Friday, May 11, 2012

Colossal Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce

When it comes to luxurious appetizers nothing beats
cold shrimp with cocktail sauce around here at
Purple Chocolat Home.

So many pre-cooked shrimp are soft and filled with
salty water but I have found 
absolutely fabulous shrimp
(for those of us who don't live by the ocean)
at Sam's Club.

Sam's Club is out of the way for me so I really only
have my membership there for these
Colossal Cooked Shrimp (21-25 per lb.)
found in the frozen food section.

I always buy a few extra bags to have on hand in the freezer.
Don't be confused and buy their Colossal Uncooked Shrimp!
By the time you cooked those up, they were no longer Colossal
and were unimpressive.

even if you have great shrimp, 
if you have horrible cocktail sauce,
 you will have wasted your money.
Cocktail sauce is so easy to make - don't ever
use bottled - a sensitive palate like mine will taste
the chemicals!!!!

Super Easy and Delish Cocktail Sauce

1 C. ketchup
3-5 tsp. extra hot horseradish (you want a
kick - add as much kick as you like)
juice of 1 fresh lemon
20 grinds of freshly ground pepper
1/4 tsp. sugar

Mix the above and chill.  The ground pepper adds a great
depth of flavor and everyone will be wanting your recipe.

After thawing the shrimp by filling the open bag with cold water
and then draining, I always, always, always squeeze fresh lemon
over the shrimp.  The lemon juice brightens the flavor of the
shrimp and takes away any fishy smell.

Serve over a bed of ice with lemon wedges.

I love to serve these beauties in my pewter shell dish
that I brought home from Cabo, but the good news is
that I have often seen large shell dishes like this at
our favorite Home Goods or TJMaxx stores.

I forgive you if you don't love shrimp!
As a matter of fact, that just leaves more for the rest of us
shrimp lovers!
I grew to love shrimp when I was young.  My
mother would always splurge on shrimp when 
she received a raise at work and we saw them 
as a super special indulgence.

I will be posting this with


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  1. While I'm not a big seafood eater, I do love an occasional shrimp cocktail! I agree homemade sauce is key and yours sounds great Jacqueline! Hope this indulgence means someone got a raise:@)

  2. Oh, shrimp are a FAVE of mine too! I don't have a Sam's club anywhere near me though:(:( We splurge at the grocery store when we want some good shrimp. I love your recipe for the dressing. I don't use sugar, but will try that! Thanks!!!! XO, Pinky PS, I do have a large shell dish to serve them in too:):)

  3. You've read my mind today! I almost went to the market to buy fresh shrimp but it's been kinda stormy off & on all day. I've never purchased these at Sam's but the Market Street near me has always offered great choices of seafood.

    My Dad and step-mother always lived in Houston and he was out in the bay fishing or shrimping every chance he got. I'm sure that during my visits my love of seafood was born. I love it all!! And yes, the red sauce must have a kick to it.

    Thanks for sharing this ~ I'm absolutely starving right now.


  4. I adore shrimp, all shellfish actually. Costco has good frozen shrimp, too. I like your homemade cocktail sauce. I usually add 2 teaspoons of horseradish instead of hot sauce. xo

  5. I'm a fan! I grew up on the Gulf Coast eating fresh shrimp. It's one of my favorite foods. In RI this week and eating lots of fresh seafood.
    ~ Sarah

  6. Mmmmmm....I, too, am a fan of shrimp! Your cocktail sauce sounds perfect!

  7. We love shrimp at my house, but I've never made my own sauce - thanks for the recipe. Here I sit, late at night, craving shrimp now!

  8. Hello Jacqueline
    Shrimp are a seafood favourite at our house for sure.
    We don't have a Sam's Club but I think Costco is the same here so I'll look for shrimp the next time I'm in.
    I always buy my sauce and it's full of sugar, I'll have to try your recipe.

  9. Shrimp cocktail is simply one of my most favorite things in the world!

    I have a praise in that our home has officially sold. I now have just 32 to days to find a home, pack and move. A little pressure? :) We put a bid on a home yesterday that will give "The Money Pit" a run for it's money.
    I wanted to let you know that I so appreciate all of your support and kind comments and if I am absent the next few weeks from your blog please know I will return soon.

    For whomever you nurture, have a happy and blessed Mother's Day.

  10. Mmm I love shrimp too, or prawns as we call them. I have to make this sauce, the horseradish in it sounds great, so much tastier than some of shop bought sauces I've tried - thanks x

  11. I buy those too!
    I make my sauce with half ketchup, half chili sauce, horseradish , pepper, and lemon.
    My dad owned a seafood restaurant on the water here on Long Island and that is how they made it.
    I remember pulling the crab traps up anxious to see if we caught any!
    Love that serving dish!
    Hope you are feeling better!


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