Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bunny Dish Delight Tablescape

Let's Dish about my new bunny dishes!

Cuisine Kathleen has started a new blog party called 
where we can share anything about dishes.

I have to dish about these covered bunny bowls.
No, I shouldn't have stopped in at Home Goods
but I had half an hour to kill before I had to 
pick my daughter up and there on the ender was
a whole collection of aqua and pink and clear
covered bunny dishes.  That was one of those
heart stopping moments and of course I had
to swoop them up!

There were more aqua bunnies than pink and clear and just
when I was wishing for another pink bunny a dear lady
decided she was putting one back!  Thank you sweet lady.

Although I could have lived with just the aqua ones as they were
so cute, but I thought an aqua table with touches of pink 
would be even prettier.

They make the table just magical sitting atop their

You could use them for soup or salad or
fill them with Easter candy.

I folded some fun bunny ear napkins in aqua that I had 
previously made.  You can find the step by step instructions
HERE,  at Bonkers About Buttons,
but be sure you have square napkins to make it work.

Look at how cute it is on the plate stack by itself.
She even added a nose and whiskers!

While I have been jealously enjoying everyone's Spring blossoms
on their blogs, our flowering plum out front finally burst into 
fabulous color and fragrance.  We finally have a little color!

I filled a beautifully detailed
aqua pitcher with those delicate pink blossoms.  

I bought this crackle finish pitcher last year and was very
careful to make sure I brought it in quickly before winter as I had
left a pretty pink one out a little too long and the frost popped
the glaze off!

I love the wonderful twisted handle.

and the incredible detailing on both sides of the pitcher.

One of my cute Easter Bunny nutcrackers joins the center of the
table with a fun woven egg shaped basket that I have had for
over 20 years.  I had to pull a Cadbury egg out of the nutcracker's
jaw!  Wonder who put that in there.

The fragrance of the blossoms is wonderful.

The basket opens at the center.  You just don't find the beautiful
Easter baskets like you used to.

I layered aqua and cream starting with aqua woven placemats
topped with creamy white wooden chargers.  I purchased
the chargers at Pier 1 last year and noticed they have them
again this year if you missed getting them!  Then more
textured aqua and white plates.

Of all of my bubble glasses, I think these aqua ones are my

Yes, I am glad that I got both the aqua and pink
covered bunny dishes.  The table wouldn't be as pretty
without the touch of pink.

And I think they are glad to have a loving home. 

Just look at that contented face!

After we party at
I am also going to be taking these bunnies
to some of my other favorite parties

Aqua placemats - Target
White chargers - Pier 1
Aqua plates and white plates - Tai Pan
Aqua bubble goblets - Tai Pan
Tablecloth and napkins - handmade
Flatware - Horchow
Aqua pitcher - Tai Pan
Egg basket - unknown
Nutcracker - unknown


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. I love this tablescape. I love the glass bunnies and the dishes are just beautiful.

  2. Such a pretty and springy table Jacqueline! The colors are great and your buds match perfectly! I can say that I'm a proud member of the Bunny Ear Napkin club, I did make them one year and they were fun-enjoy:@)

  3. *sigh* What is it about these colors that just make me happy? I love, love the new bunny dishes. One should really never go into HomeGoods...but it is one of my favorite things to do! I think I'm lucky that I only get to do it when we travel somewhere else!

  4. Your tablescapes are always gorgeous, and this one is no exception! Happy Easter!

  5. Oh my goodness....How I love these settings...I am doing a table setting in May for a Mother's day event. Of course, there will be a first prize winner for the best decorated table....Maybe, just maybe, I can come up with something that looks half as good as this..
    Love it...Wish you lived close by!

  6. (sigh) Your tablescapes always remind me of magical places that I might only get to visit in my dreams......another knock-it-out-of-the-park table. Love the stems in the pitcher. Happy Easter xo

  7. If Alice could set a table in Wonderland, this would be it. Fabulous!

  8. You have the prettiest tablescapes. I love your agua bubble glasses and those bunnies are so much cuter than the hen dishes.

