Monday, December 3, 2012

Icy Aqua Splendor - My New Christmas Tree Decor

We did some changing with our Christmas decor this year
and here is the newly decorated Christmas tree.

The tree changed from a Woodland Elf tree in
jewel tones to
this icy aqua tree.  

It just sparkles and glows with lots of glitter and lots of 
silver in addition to the aqua blues.

I kept a few touches from the old tree, including some amethyst 
and some gold.

I think the light amethyst is a perfect color combination
with the beautiful aquas.

A glittering silver star tops the trees along
with iced branches.

Our Woodland Elf tree came on a table that looked
like gnarled wood.  We had it when some of the kids
were little and loved how it added height without having
to store a huge tree.  It was also great when grandkids came along
because everything was up and away from their little hands.

So with the newly decorated tree, we swapped that wood 
table out for this mirrored table.  I had picked this table up
at Tuesday Morning a little more than a year ago and had
it in the basement.  I am glad it has moved up into the
living room now.

Of course I had to pluck off a couple of the elves that were
dressier  and matched the colors on the new tree.

This elf was the tree topper on the old tree.  He is over 20 inches
tall.  He just had to join the new tree and is tucked into the front 
of the tree now.

There are plenty of touches of white and silver 
that brighten the tree.  I love these feathered balls.
They were from Wal Mart this year.

My favorite ornaments are the blue crystal balls on the
left of the picture.  They were from Tai Pan.  Of course I
had to get them before Thanksgiving.  They are all gone now.

The little tear drops were carry overs from the old tree too.

This beautiful aqua glittery leaf garland was from 
Tai Pan.  Most of my ornaments and stems
were from Tai Pan this year.

The hardest part was stripping the wired on ornaments off the tree.
It is a blue spruce look with a slight frosting.  I finally had to
put on gloves while I was working.

As I mentioned, I am used to a pre-decorated tree that we put
away with all the decorations intact, so I was a little afraid
of decorating from a barren tree! 

I hadn't done that in over 10 years.  It was really a lot
of fun, but I do intend to put this one away all
decorated.  We built a storage closet under the basement
stairs.  My husband carries it out the double front
doors and down through sliders.  My sons usually help
and they have me go into another room with music or
the TV playing so I can't hear any breakage!!!

This year most of the ornaments are unbreakable
so that will help!  My dream home (not that this isn't
a wonderful home - but in my dreams) would have
double door closet 
on the main floor with 12 foot high
doors.  I would store the tree on a rolling stand 
and just have it roll out each year!  All of my holiday
decor would be in this room so no more up and down
the stairs with boxes!  Now that would be a DREAM.

I love jewels hanging off the tree.  
This is a long grouping of them.  This was from
Tai Pan too.

This is a stem of jeweled baubles just tucked in.

You can imagine how this glitters and sparkles.

This little bauble is a leftover breakable.  It is really light
amethyst but looks pink in this picture.

Here it is at night and I love how this photo
 captured the blue hour.

Decking the halls, and the mantel, and the staircase,
and the doors, etc. these are my favorite things about

Put a little Christmas music on and I can decorate
all day!

This is a before picture,
you can really see the blue spruce color in this photo.
(We had to search back 3 years to find any photos.)

You can see it a little better in this close up photo.
It came with the huge woodland elf to the left on
another tree stump type stand.
It definitely isn't as photogenic!
She really was better looking in real life 
especially when she was lit up, but now she
looks like the ugly duckling compared to the
new tree.  No wonder I never posted her in the past!

I love the transformation
from the old tree to the new!

I will be posting this with
Feathered Nest Friday
Home Sweet Home
Wow Us Wednesday
Seasonal Sunday


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  1. Very pretty and a big project! Love the new colors, all the sparkle and the little touch of purple is perfect! Enjoy:@)

  2. Gorgeous, icy and elegant! Your decorating skills are off the charts Jacqueline. I.have always wanted to store our tree fully decorated and I share your dream.

  3. Your colors are so pretty. I love how you did the ribbon. The elves are a sweet touch. Jam packed with oodles of fun and surprises. Our tree leans. No matter what we do. Have a blessed season.

  4. Stunning!!! Love the new tree! The colors are so pretty!

  5. Wow, I love the colours Jacqueline, you did a fabulous job of decorating. The mirrored table will promote even more reflection.

