Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Final Sailing for Pirate's Cove Tablescapes

Alright, we be stickin' to the Pirate's Code on this

This be the last one of three weeks of fun.

Before we gets to the table though
I be sharin' this gas fired pizza oven
that is at Pirate's Cove.

Ye have all seen me wood burnin' one
but this here one was plenty fun too.

Fire her up and in an hour ye be crankin'
out hot crusty pizzas.  Ye think we could
put one on the ship Captain?

Speakin' of the Captain, he heads up this 
cozy table fer four,
and yes, ye be seein' right.  We used the
same plates.  None of the other plates here
at Pirate's Cove met the Captain's approval,
these bein' so appropriate and all.

and since the Captain be reignin' over this table
we hung a beeyoutiful chandelier
in his honor.

Fancy ruffled placemats sit under our
metallic skull and bones dishes that ye
saw before.

We wandered the high seas to get these
beeyoutiful goblets ye will be drinkin'
from tonight.  We be lovin' the dark green - 
straight off one of her Majesty's ships, I reckon.

Or ye can be drinkin' from your little silver
mugs if that be yer fancy.

Ye think that fancy gun marks the
Captain's spot?

He says, "Don't ye be eyein' my place matey!"

Notice in the background a keg built into the
wall?  Well, that there is a secret passageway.
(Just thought ye'd like to be in on that one!)

More fancy flatware.  This is a true Pirate's hoard
of fancy silver.  Must be booty from ships
they looted.

Ooh, the wenches be gettin' fancy with the napkins these days.

Thought ye'd like a peek at the carved chairs at this

There be so much fancy stuff here, ye just can't imagine!

'A course this mate loved the chandelier the best.
Them purple and red jewels are mighty fine.

Ye think the Captain might notice if some of them
jewels went amissin'?

Yup, guess he would and I'd be walkin' the plank.

(Just havin' a little fun with my new Canon G15 - love the bokeh effect.)

Well, I guess I'd best be movin' on before the real
Captain shows up and wonders why I'm in his quarters.

Fearsome lot those pirates!

But fer all the fun talk of Pirates
cute Captain Kirk
(yes, that be his real name)
"The Family Life For Me!!!!)

Ye seen this motley crew last time,

but here be one legged Ty and his crew,

and this scabby bloke, Marco Polo,

and the two that been stirrin' up all the fuss
lately with weddin' plans.

Next week is the big day, along with our
youngest settin' sail for an LDS mission to

so this wench be sayin' good bye for a bit to
focus on her scurvy lot to see if they can
whip up a bit of weddin' and missionary fun!

but before I sail off, here was the feast for
our 34th anniversary, made for us by friends.
We feasted on grilled tri-tip, 
tortellini salad
and funeral potatoes

and it was topped off by some of the thickest,
most delicious brownies ever.

(Yes, we asked all the guests to bring Pirate
outfits for the anniversary night.  It was the
greatest 34th anniversary I have ever had!!!!
If you missed it, click on the link above.)

Aye aye until some of the ruckus
settles down around here.

I will be posting this with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Part of your charmm..(Part).;) is the gratitude you have for everything you live..:)

    These are memories to last a lifetime..Love the black and white ..What a TREASURE.. Ahoy!

  2. I just can't quite grasp this looks like the best family gathering ever! I hope all goes well for the wedding and the send off. I'll be thinking of you for both and saying a little prayer that you stay calm and smiling through both occasions.

  3. Your whole family is going to cherish this anniversary adventure for their entire life. Delightful! Thanks for inviting us to the festivities, matey! Cherry Kay

  4. How wonderful! The table is quite a feast in itself. The meal look fabulous and the crew is astounding! I truly love this whole theme. Good luck on the wedding and best to your son on his mission. xo marlis

  5. Yo ho, this looks like too much fun! I'm amazed.

  6. What a great anniversary party! Happy 34th to you and your sweetie. Your family sure knows how to party!!

  7. A darling family ye have there. Geez Louise....I know this was one vacation that has been packed with many special memories.
    I'm thinking that I do like those there silver mugs!! this truly looks like a fun, fun place!! Thanks for sharing it with us..
    hugs to you..

  8. Oh my goodness girl, you are awesome. How you balance all of this is amazing! So many happy faces..... parties galore.
    I love your spirit, creativity and style. Thank you Jackie for your loving prayers and thoughts. xo Linda

  9. The (whole) family photo is the best one EVER! So fun! I love the tool shower too, and the cupcake wedding dress...your second one, right?

  10. Love your sense of fun and seeing the photos of yer motley crew! Good luck with the wedding plans :)

  11. I have enjoyed being part of this great anniversary celebration! Happy 34th! I chuckled when you said none of the other plates at Pirate's Cove met the Captain's approval ;o) The employees must have loved your passion.

  12. First, Happy Anniversary! Second, this entire post is amazing! Love the table, the photos and the fabulous way you put everything together. I wish you all the best for your trip. Cannot wait to hear all about it, when you return!

  13. What a fabulous party! Your pictures are fantastic. You saw to every little detail, Jacqueline, and made memories that will last a lifetime.

  14. You always have such fun packed vacations, Jacqueline!
    That's a very festive table with that unique the chandelier.
    Have a wonderful week...

  15. Y'all sure do know how to have fun! You are the force behind it all I am sure!

    I recognize your daughter this time but on an earlier post I had you confused with your daughter. That's because you look so young!

    Happy Anniversary!

  16. This is just the most creative and well done pirates feast! It has everything! Silver cups, treasure, skull and cross bones, guns and the motliest bunch of pirates I have ever see (cute!)! Aarrgh Matey!

  17. Congratulations on all the good things happenin' to your crew! Your fun tablescape and pirate garb are all so fun. I recognize the green Franciscan goblets from my wedding era. It all came together perfectly!

  18. I like your delicious brownies, amazing...

  19. What a wonderful shot of a wonderful family! This is what life and love is all about!

  20. Jaqueline!
    What an amazing Adventure Life Is! Your family will remember all this fun you have had. Your Missionary will have such a fun reunion to look forward to! Our's is coming home in about 2 months! Hope we have as great a vacation as you had before yours left! I'll be praying for you to get through this week in one piece...and if you need a place to get away for some peace and calm......I know a real calm farm.....!

  21. Ahoy Me Maty,
    I've not favored a post more than I bea lovin this here one.Aye...I bea lovin all ye booty and gems.Yourin family are a precious site ,I'm saying to ye. Yourin flateware I'll bea stealin that there dish or two or three...LOL
    Love your post Dear,such wonderful memories you will have.I wish you many more,
    XXOO Marie Antoinette


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