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Be Our Guest Restaurant - Beast and Belle's Castle at Magic Kingdom

There's a 
New Castle In Town
at Disney World's Magic Kingdom
in case you haven't heard.

It is the Beast's Castle situated on top of
the mountain in the new Fantasyland and it is
quite something to behold.

You can see Belle has softened Beast's heart and
is now welcoming all from far and wide to come and

At the base of the mountain is the wonderful new
Be Our Guest.
Fortunately for us commoners, the restaurant is
open for lunch 11:00 until 2:30 in the afternoon
(Lines can form at 10:30 and close at 2:00 across the bridge.)

I heard rumors that dinner reservations (required)
are 80 days out.  No wonder we have only once
been able to eat in Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom, so this
gives us commoners a chance to dine in style even if we
didn't plan months in advance!

The magnificently constructed castle opens with this fabulous
entry way.
Once you have made it this far you are so excited to be there.

Two of Beast's companions flank the entry way as columns.
They are quite enormous and hideously ugly!

You then turn to the right to walk past 
talking suits of armor 
on each side of the interior passageway.

This is fun.

It is a little hard to hear them because everyone is so
excited to be inside the castle after
about a 35 minute wait (and that was during Easter week).

Before you order at a kiosk you are given a rose.
The rose is magical as it marks where you are in 
the restaurant so that the enchanted waiters and waitresses
can find you in one of three fabulous dining rooms.

You first enter the ballroom.  You are swept away by its beauty
and grandeur.  It is pure Disney magic.  I could just imagine
having my ball gown on and joining Beauty and Beast 
swirling around the room.
The chairs and tables are elegant and grand.

Step up close to the frosted window and you can actually see 
snow falling outside.  It was spectacular.

You are the guest at this restaurant so you get to choose
which dining room you want to eat in.

Step on through the dining room and you might want to
walk on the wilder side 
and venture into the
forbidden West Wing where taspestry and
curtains are slashed from the Beast's notorious temper.

This room is much darker and more mysterious.

Over the fireplace hang's the tortured prince's 
portrait which has also been the brunt of beastly anger.

This is where we chose to have our lunch served, although I 
have to say it was hard to choose, first we set our rose down
in the ballroom and then we switched to the
West Wing.  I think it really appeals to the boys.

But wait, there is one more option for your dining pleasure!
Back through the ballroom to the right is
the Rose Room where Beast and Belle swirl round and round.

Look at the roses carved into the tops of the banquet seating.
See what I mean about beautiful and elegant details?!!
The picture doesn't show it but the mosaic roses in the
floor are stunning!

The enchanted staff invite you to tour the whole castle and
from floors to ceilings it is incredible.

Speaking of the enchanted staff, they magically know which 
room you have chosen to dine in and they wheel out 
these beautiful food carts with your food served 
under glass.

They definitely treat you like royalty.

My son chose the Braised Pork 
(which has been slow cooked for 8 hours.)
  I ordered the Croque Monsieur sandwich.
We loved everything from the atmosphere to the food so much
that we chose to dine here a second day and then we both
ordered the Braised Pork.  Absolutely gourmet
  melt in your mouth
pork served over the fluffiest mashed potatoes.  Not your park food

We finished with an assorment of sweets.  Of course you
know I am going to try a Triple Chocolate Cupcake - perfectly
decadent, but we also tried a Strawberry Cream Cheese
Cupcake and a Passion Fruit Cream Puff. 

I have to say
that my Passion Fruit Cream Puff
was one of my favorites.
I loved the chocolate wafer on it printed with
Be Our Guest.

As you exit the castle you see a most exquisite mosaic
of Belle and her Prince dancing under the rose.  It truly
was a wonderful experience and well worth the
small wait in line.  

As we walked out, I told everyone who was in line 
that it was well worth the wait and they all wanted to
know what we ordered.  We highly recommended the
Braised Pork (oh, obviously the very generous prince
subsidizes the meal because it was 
just a little over $11.00)

It was a fabulous park food experience.

Right across the street and behind fences they are building
a roller coaster ride featuring 
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  
They have a cute little viewing area through
the fence.  I am sure it is going to be as magical as
the rest of the new Fantasyland.

Of course, each night has to end with fireworks at 
Cinderella's castle,
one of my favorite times.  I am such a firework girl!

I am just overwhelmed by the dreams of one man
Walt Disney who created such magic for
generations of families to come and to be able
to spend it with my youngest son on his Spring Break
was such a treat.  I have to say I left behind many
jealous little ones and big ones as we had this special
time together, just mother and son.

I will be posting with


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  1. Oh my, how I miss Disney! We have not been back since we moved to Texas a few years ago, but it feels like forever, and now there is so much that has changed, I cannot wait to take my kids back, and to also see this beautiful addition :(

  2. Wow, quite the restaurant, and nice that you were able to eat there without a reservation. Food looks yummy.

  3. We've made numerous magical trips to Disney World, but I'll never forget my first trip to Disney Land at age seven. The park was only recently opened, and all of the attractions were not even completed. The cable cars from The Matterhorn were operational, though, and as we waited for our car, a man behind us said, "Little girl, may I ask you a question?" I turned around and there stood Walt Disney. He wanted to know what we liked about the park. He was waiting to take the car behind ours. He told us that he rode the cable cars every morning because he loved to see the progress being made. I've never forgotten the moment. Cherry Kay

  4. LOVE the pics!!! This makes me want to go so bad! Always my favorite movie growing up :)

  5. I have been wondering about you..Oh my eldest daughter is such a Disney fan..this would be dream for her:) One day she hopes to bring Noah.

  6. oh wow! lucky you. I didn't even know that it was finished yet. It looks amazing, thank you for sharing your pictures with us. In spite of living so close, it will be some time before our family gets to visit, so we can enjoy it through you, sally xx

  7. What a truly magical place! I ahve been to Dosney World but never Disney Land. The restaurant is beautiful and that pork for $11.00 is AMAZING!!!! Thanks for taking us along on your trip with your son. It is bringing back sweet memories to me. XO, Pinky

  8. Wow, that place is just fabulous and I am drooling over that lovely painted ceiling with the cherubs! xo

  9. Fun for me to see your photos. I've never been to Disney World or Disney Land.

  10. Whatever your age this place never misses to enchant and delight you, isn't it?
    So happy to read you were served as it was due - like a Princess.

    Thank you for sharing,


  11. We love Disney World. Our son and grandson just left there this morning.

  12. Eighty days out??!?!?!?!! You could get an audience with the Pope in less time than that!!! :-) My goodness! It looks to be totally worth it, though. They really, really pamper their patrons! The food looks scrumptious!!! The decor is all really pretty, too! This is about as close to Disney World as I will ever get, so thank you for sharing! Have a great weekend!

  13. Thanks for sharing this, we live in FL, but haven't been to DW parks in a while. This is all beautiful!

    So nice that only you and your son went together! Wonderful memories!


  14. You've made me very nostalgic with your last two posts! We used to visit DisneyWorld every year when our girls were young and always stayed at the Grand Flo. DW is such a happy place!

  15. Hey girl,
    It is so fun looking at your Disney pictures with the purple stars hanging around the curser feels like Tinkerbell!
    He he he!

  16. What a fun tour you gave us! I haven't been to Disneyland or DisneyWorld since the boys were little. The amount of creativity they pour into those places amazes me. I love that you're given a rose so the wait staff can locate you when dining. How cool is that? Thanks for sharing as I found you at the linky party. I'm there, too, and would love to have you visit me!!


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