  6. Holy fabulous transformation, Batman!!! This is....yikes!!! Gorgeous! I love, love, love the colors used! Of course, we knew you would sneak in a few little bits of purple hues here and there! :-) I always have trouble doing the ribbon on my tree and end up abandoning it altogether in frustration. If it isn't going to look right, I don't want it on there. You did a really great job with yours! I love all the different bling decorations. So much to see! Both the daytime and night photos are simply magnifique!

  7. It's gorgeous and so fitting for Purple Chocolate Home. Love the addition of the elves and touch of purple. I can just imagine what a huge project this was, Jacqueline. I know how long it takes me to decorate our tree each year, and it isn't near this size. Thanks for sharing the close up details. Everything is stunning! Great idea to leave it decorated. Wish I had a closet to do that with our tree. ~ Sarah

  8. Yours is one of the prettiest trees I've ever seen! I love the soft look of it and the pretty colors! So elegant and then you poked in that darling little elf! Love it.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Jacqueline, this tree is absolutely stunning. You know I love the bling! The icy blue color is just spectacular; and your touches of purple are perfect! This tree only enhances your beautiful home!

  10. i love the blues and the sparkle! gorgeous!

  11. Oh how stunning! I went with the winter/natural theme this year (I change themes every year) and it was so much easier not putting out all the blingy stuff, but I can't help but twinge when I see something this gorgeous. I'm sure it was beautiful in its old form, but from the comparison! You must be so thrilled!

  12. Your tree is absolutely gorgeous! I chose those same colors for my tree this year except I also added touches of lime green and seashells. I love how you have so many ornaments packed in. I need lessons on how to decorate a tree. I saw the owner of Tai Pan on Studio5 the other day and she said use lots of large ornaments or objects. But your tree is definitely Tai Pan and Festival of The Trees worthy. Wonderful job!

  13. Wonderful transformation. Merry Christmas

  14. your tree is lovely - very different from before - and that was pretty, too! Happy Holidays!

  15. Great pics:-)
    This tree is so you!

  16. Your tree is gorgeous! The pops of purple are fantastic against the aqua!

  17. Your tree is absolutely gorgeous! Lovely soft colors. I think I would be tempted to leave it up all year!! LOL! Great that you can store it already decorated.


  18. It looks so pretty! I love the aqua!

  19. You did a great job -- it is beautiful, stunning, really. I did love the other one too. I remember being with you when you bought that one. Joni

  20. Beautiful, Jacqueline! I love the colors and the mirror table is perfect. How wonderful to have a Christmas tree closet.

  21. OMG... this is an amazing transformation. I keep saying I want to transform my tree. I started with my mantle this year in silver, white/clear so maybe next year (or after all the kids are gone). I think if I added some ribbon that would help to so maybe I will start there.

  22. Hi Jaqueline! You gave your tree an Extreme Makeover! It was pretty before but now It's just WOW!!! Gorgeous! It's always a pleasure to walk through your Holiday Decor! Thank You for Posting!

  23. Jacqueline,
    You are so funny! The elf tree was fun and festive and lovely while you used it, I bet, you're just ready to move to another one. I am glad you kept some of your old elf Friends. I am sure your kids will smile at those on the tree. I love your Tai Pan Additions, I LOVE that place! Too bad the nearest one to me is 350 miles away. At Thanksgiving we were there, but I didn't have any room in my car to bring anything home....I am trying to make do with what I have always had.....which is LOTS of things! I love your jewels as well...Have fun with your new tree decor. It is gorgeous with the lights on in the dark!
    Hearts to you,

  24. Hi,

    I have a quick question about your blog, do you think you could e-mail me?


  25. Breathtaking! The colors and jewels just create magic in these photos.


  26. I only have one thing to say about that tree.....WOW!!!!!!

    :) XOXO

  27. Beautiful aqua color for the tree, love the sparkle too.

  28. Your tree is just gorgeous! I saw so many of those aqua ornaments at Tai Pan...they are just beautiful! xo

  29. Love the new color scheme! it's so fun and original! I picked up the same ice globe ornaments that you have, but i put them in my Candy Tree as spun sugar! Love all the ideas you have sparked, and the fun icy garland up the stairs. I love the winter wonderland theme!

  30. I,too, want that closet on the main floor where you just roll the fully-decorated tree in and shut the door!


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