Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Drop By For A Spell Table

So glad you could

As I mentioned in my last post
everyone at
Purple Chocolat Home
enchanted with 
Witch Shoes
so when I saw this table runner with
a pair of witch shoes (complete with legs)

on each end, I just had to snap it up.

It goes so perfectly with my 
candy cauldron perched
on three colorful shoes.

And who should be featured on this fun table
but a flying witch and her black cat.

The thing I love about these fun
plates is the detail.  
Look closely at her lace-like details.
Can you see the bat, the pumpkin and the spider.
Now look at the background of the plate and 
notice the haunted house.  
These really are fun plates.

Here is a closeup of the cat plate in green.
Notice his details too - an owl, a bat,
a spider, haunted house and pumpkin
and in the background of his plate is the witch.

Aren't the spider webbed napkins perfect
for this Halloween table?

I love to hang my little witch "pillows"
on the backs of the dining room chairs.

Have you been a good witch or a bad witch?

I just pin them to the fabric of the chairs
to make the room a little more fun
and they stay up all month.

Before you leave, reach 
a hand in
 for a little treat

We have 
Bat Droppings for you!
Although I didn't make the
runner, it would be really easy
to make using a similar
design to my 

Oops!  Beaulah is in a really black mood
because I didn't mention her -
So sorry Beaulah, you are always
part of the Halloween fun!

I will be "dropping by"

Tablerunner - Home Goods (this year)
Footed Candy Cauldron - Home Goods (last year)
Witch and Cat Plates - Home Goods (last year)
Napkins - Home Goods (last year)
Witch Hat - Tai Pan
Flatware - Tuesday Morning
Green Goblets - Tai Pan
Black Goblets - Pier 1
Hanging "Pillows" - Tai Pan
Black Plates - Pfalzgraff
Green Chargers - Hobby Lobby

Bat Droppings - The Attic (scrape up with care)


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Love the tablecloth Jacqueline. I'd like a handful of those bat droppings too!

  2. Can I be a 50/50 witch??? Cute runner and the kids will get a real kick out of the bat droppings:@)

  3. Love your table cloth, my dear sweet mother in love just gifted me a runner similar to yours ;) I just think it's the cutest ever ;)


  4. Jacqueline, only you could make witches fun and pretty.

  5. How cute..all of it..My 4 little ones are coming for a sleepover Sat..they would think all this is amazing:)

  6. Okay Jacqueline, I am just about speechless over those plates! They are incredible! Love the details and colors~ you guys sure know how to do Halloween I must say, and I'm with you, all the witchy type shoes are too adorable! So much fun!

  7. So much fun in this table! I love all of those witchy legs!

    - The Tablescaper

  8. Jacqueline, I think witches and witch shoes are great themes for halloween decor--so much fun and not scary and gory! And those dishes with the cat riding her broomstick are fabulous. Now I want to get out my witch collection tomorrow! Linda

  9. Amazing tablescape Jacqueline! Every Halloween plate is awesome and so unique, wow! I love witches and witch shoes, just perfect, I have nothing like this...but I will try again this year for a Halloween table with your inspiration.

  10. Im coming to your house for halloween! Well done! :)

  11. LOVE that runner~ 'It's all about the shoes'! I love the plates too, I bought a set at HomeGoods a couple of weeks ago! Your pillows on the back of your chairs are adorable and such a fun touch!

  12. Jacqueline, I have changed my mind about witches and witch shoes. Love them for Halloween decor! I don't think I can add any more pumpkins to my collection. LOL The dishes with the cat riding her broomstick are wonderful.

  13. Love all of your wonderful details. Those plates are great!

  14. Oh Jacqueline, you're the most fun witch in blogland! I love to visit you and see what you and Beaulah are up to. Your runner is so cute and I have made a towel for my kitchen that is similar. Those dishes are beautiful and perfect for your table. I'd love a bat dropping as I leave your home! xo

  15. Jacqueline -- this is fun, fun, fun. It is punched with color and Halloween fun. I love MY new witch shoe you gave me. Thanks for everything. You are the best. Give Beaulah a hug for me too. Joni

  16. This is so kids would love it.

  17. Leave it to you to have it all together in a very fun way for Halloween. I've been hoping to find something new and cute this year but Home Goods here has let me down.

  18. Oh, to live in your house during holidays! What a fun table...those dishes are amazing.
    Give Beulah a hug so she will smile!
    Have a wonderful week, Jacqueline...

  19. Witches shoes/boots are my choice for Halloween decor as well. I love the witch & cat plates with the lace-like detail. Thanks for sharing your fun table with us.

  20. No one does Halloween like you do! It is all be witching!!
    Sorry about Beulah, they have been known to be touchy! :)

  21. What wonderful ways you get into the spirit of the season!


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