Saturday, May 4, 2013

Oven Baked French Toast - Pioneer Woman's Recipe

Have you tasted Pioneer Woman's 
Baked French Toast?
Well, let me tell you, this is the perfect
food - it is bread pudding for breakfast
with a fabulous streusel topping 
just to add extra decadence!

Wow!  This is naughty stuff!!

My daughter made some this morning for
her Young Women youth leaders for Girl's Camp
and I got to have a taste of it.

You can find the recipe here on

My daughter also had the Young Women frost
cupcakes, so I added some frosting to mine.

This is a recipe you will want to try and 
I bet you will make over and over and over.
What a great Saturday morning treat.

Super Yum!
I will be posting with


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  1. I saw this in the cookbook and thought 'this is lethal!' Breakfast is my favourite meal and I love French toast......

  2. Thanks, J! I'm off to look at it! Love something good and easy!


  3. I like naughty foods:@) Sounds like a great breakfast-Happy Cinco de Mayo Jacqueline!

  4. My mother would love this. She loves sweets.

  5. Makes our version of French toast look boring. Thanks for sharing, and the link to the recipe. I'll be cruising around her blog.

  6. Such a delightful version and so decadent. I am definitely on board.
    After dieting, this would be a treat!

  7. Wow, Jackie, this looks scrumptious. I bet the young ladies loved it. xo

  8. We adore the Pioneer Woman...a great local success story. Thanks for the recipe. Cherry Kay

  9. Think I'll give this a try this next grans will love it...Yummy!!

  10. Oh my... decadence indeed and perfect for indulging in for Mother's Day! :)

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