Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sugarplum Tree Tablescape

For years I had wanted a kitchen Christmas tree
filled with goodies and surrounded by gingerbread
houses and candy trees and fun nutcrackers
and last year I created this one.

But the little table I had displayed it on didn't
do it justice, so this year it was moved to the
kitchen island where it could spread out and
have a bigger home for the Christmas season.

It's only 14 days to Christmas, probably less by the time you read this
post and we try to make it magical here at Purple Chocolat Home.

That's my job at Christmas,
to create the magic,
and I enjoy it more than anything!

I just love to see the sparkle in the little ones'eyes
as they explore all of the magic in the house.
I think the grandkids enjoy it more than my own children did!

This tree got some new additions this year with these
adorable cloche ornaments filled with a sparkly cupcake.

The cupcake cloche ornaments take center stage on our
Sugarplum Tree Tablescape.

The tree is decorated in bright pink and green.

So I chose these fun scalloped chargers and alternated
them across the island.

I don't have much in the way of plates in these fabulous colors 
so I stacked white plates on top.

Pink frosted glasses are perfect with the tablescape.

Bright green oversized butterflies morph into 
oversized napkin rings.

They reflect the pink and green butterflies on the tree.

What child wouldn't be happy to sit here?

The island gives me so much more room to display all
of these fun sugarplum items.

The sparkly pink tree is filled with candy and cupcakes,

Gingerbread and ice cream cones.
cookies and more!

It is topped with giant lollipops in pink and green.

This cupcake snowglobe is filled with a miniature gingerbread house.

Of course we have to include a magical elf who is decorating
the gingerbread house.

Although this house looks edible, it isn't, so we can use it
year after year.

I love Krinkles too, so there are several Krinkles collectibles
included in the island display.

I have been collecting nutcrackers since we were married
and although these two aren't expensive, they are some
of my favorites.  They are perfect for the display.

Don't you just adore his cupcake hat and his ribbon candy staff?

A cupcake ornament gets a little attention on a mini cake pedestal.

Fantastical trees adorn the display too.

And since I had some homemade sugarplums, I thought they 
should show off a little until someone eats them.

I always hang ornaments from my ceiling in the kitchen.
Here is a shot of that.
Several have asked, so I am going to update and tell you that I
just thumbtack the ribbons to the ceiling.  Our ceiling is hand rubbed
plaster so it chips just a little but you can't see it from floor level.  I
often choose the same hole.  I have been hanging things from the
ceilings for over 15 years now.  I was inspired by some retail
stores one year at Christmas.  I have now inspired many friends
to do it too.

And this is how everything sparkles at night.
I even caught the blue hour out the dinette window.

I hope you enjoyed our fun Sugarplum Tree Tablescape today.

Thanks for visiting Purple Chocolat Home
sharing in the magic!

I will be posting with

Cloche ornaments - Wal Mart this year
Chargers - Hobby Lobby
Ornaments, globe and nutcrackers - Tai Pan
Plates - Tai Pan
Ribbon - Tai Pan
Butterflies - Tai Pan
Krinkles trees and horse - Home Goods
Napkins - Home Goods
Glasses - Home Goods
Pink Tree - K Mart
Flatware - World Market
Gingerbread House - Little America Gift Store
Pink ruffled fabric - Hobby Lobby


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. I'm speechless. There are no words to describe the magnificence of what you have created. I have been following your blog for quite some time. You are amazing! Patty

  2. I love the new location of the Kitchen Tree, the Christmas lady, the gingerbread house, and so much more. I am really crushing on the new frosted glasses. I love all the sparklies hanging from the ceiling -- such a fantasyland, or should I say fantasy island you have created! Can't wait to drool over it on the 23. Joni

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  4. Give me the children's tabel at your place. Please, pretty please??????

    So much magic that for moments I was speechless... barring Disney I didn't think anyone could create a Magical Set like this.

    I'm stealing from Patty above - "MAGNIFICENCE!".


    P.S. I think you gave me the last bump to finally start a very much coveted collection - nutcrackers. My grands will apreciate it... so will I!!!

    (lots of typos on previous. more than usual. due to severe emotion ahahah)

  5. Oh I'm over 55 and the child in me would love to sit at that table. I would just sit and admire that colorful grand sugarplum tree.

  6. I would love to sit at the counter and stare at the beauty! ANd Christmas is always fun in different colors! anne

  7. Jacqueline, you are a big kid at heart, and I guess because I love everything here, I must be too.
    What a fun and magical display, and colourful.
    If the whole family came here at Christmas, I'd probably do more decorating but it's quiet and we go to our daughter's home each year.

  8. Very magical indeed! I love the nutcrackers! I'm sure the kids will be in awe-enjoy:@)

  9. I have visions of sugarplum ENVY dancing in my head! Oh how magical... from the dangling ornaments to the pink & green chiffon and confection tree on your island! Your nutcracker with the his cupcake hat & ribbon staff is adorable! I love it ALL! :)

  10. Were do you store everything?:)

    The kidlets must LOVE going to your home..
    For once..we have something the same..In FL..I bought that WM cloche ornament:)

    Made me smile:)

    It's all about our little ones now:) And the bigger ones..:

    I baked today again and said to my I was about to mention all the cleaning up.. we are so lucky to have this cleaning up to do..since we are fortunate enough to be able to buy everything to bake with..
    Not everyone...)

    I am sure you think of that too..when all is glittering and done..

    I just know it.

  11. Now THIS is eye candy! I too, would love to sit at the children's table.. Magical, simply magical.
    Wishing you and yours a joyful holiday.

  12. What a gorgeus display! You Holiday decor is just amazing!,,

  13. I have no words. This is spectacular. The grands must be in awe when they come visit. xo

  14. I know I'd be like one of your grand kids, just walking around with my mouth wide open!! Goodness Jacqueline, you do know how to create a magical home. I'm in awe.

