Monday, July 30, 2012

Fruit Bruschetta

Imagine the buttery crunch of crisp bread topped with
juicy ripe berries and a light glaze as you bite into this
fabulous Fresh Fruit Bruschetta.

We just had this as an appetizer on the houseboat 
on our maiden voyage.  My friend Rachel made these
and she got the recipe from the cookbook

I don't have this cookbook yet, but I think I am going
to have to get it.  They also have a blog by the same name.

You start by slicing a baguette into about 1/2 inch
slices and brushing them with melted butter.
 Then the bread is baked until crispy.

The bread is topped with a mixture of fresh fruit.  Rachel
chose mango, strawberries and raspberries.

Finally the light glaze is spooned on.  This was such a 
great summer appetizer and we all want to have it again and again.

Fresh Fruit Bruschetta
Orange-Honey Cream
(From Our Best Bites Cookbook - slightly tweaked)

1 baguette sliced into 1/2 inch slices
4 T. melted butter
2 T. sugar
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 C. honey Greek yogurt
3 T. honey
1 tsp. orange zest
1 C. diced strawberries
1 C. diced mango
1 C. fresh raspberries

Brush the bread slices with the melted butter and broil until
golden.  Watch closely so you don't burn it.  While bread is
cooling, gently toss the berries and mango.  Set aside. 

In a small bowl mix the sugar, cinnamon, yogurt, honey
 and orange zest.
(The original recipe says to mix the sugar and cinnamon
and sprinkle it on the bread before toasting.  Rachel just
mixed it in the topping accidentally and it was great too,
so I am giving you the recipe
that way.  I am sure the original is wonderful too.)

Place bread slices butter side up on a serving platter.  Place
about 1 T. mixed fruit on each piece of bruschetta.  Spoon 
a little sauce on each bruschetta.  Serve immediately.

This creative dish would be a hit anytime and
you could adjust your fruits according to the



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  1. If only I could reach through the screen and grab one of these tasty treats. YUM

  2. Those just look like slices of summer!

  3. Delicious summer !!!

  4. Very pretty and no doubt a winner:@)

  5. Not only is this a gorgeous dish, but with all the ingredients, I know it is super Delicious!!
    Thanks for sharing...

  6. Yum, sounds delicious and so pretty too.

  7. I love this summery version of one of our favorite appetizers. Great idea!

  8. The sight of baguette (my fav bread) made me read through :-)
    Must try this out.

  9. This is great and I am always looking for NEW appetizers. This will be a HUGE hit, I know. Thanks so much. Hope your maiden voyage was FUN!!!! XO, Pinky

  10. Yum! Looks like a perfect dish while cruising the lake.

  11. OH MY....
    This looks amazing!!!I will be trying that soon!!

  12. How delightful. I could eat these for any occasion. Lovely.

  13. How are you lovely Jacqueline? How's the boat situation coming along? Can't wait to see it ready. The bruscheta looks are such a chef too!!Don't work to hard.

  14. Oh, I can just taste them through the screen! So yummy! A light and refreshing treat, for the summer heat! :)

    Hope you are enjoying the new boat!

  15. This sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing! Time to pin:)


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