles are the crowning touch. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  30. Good morning Jacqueline! WOW what a party you are having here, and those squiggly shaped candles are fabulous! Your home and kitchen are always so beautifully presented and so perfect for such a celebration! I just went over to visit Michael Lee and my goodness, what a beauty. If 60 is this good to me (in only 4.5 years!) then BRING IT ON!

    Thank you for visiting my post. It's always lovely to see you! Enjoy your autumn! Anita

  31. Oh sweet Jacqueline...thank you so much for inviting us to your beautiful birthday party for wonderful and lovely lady Michael Lee! I love the rose cake and the the squiggly adorable candles I've never seen, fabulous setting too. I wished MLee a blessed bithday the other day and wished her the best for a start of a great decade. I was 60 past Oct. 2oth. and so far it's been awesome! I love everything you did and the flatware is fabulous! Thank you for your visit.

  32. You throw the BEST parties!!! Thanks for inviting us!

  33. Oh bless you, Jacqueline! Aging can be nice if we smile and enjoy our lives to the fullest....and we are around the same age? YOU ARE FABULOUS! (and I love getting streaks of gray/silver in my hair...the first time in my life I'll have light hair!! - I've always wanted to be a blond at least!)

    XOXOXOXO Anita

  34. I am late to the party (what else is new) but looks like everyone is having such a good time they won't be leaving soon.
    Such a beautiful spread and fun candles on that gorgeous cake!

    Thank you, I picked up a few books to get signed, too.


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