  15. Oh, I love it! We had the nutcrackers at work this year at SteinMart. We even had the one like yours with the little gingerbread house. Of course all the cutest ones are all sold now! We also have the white plates like your smallest and largest. I had to see where yours came from. I've never heard of Tai Pan Stores but googled it and it looks like a fabulous place to shop. Your setting is so cheery and so magical! I love it!

  16. Sweet, sweet , sweet!! Love the bright cheery colors...and your table setting is just lovely!

  17. Jacqueline, this is fabulous! Oh, to be a child in your home!! You create the most gorgeous tablescapes and vignettes! This is wonderful! Magical!

  18. Jacqueline, This is a beautiful and magical display! Sooo gorgeous.
    Happy Holidays!

  19. OMG this is so magical. I love your tree. The white dishes are perfect.. Almost look like frosting on a cake. Love the ceiling danglers too. I am in awe and can just imagine what the little ones think.. It's so awesome. xo marlis

  20. This is indeed magical! The colors are beautiful, the whimsy adorable! I would love to see the look on your grands little faces!

    Merry Christmas!


  21. You often leave me speechless, and wow this is so incredible, I'm speechless! Lol It's pure eye candy!

  22. Your grandchildren must be thoroughly enchanted when they come to your house. I adore the pink and green and all the little details are too cute for words.

  23. Grandchildren bring the kid out of us. Your grandchildren are blessed! Just wondering how you attached your ribbons to the ceiling? I would love to hang some ornaments from my high ceilings. Thanks for sharing your creativeness. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.

  24. awwww - so pretty - so magical! I am 81 years old and just lost my hubby a few months ago, and I want you to know your site made me happy! The "magic" is still there! How fun your home must be, regardless of age, at this time of the year! I still believe in Santa! :)
    Pink Hugs,

  25. OMG! I love this display. It is truly magical. I want to do something in my barrel ceiling in the foyer like hang ornaments and dangly things, so I would love to know what you hung yours from the ceiling with. I'm afraid of using tacks and leaving holes. The ceiling is brown so I think the holes would show.

  26. I just used thumb tacks and we have plaster ceilings - real plaster, the kind that chips off, but nothing shows. Our ceilings are 9 foot high.

  27. This is so pretty, I love the bright colors, the pink ruffly fabric, the ornaments hanging, I love all of it! Just beautiful for this time of year. So happy.

  28. Every last detail is beautiful! Forget what child would want to sit there....I want to sit there!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful creation with all of us.
    Jessica @ A Humble Creation

  29. Kids and adults must feel like they have been transported to a magical kingdom when they enter your home at Christmastime. Thank you for sharing your amazing decorating talent, Jacqueline.

  30. How could you not smile looking at this? Lovely.

    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

    I am having a fabulous giveaway right here.

  31. This is so YOU!!! I love it! I'm a big ol' pink fan, so it totally works for me! I love that little house and the tree and every bit of detail you added to create this magical look! Great choice on the white dishes to break up the color a bit. The nutcrackers are just perfect for the setting, too! FABULOUS to the nth degree!!!!!!

  32. Jacqueline,
    It is so fun and festive! I love all the baubles and bling and candies on your Kitchen tree! It makes me smile when I see you use some Items I have too! It makes me feel like,"Maybe I can do this decorating thing!" I stilll haven't finished decorating...just really begining actually! But this motivates me!
    Hearts to your heart!
    PS how in the world do you get all these things done? Do you sleep? LOL

  33. I love the joie de vivre in your decorating, Jacqueline! So happy, bright and beautiful.

  34. I loved this tree last year and in it's new location it is even better!!!! All the pink and green is so perfect! I can't believe I missed the cloche ornaments at Walmart!!!!!! Darn! I have a candy tree too and they would be perfect. Your grands must be awestruck when they see all you have done. XO, pinky

  35. Oh, so MANY fun objects in one place. This vignette is sheer perfection! Thanks for sharing your sources's interesting to see where you collected all those great decor items from. How do you hang the ornaments from your ceiling? I couldn't exactly figure it out from the photo.

  36. WOW! I simply adore your kitchen tree and your kitchen in general! So many unique and beautiful touches and I see your angel wings (like mine) hanging from the ceiling. They look adorable! Thanks so much for sharing! xo

  37. This is so amazing. I wish I was there in real life I would look at it for hours. How beautiful and totally happy it makes you feel looking at it. Awesome.
    Bear Hugs,

  38. OMG so fun and so pretty. I would never want to take it down!! You always do such lovely tables and this kitchen scene is WOW. I bet all the kids just stand there looking for a long time.
    Merry Pinkmas!

  39. You have definitely created some magic here!!
    So much sparkle and perfect everything!
    HPS...xo Tami

  40. YOur table is so over the top and gorgeous!!! I'm so happy you reinvented it this year. It's like a dream come true. Love the idea of hanging the ornaments from the ceiling. Love it all!

    - The Tablescaper

  41. Miss Jacqueline!!! Wow...Breathtaking as usual! Magical is the only word to describe your beautiful kitchen island scape. And as a treat, I got the see "our same cupcake nutcracker" he is just adorable and very happy among such a beautiful creation!

  42. what a fun CHristmas tree for your table- I like the pink and green theme.

  43. I love how this turned out, you always know how to find the best finds. I always love the fun and whimsy candy look!

  44. Just magical!! I use white ducked tape to hang things from the ceiling. Lol
    I always enjoy my visit here. You are amazing!!!

  45. wow, this is so amazing! I'm so glad I came by for a visit. I am going to bookmark this and attempt a candy theme next year. It is so fun and magical!


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