Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bridesmaids Dinner Tablescape

Tomorrow night we are having the Bridesmaids
over for dinner and to have them try their
outfits on.

I had sooooo much fun setting this table.  I started
with the tablecloth, chargers and silver that I 
had used for her engagement table and
added all kinds of aqua pops.

Her fiance is so thrilled she picked aqua as her color.
He says he can live with that better than he can
pink.  Actually I was surprised because  she
has always, always, always loved hot pink.

One of their gifts are these rhinestone earrings to wear
for the wedding party.  Amanda is a bling bling girl.

Aren't these aqua damask organza
gift bags great?
I found them at Michaels.

A little chocolate and some body butter are in the
gift bags, but I
can't tell you everything just in case one of them 
reads my blog!

These tissue pom poms are probably my favorite thing.
I also found those at Michaels.  I could have easily 
made them myself - remember the old plated tissue
paper flowers?  

I added a little bling bling to the tulle
that hangs they hang from.

This little wedding dress actually covers a bottle of 
sparkling cider that Lannette from
Remember that post? Click here.
(She stopped by and brought us more and
we had some for the family dinner Sunday too.)

It is also from Michaels.  I added the brooch at
the waistline.

We are using a Paris theme for the wedding as you
know.  This bejeweled Eiffel tower is one that
Amanda got when she was in Paris.
She also wants feathers incorporated into
her bouquet so we have a couple of those
on the table.

I made the gift tags from photos we took the other
day.  I saw a Bridesmaid's gift bag on Pinterest
and they suggested 
tying this little saying around a bottle of nail
polish for your bridesmaids.  I thought it was
so clever so I made it into a gift card.

The card reads:
Even though I found my man,
 I still need my GIRLS!

The gift bag that has their shoes and outfits in has a 
their Save The Date card on it.

Another Pinterest idea!
Loni, Casey's mom suggested we go to Salt Lake
to take photos.  This was at the International
Peace Gardens.  How fun that they have an
Eiffel Tower there!

The aqua plates with the French fleur de lys
are perfect on this table.  

Again, I used my spectacular silverplate from Horchow.
Maybe she will inherit these (although silverplate isn't
that pricey.)

These beautiful swirled aqua glasses were from
our last trip to Cabo.  I brought tons of glasses home from
there and by the time everyone picked out what they wanted
(of course this design was the favorite) I needed
more.  I don't know if they will be there
next time I go.

(This is the haul I made.  I only lost 4.  Obviously I 
couldn't take them all in my carry on so I was pleased.)

I popped one of the pom poms into a flower
pot for the centerpiece.

The engagement ring napkin rings are actually
Christmas ornaments that I got a year ago Christmas
and never used.

Now that's an impressive rock!

Here's a shot looking down through our fluffy poms!

The chandelier brings in lots of bling too.

I think the girls will be thrilled.  Amanda
was when she walked in last night!

I filled the side board with some of their photos.
Of course we will be having French food.
I can't wait.

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Your comments make my day.

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Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. That is gorgeous and she is one lucky girl to have you for her mother!!!

  2. What a fun party that will be. The table is just beautiful but I love that you have put so much thought and time and love into the gift bags. Good luck on the big day. (Have a piece of chocolate for breakfast)!

  3. Oh, wow. I don't even know where to begin. Everything is beautiful. I think my favorites are the tablecloth with all the ruffles and those amazing napkin rings. I can't wait for more pictures as the fun continues.

  4. You did a fabulous job on the table Jacqueline, and I love, love the colour scheme. I already know you never go half way for anything you do and I enjoyed seeing all the details for the dinner.
    I'm looking forward to the wedding photos; it brings back memories from when our girls got married.

  5. What a lucky little bride to be..
    So thoughtful and artistic..!

  6. Wow, Jacqueline, what a table for the girls! You always think of everything down to the last detail. Your darling daughter and the girls are going to have the best time. Love the aqua!!!

  7. What a wonderful table for bridesmaids! I know they'll all be thrilled all your special touches and details! What an adorable couple~ love the save the date photo and how perfect to use a photo as a tag!

