Monday, November 26, 2012

Grapevine Wreaths - Make It Yourself

I have been admiring tablescapes with individual grapevine
wreaths under the plates but when I went to purchase
some, I decided I didn't want to spend that much money
on grapevine wreaths just for a tablescape.  They were 
selling for $20 each.  If I did a table for 6, that would have been $120!
(Just for the wreaths!!)

 I was out cleaning up the garden before the snow comes
and the weather was so beautiful and I had Christmas
music playing on the outside speakers to make
the job a little more pleasant,

I got a wild hair to trim the grapevines and started 
twisting and wrapping 
and ended up with a nice collection 
of grapevine wreaths.

It was so easy and you just can't really get it wrong.

Just trim a long piece or two that will make it around
the circumference of your wreath a couple of times.
Bend it against your body to get the general size and 
shape as you wind the vine around itself.

I just kept winding until I got them as full as I wanted them.  I tried
to make matching sizes.  I created two large - about 17-18 inches
across, 6 medium - about 10-12 inches across and 1 small - 
about 6 -7 inches across.  I ended up with 9 wreaths all for $0.

Don't worry if the thicker vines kind of split as you bend
them, that looks fine too.

See the very bottom center of the picture?  That is a vine that has
split a little.  It still looks great.  I love all of the curlicues that
add character.  While they are still pliable, shape them the way you want.

It was a perfect project for a beautiful afternoon.\
These will be so fun to create with, just in time for the holidays.

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  1. HI!!
    GREAT job!!
    i love it when people see something they want...have an inspirational moment and GO for it!!
    You should feel proud of your work!!
    Look forward to the tablescape!!

  2. Good Morning Jacqueline, What a lovely idea. I was just quickly working out how much $120 was in pounds....about £85....that is crazy, especially after seeing the amazing job you have done....and for free! I wish I had known about grapevine wreaths when I lived in Cyprus and I had quite a few grapevines which were ladened with grapes in September/October. I am trying to grow a grapevine here in England, but it will take quite a few years before I can make these lovely wreaths. I have noted how to do this for the future. As an added note, what a beautiful view you have from your home. Have a lovely day, Best Wishes Daphne

  3. They turned out great Jacqueline! How fun to turn a chore into something you could use-enjoy:@)

  4. I don't have grapevine in my garden - hubby is very fussy with the leaves falling and we often get some tricky diseases, so I gave up that "battle" - but my neighboor next door has and I think I'll apply next year to do the job for him ahahah.
    They looked lovely, indeed.
    Well done, Jacqueline! I like the untamed and so natural look you allowed in yours. Very well done, indeed!!!

  5. What a wonderful idea! Can't go wrong for the price either. ;D
    They turned out beautifully too.

  6. A cute coincidence..I have 2 drying out a bit in the garage..but for wreaths.
    I can really sense your joy in that day:-)

  7. I did this once. Had fun do it.

  8. I love when you can find these kind of projects in your own backyard. As much as I wish I had grapevines, I'll be happy with the Magnolia tree and Holly Berry tree I have and use for some of my decorating. Great job!!

  9. Jacqueline, what a crafty idea! You were such a smart lady to make your own. You did a great job! They look great and will dry beautifully.

  10. what a great idea!! I'm sure many of us have grapevines somewhere near us to try this, anne

  11. $20 apiece?!??!!! Where in the world were you shopping that they were that crazy expensive?!?!?!! I would leave them in the store, too, if they cost that much!!! Yikes! I love the idea of crafting them yourself, though. They have a very authentic look, and you can make them any size you want. Like curly willow, though, you have to work with the grapevine when it's still pliable as you pointed out. This is a great idea for anyone who has access to grapevine and has that "crafty" gene like you do! Gorgeous!

  12. Glad you had a fun afternoon making the wreaths. I look forward to seeing how you use them.

  13. Wasn't a crazy idea after all! Love it! Looking forwrd to seeing it on your tablescape:)

  14. We have plenty of wild grapevines here and our garden club has cut them to make wreaths too. It's nice when you can get craft supplies for free from nature.

  15. Hi Jacqueline,

    Your grapevine wreaths look amazing! You have been quite busy. A wonderful way to use natural elements in your tablescapes.

  16. Jacqueline,
    I just made some of those a month or so ago! I was picking grapes that my mom-in-law was going to make grape juice out of and I cut some of the vines to get them out of the way so we could get to the grapes! It was fun an relatively easy. Just took some time. I think I will follow your lead and make some more that are for the same purpose! I was looking at Tai Pan Trading in Boise for them also...Thanks for your inspiration...
    Have a wonderul day! I love the view from your deck!


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