Saturday, September 7, 2013

Outdoor Chandelier Makeover

Even though our 
Bravada houseboat is only a year
old, it was time for a makeover of the
outdoor chandelier.  

At the very end of designing the houseboat
I decided I wanted a chandelier over
the second level outdoor table.  It is
covered but exposed on the sides so I
needed to find an outdoor one.
A quick Google search lead me to
a few options and I chose an all-white
chandelier with shell like ornamentation.

Although I had liked the chandelier
for the houseboat, this summer I decided
to remake the all white
chandelier and to add some color punch
to it.  

I started with a Google search for 
aqua chandelier crystals
(isn't the power of a search engine amazing?!!)
and I found a wonderful site
that featured crystals in all kinds of
colors and was very reasonable.

Remaking the chandelier was just like
jewelry making - I took the pieces off
and used the connectors they had on the 
original white chandelier.

This is a picture of the before.

You can see the shell like pieces
and white "crystals".  They were
connected with a coiled wire and
I didn't think that anything hung well.

As I took each piece off, I measured a new
strand of aqua beads with the old strand and 
just replicated it all with colored parts and crystals.

It also seemed to disappear into the white ceiling
and now it pops!

See the difference!  I really like the way
these bead strands hang and 
I love how the beads and crystals capture the lights.

Now it is really a focal point
and so easy to do.

You can watch a portion of the
episode on our houseboat.
(Jim, the owner of Bravada Yachts
is featured on this video with his family.
I have to admit some of the prices may be
overinflated in the video.  You know how
these things go, but it is fun to watch.)

I will be posting this on


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. You have excellent taste, J! I LOVE this! And I have serious houseboat envy! ;-)


  2. Wow!!! I love it! You never stop.
    This is amazing!!

  3. Love the new chandy! It fits in with the recent wedding theme. '-)
    Lake Powell is certainly a gorgeous spot. I know your family must have a fabulous time each time you are together enjoying this exceptional houseboat. Fun to see the video again.

  4. I see what you mean about the white chandelier disappearing into the ceiling. The makeover is great and I love the way it looks now.

  5. It looks beautiful Jacqueline! Really a pretty color:@)

  6. The new chandy makes a big difference. What a relaxing place!

  7. The new chandy makes a big difference. What a relaxing place!

  8. The new chandy makes a big difference. What a relaxing place!

  9. The new chandy makes a big difference. What a relaxing place!

  10. It looks gorgeous, and the difference is wow! Love it, Jacqueline.

  11. loved loved LOVED seeing the video, so much fun for all your family!

  12. Wow!! So pretty. You could have a second (or third) career as a chandelier designer. Your talent has no bounds.

  13. Wow!! So pretty. You could have a second (or third) career as a chandelier designer. Your talent has no bounds.

  14. Definitely like your makeover better Jacqueline. With aqua so popular right now, this colour makes the chandelier stand out and look more elegant.

  15. Your houseboat is just fabulous, Jacqueline! I'm sure you and your family have great times at Lake Powell. Your chandy looks just beautiful - great color!

  16. Lots of fun here!! Love the blue.
    I think it's a perfect fit....
    have a great Sunday

  17. This is gorgeous! The blue really does pop! :)

  18. It looks beautiful Jacqueline! Love the color. I wish my jetski was that easy to get into the water ;o)

  19. Jacqueline,
    Such a pretty new version! It matches the wedding colors! It does show up much better. I didnt even notice the chandelier in any of your other pictures. I am just about finished blinging up an outdoor chandelier as well! It hangs under our deck and will be in our daughters bedroom during the winter months to keep it cleaner. I hope to be posting about it soon. It isnt as colorful as yours, but I like it. I know you are having a blast with your boat. When i showed my hubby your boat pictures he said, "I have seen this boat on one of those boat shows..." And here is the video! So much fun!!!
    Hugs to your heart,

  20. And I checked out the link for the crystals....gonna get some for my redo I think!
    just had to tell you! And your blog tour of your boat looks so much more warm and welcoming, with all your final touches on it. LOVE the slide! I have wanted one off of our deck for years.

  21. Gorgeous! Beautiful makeover; I love the punch of color!

  22. Well, I have to say I was there when you were remaking some of this, and I didn't see the before pics. It is a huge improvement! Love how it pops. You are something else. Thanks for the fun time on the houseboat this summer. Joni

  23. What a dazzling aqua transformation, I love it! Such gorgeous scenery from your fabulous houseboat too~ it takes my breath away!


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