  9. That new warren of bunnies has a fabulous home in which to frolic and play! Glad you scooped them up. They are gorgeous on your table.. Love love the aqua and pink. The plates are delicious - can you say that about dishes? Great table.. your centerpiece pitcher is beautiful.. Happy Easter - many blessings.. xo marlis

  10. This aqua table with touches of pink is one of my favorites. I love those bunny dishes! Oh I would buy them in every color. So cute! Love those Pier 1 chargers!! You do set the most beautiful table! Hugs and Happy Easter! Linda

  11. That shade of blue is so lovely on your table. Love it. The goblets and dishes are all beautiful. Enjoy your Easter!

  12. "BEAUTIFUL"!!! You are a Master for Details!!! Love those bunnies from HOME GOODS...I'm in BIG TROUBLE because one is opening CLOSER than the hour away one! OH MY!!! LOVE your flowering plum, Don't you just adore the color combo of the flower and leaf! I never thought of clipping a bouquet and bringing them in. THANK YOU for that idea!!!I'm SO HAPPY you have a tree SMILING at you now. What a nice Easter present...
    Happy Easter to you and yours,
    Big Hugs,

  13. Loved visting your blog! Aqua looks so good with pink--and it does with other colors too, I'm just thinking about how many it looks good with!! The bunny napkins are so fun!

  14. Your table is SO pretty, Jacqueline! Thank goodness for Homegoods! The bunnies are darling! I love your flowering branches, too, I have been tempted to sneak out at night and snatch a few from my neighbor's trees! Love the bunny ear napkin fold, I have to check that out! It's so cute!

    Happy Easter, my friend!


  15. I love the whole table, but that flowering plum centerpiece just really makes it stand out even more! How pretty!!! I have been forbidden to cut anymore branches from any of the trees here. Whatever! He can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man! :-) CUTE bunny dishes!!!!!!!! You will have to leave early enough to have time to kill before picking up your daughter ALL the time now that you know what the results are!!! Have a Happy Easter, Jacqueline!!!

  16. I'm loving all the pink and aqua together. The colors look beautiful for Easter. You always do such a fantastic job.

  17. Delectable....eye candy! I am so bummed that we don't have a Home Goods....I would have bought every one of those darling bunnies...some day. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  18. The pink and aqua is a perfect combo! I like all pastel colors for Easter, but this combo is very soothing and I'm in the mood for that ;o) Happy Easter to you and your family!

  19. Ohhh, I love the little glass bunnies and the dishes and the Easter perfect! :)

  20. Your Purple Leaf Plum is beautiful in your aqua pitcher! I love the pink & aqua glass bunny covered dishes~ aren't you glad someone returned the pink to the shelf! Beautiful layers as always~ Happy Easter :)

  21. What a wonderful compilation of pretties! I don't think I can choose a favorite thing, but I am in love with aqua tulle bunched up in the middle of the table. I am filing this away. I didn't see those bunny dishes at our HG -- I am jealous of you girls who are nearer to the big stores where they get more stuff!

  22. This is a gorgeous table! The aqua & pink go so well together. The bunny dishes are so sweet! Your flowering plum is beautiful.

  23. I feel like I have just walked into a room full of cotton candy seeing all those soft colors adorning your table. Those little bunnies are adorable...
    Happy Easter!

  24. Hi Jacqueline, I always say it's those little half hour side trips to HGs and Pier 1 that get me!!! But you did very well there and I'm glad the nice lady put your bunny down. The aqua color is so beautiful and I always like bubbly glasses, too. Our flowering trees are just beginning to come out, but we ma have a frost tonight or tomorrow night so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Happy Easter! Linda

  25. I LOOOVE that aqua pitcher and the new bunny dishes are SO pretty! Love your beautiful layers. I am going to Pier One and getting those darn chargers: I have wanted them for years now. Happy Easter to me:):) I hope you have a blessed Easter. XO, Pinky

  26. Well, I just love these colors Jacqueline. Gorgeous table!

  27. I absolutelly adore, your Easter decr at the family table!!! Congrats....Love the bunnies!

  28. What a beautiful table! I love the aqua and pink - those are my spring colours - just love them! You are all set for a pretty brunch or lunch!

  29. I adore your tablescape. Thanks for sharing, Happy Easter, take care and enjoy! Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  30. My very most favorite color in the whole wide, wide world is this teal/aqua shade...and the pink, too, of course. Putting them together with the cloud of aqua tulle & that glorious pitcher & you've got my heart pounding, Jacqueline!
    The bunnies are adorable & I could just kick myself for not stopping in at Home Goods yesterday when I was near them. Phooey! Bet they'll all be gone by the time I get back there.

