Monday, July 8, 2013

Wedding Day for Amanda

We finally have some pictures!
 Casey and Amanda
were married for 
Time and All Eternity
in the Salt Lake Temple.

All of our wedding guests that day
and their children
(the reception guests are a lot more).

Amanda's bridesmaids

Casey's groomsmen

Amanda with her family.

Her only sister.

Casey's parents

Casey's family

What a wonderful day!
We love them both and wish them all the 
happiness possible!

We planned to hold a reception the
next day to keep the temple special
as it was followed by a dinner,
but as I said before,
our youngest son got called on a mission
to Seoul South Korea
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints
(commonly called the Mormons)
and was to go into
Missionary Training Center 
that day,
so we held their reception
two days later.  

I will post that next.
So glad you stopped by to share in our joy!


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  1. Oh sweet friend! Thank you for the great pictures of the lovely couple..simply gorgeous! You all look beautiful and so happy, which of course, I don't blame you! I love the bride's stunning dress too. May God bless their unión for ever! Big hugs,

  2. Jacqueline, you can see the love and happiness radiate from this couple. What a beautiful bride! Love seeing the photo of you and Casey. Your daughters are gorgeous like their mom. ~ Sarah

  3. What beautiful photos to remember such a special day for your family! CONGRATS!

  4. Everyone looks very happy! Wising them all the best in the world:@)

  5. Best wishes for the newly married couple! I love the group shot at the wedding!

  6. Beautiful pictures of the happy couple and family. Your outfit was stunning J, I like the colour of your dress.

  7. all look great:-)
    And what a happy bunch!

  8. Oh my - what a lovely couple, lovely day, lovely family. Can't wait to see the reception. Congratulations!!

  9. Thank you for sharing this beautiful day. Blessings to the couple and to your families.

  10. I love the pictures. Thanks so much for letting us share in the happiness of your daughter's day. Their joy shines through my laptop screen.
    You look gorgeous, too.

  11. Stunning photos of their special day, Jacqueline! Thank you for sharing them with us.
    You & your hubby look much too young to have children of marriage age. LOVED your dress, as well as the bride's...that teal is one of my favorite colors of all time.

    Once, we were on our way to a ski trip at Snowbird & we drove past the temple...there had to be over a dozen couples with their bridal parties, scattered all over the front lawn. It was an awesome site & one that I can still picture some 15 yrs. later.

    Many blessings on the new couple & Bless your son as he heads out on his mission, too.

    ♥ Happy Hugs ♥

  12. Awesome photos filled with love and joy. Her shoes are so fun. Beautiful!

  13. Just beautiful! What a happy day it must have been. I love your dress!

  14. I do. Share your joy and emotion of this wonderful day lived with your baby. I was thinking - when scrolling down the post - how young Amanda looks. But when you and her and sister photo showed up I see it's in your genes to look that young in all generation.
    She looks Happy. She looks Loved. She looks Blessed. Because she IS.
    Blessing to all of you enjoying and sharing all this with Amanda and Casey. The Circle of Love and Faith keeps growing in your Home and Family, Jacquie.

  15. Thank you for sharing this blessed day.. What a beautiful couple they are.. Wishing them a life time of happiness.. Loved the photos!

  16. Oh my World, Maam J!

    Amanda is so Beautiful. I love the temple. It looks like so solemn. Tears on my eyes when I see you and Amanda look at each other. Happiness but sad to let her go.

    Congrats once again. Best wishes and more power to the newly wed.

    Wishes from D´Box in Stockholm,
    /CC girl

  17. So Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Those pictures turned out wonderful! Amanda and Casey look so happy; thanks for letting me witness that! Oh, and this is Shaunna, not Tyvarian:)

  19. Congrats to the beautiful couple and the parents as well!
    What a gorgeous wedding....lovely the colours she chose.

  20. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos of two lovely people in love.
    Oh my....the best word to sum up this comment is: STUNNING!!
    Can't wait to see the reception...


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