  8. Beautiful! Great ideas!
    Love the darling pictures :)

  9. You never skip one detail and they are all carried out to perfection!! I love the tablecloth and the aqua pieces.. pom poms, gift bags.. oh just all of it. What a thrilling moment it must have been to walk in and see that poof of perfection!! Gorgeous. xo marlis

  10. This is a beautiful color for a bridesmaid party! I love all the little blingy details like the napkin rings and the wedding dress with the brooch, and Paris is a great theme. Such a romantic city! It looks like this will be a great party. Linda

  11. Jacqueline, you've thought of every detail to make this a very special occasion. Of course Amanda is thrilled! She is adorable. Love all the clever photo shots, the gorgeous details of the table, and the decorations. Kudos to the Mother of the Bride! ~ Sarah

  12. G O R G E O U S ! ! ! You can't go wrong with lots of bling. Can't wait to see the wedding table scape. Have fun.

  13. Jackie ~ your tablescape is just fantastic! I love the Horchow silverware, it's so beautiful. I had no idea that there was an Eiffel Tower in those gardens. I will have to make it down there and check it out.

  14. Isn't it just the most fun? Enjoy every, single minute, as it goes by much too quickly!

  15. Cutest table ever! I can tell you had A LOT of fun doing this! The little wedding dress centerpiece is such a wonderful idea! Love the aqua,{my new favorite color} polka dots, and your fun side board of pictures! My daughter was married 2 years ago and I had so much fun that I wish we could do it all over again! Congrats,

  16. Jacqueline, your table looks gorgeous. The girls are going to love the bags!!!

  17. BEAUTIFUL table! I love all the Paris additions!
    I am new to blogging and you are truly an inspiration to me.
    Lori @

  18. absolutely beautiful...those girls are going to flip!!

  19. Incredible!!! You did beyond an outstanding job with this, Jacqueline!!! Seriously....BEYOND outstanding! The color is gorgeous (still very girly, but like you said...the groom could still get with it!), the bling is fabulous (bling makes EVERYTHING better!), and the details are impeccable! The flatware, the stemware, the dishes, the napkin rings, the gift bags...everything is just pretty, pretty, pretty!!! And, man, your chandelier is clean!!! I'm not due to do my thrice yearly thorough cleaning of ours for about another 3 weeks, but this sure helps get me revved up for it!

    I'm sorry you lost 4 of those gorgeous glasses ('cause they're ALL gorgeous from I can see!!!), but at least it wasn't more. Thank God for small favors, right? :-)

    I need to get my pinnin' finger goin'!

  20. Wow Jackie!! I love this post!! Love all your post. Amanda look so beautiful and happy. I am so happy. Love you!!

  21. What an adorable couple they are! I love the photos you took of them.

    I'll be the girls will have a wonderful time tonight! Can't wait to hear about the food.

  22. Beautiful couple...and so fortunate to have you helping with everything...being the mom of the bride is lots of work!
    The table is just everything about it...especially the stemware.
    Happy Mother's Day, Jacqueline.

  23. So many beautiful, well thought out details for a wonderful occasion! I am sure the girls will remember all of the special touches you put into this dinner. I especially love the bling and tulle with the pom poms, that looks fabulous!

  24. Oh, yo be this young and happy and blessed.
    Everything looks so wonderful. You are indeed amazing people who make others feel honored to be in your path. I am, just by going through this pictures.
    And the colour chosen in perfect for bridesmaids and the details you reserved for them speak of your friendly and thoughtful ways by themselves.

    You inspire us to see the mother of the bride as a privilege and a fun filled role.

    Thank you!


  25. FANTASTIC!!!!!!! This is my favorite color and I must dream WATER every night. When I'm really having a great water dream, I can see the bright aqua just like you use refreshing! I am loving all the bling from the DIAMOND ring napkin holders to the Eiffel towers!

    Thank you Jacqueline for coming by to comment. I will put your name in the draw for Vicki's fabulous book! Anita

  26. Fabulous! I love it all. What wonderful colors and the gift bags are adorable! (so is the happy couple!)
    How come you don't talk to me anymore? :)
    Have a very blessed Mother's Day!

  27. Everything is just beautiful! I can tell you love to entertain because you are SO GOOD at it! I love the dress centerpiece!


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