    Lovely table & thanks for the tip about the aqua placemats at Pier One. I just may have to go SHOPPING today!!

    Have a blessed Holy Week, Hon!

  31. The bunny "dishes" are just precious!!! The tablescape is beautiful and I love the aqua pitcher! :)

  32. Love the way you folded the buuny ears napkin - what a cute idea! Easter is such a pretty time of year with all the lovely pastel colours.

  33. That is a magical table, J! The colors are wonderful, and the covered bunnies so cute! Those flowers are amazing,I can imagine the aroma. So you have it all covered!
    A very blessed Easter! Thanks for sharing this beautiful table at Let's Dish!

  34. Your table is so sweet. I love the pink and teal. Beautiful combination.

    Jocelyn @

  35. What a beautiful table! It looks like Home Goods may be in my future very soon. I haven't been there in a while...but you have me thinking I need to RUSH (go) over there! You always have the prettiest table and I love your color scheme. so perfect for this week and this weekends special festivities.
    Have a blessed Easter too!

  36. Jacqueline, your table is gorgeous. Love the turquoise and pink combo. ;-) I like the touch of pink!
    The basket is indeed very special. It's fun to find such treasures and bring them back out year after year.
    The fragrant blossoms are the perfect touch for this table. Your pieces do have incredible detail and you know how to spotlight them. This table makes me smile with delight!. I think I'll have one of those little eggs before hopping off. Happy Easter! ~ sarah

  37. Jacqueline,
    I love your color choices. I like those dishes. You've got me wanting a glass bunny.
    Happy Easter!

  38. What an absolutely darling all the bunnies!!

  39. Beautiful tablescape, love the aqua touches. Thanks for sharing.

  40. What a lovely tablescape! I love those little bunny bowls too. I have three of them and they're just too pretty to put away after Easter! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  41. So cute! I love the little covered bunny dishes and I fold bunny napkins every year too. Beautiful table!

  42. You've used the prettiest colors of Spring! Enjoy the holiday weekend! ♥

  43. Jacqueline, your table is full of spring. I love these colors together. The flowering plum is gorgeous! We have three in our yard. I, like you adore the aqua bubble goblets. It's wonderful you have had that egg shaped basket for over 2o years. I truly have enjoyed seeing this delightful table. Happy Easter. make sure you drop in and see my latest Spring wedding and candy buffet I did.

  44. The covered bunny dishes are so cute! I used to have ONE, but I don't know what happened to it?! I need to start thinking about my Easter table. Thanks for always providing tons of inspiration!

  45. I agree!! The pink added such a nice touch to the aqua! It would've been pretty in all aqua, but the pink gives it more of a spring feel. And I love your bubble goblets--perfect for this table too! Happy Easter, Jacqueline! ~Zuni

  46. Gorgeous pretty lady, this table is fabulous! I love all the pastel colors. The pink glass bunnies are great and I just saw a basket weaved Easter egg, so lovely! The combo aqua and pink it simply screams spring! I'm loving the bubble goblets too. Wishing you and yours a wonderful EASTER SUNDAY!

  47. Love your cute napkin fold and the sweet spring colors. Happy Easter!

  48. Bunny nut cracker is an added delight. The aqua bubble glasses are very pretty. Have a happy Easter.

  49. What a gorgeous table, Jacqueline. I love the aqua with touches of pink. Those bubble glasses are gorgeous in that color. Happy Easter!!

  50. Love the Bunny Dishes! I wish my Homegoods was closer, I would be there more often! Great Find.

  51. Love your combination of the soft romantic colors, especially the pink bunnies.

  52. I love your table. It is so lovely. The bunny candy dishes are perfect.

  53. Such cute dishes! Great find and love that someone put one back just when you needed it. :)

  54. How cute are the bunnies just too cute! The Home Goods store is a wealth of treasures. The aqua and pink are some of my favorite colors and your table has the perfect mix of both colors. Lovely! Happy tea party! Pam

  55. You always do such a fantastic job.I adore your tablescape.Brilliantly great!
    sell my house

  56. Your glass bunnies are so fun and beautiful. The whole table is a whimsical delight. Love the stack! Enjoy your Spring Break. We got a measly 2.5 days off! Joni

  57. You've outdone yourself this time around. There's nothing not to like on your table. I see we have in common bunny ear napkins. Do enjoy your Easter and family time.

  58. oh my goodness, i love this tablescape! happy easter my friend! anne


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