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How to Melt Chocolate In the Microwave - A Tutorial

Purple Chocolat Home
we LOVE chocolate.
Of course that doesn't mean that everything we make
is chocolate, but we love that smooth, creamy richness
as it slowly melts in your mouth.

There are some tricks to melting chocolate and as an
amateur chocolatier, I am often frustrated by the way
cookbooks tell you to melt chocolate.  There are two
things that will ruin chocolate - 1st -  water and
2nd - too much heat.  I don't even want you to get
near water with your chocolate - so why would you
ever want to do it over a double boiler.  Melting it in the
microwave is so quick and easy and you never have to
worry about it seizing from getting water or steam in it.

I did a post on the book Chocolate Chocolate
from the Park Sisters who are professionals and
they said to microwave the chocolate
for their House Truffles-
This is what I have advocated
for years.  And NO you don't have to shave it into
really small pieces - way to much work - big chunks
work great too and are so much quicker and will take
you only a minute or two longer.

The trick to microwaving chocolate, and I microwave
around 25 pounds of it each Christmas when I dip
my chocolates, is to stir it even if it doesn't look like
it has melted.  It will scorch on the bottom and if that
happens you have to throw it out.  BUT, once you know
how to microwave it, you can microwave large or small
amounts in just minutes so why do it any other way.

Ok, so this is dark chocolate which I needed to melt
and I only needed 4 oz - not a lot.
So this small amount is placed in a small 
microwave safe bowl (be sure your bowl is microwave
safe or it might not just burn your chocolate, but it
might burn you as you get it out of the microwave).

30 seconds on high in a standard microwave -
Now the critical point - you must stir it up from the
bottom, whether it looks like
 it needs to be stirred or not!
If I were doing a large mixing bowl of chocolate
I would stir it after one minute rather than
30 seconds, but with small amounts you
will want to microwave it in shorter bursts.

An additional 30 seconds on high and a second stirring and
the small bowl of chocolate looks like this.
(This is a total of one minute.)

If I were doing a large bowl of chocolate, I would
still stir it after 30 seconds on the second time in the
microwave, just to be careful.  The most important thing
is to stir the chocolate off the bottom as that is where
it will scorch if it doesn't get moved around.

One more 30 second burst in the microwave and another
stir and the chocolate is smooth and creamy.  If you have a
few lumps, stir them out rather than microwave it any additional

Again, if I were doing a large mixing bowl of chocolate, I would
stir it after 30 seconds and then give it another 30 seconds.  A
large bowl, cut into large chunks melts almost as quickly as a
small bowl.  It will only take a minute or two longer.

Hope this makes your life easier.
(To answer a question - no you don't have to use squares,
I was just using them for the recipe I was making.  This
works for chips, chunks, etc.)
Do please lick the spoon when you are done -
you know "Women need chocolate!"

I will be sharing these tips with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Such good tips, Jacqueline. I was at a church meeting last night and the woman demonstrating cake pops scorched her chocolate in the slow cooker. I melt mine in the microwave too and I agree it's the way to go.

  2. We're in agreement here. Your tutorial reminded me of Paula Deen's Low Country Cookies. Have you ever made them? Oh my delicious...and I add melted chocolate to the recipe, which takes the whole thing over the top! Cherry akay

  3. Terrific tip sweet Jacqueline! Thanks for the tutorial and I am going to make cookies from my baking book and do this, as it never came out well before. Just notice Cherry Kay talking about PD's cookies, great, I'll try that too with your melted chocolate. Just dropped by from TT. Have a terrific weekend.

  4. Oh oh, I melt mine in a bowl over boiling water lots of times.
    I have microwaved it too, but I now get the point of stirring even if it still looks solid. Should I be using squares? My usual thing to melt is chocolate chips for dipping strawberries etc.
    Thanks Jacqueline, I enjoyed this post.

  5. good stuff J! I always use the microwave and am so glad to hear that that is the best way, anne

  6. I melt chocolate in the microwave all the time. I used to do it over a double boiler. I love your Easter Parade slideshow. xo

  7. Thanks for the great tips, anything to help me use more chocolate is a good thing:@)

  8. No, you don't need to use squares, I was just using them for the recipe I was doing. Chips or chunks, it all works the same! I will add that to the instructions.

  9. Definitely good info to have! Thanks.

  10. If you melt 25 pounds of it each Christmas you're practically a professional chocolatier! I've always used the microwave but it was because I was too impatient to use a double boiler :) Did you ever try the Park sisters house truffles?

  11. Thanks you so much for the needed tips, Jacqueline! I am about to melt some chocolate this evening. You are pretty much an expert on the subject, in my book. I have seen all of your beautiful, smooth chocolate candies! Thanks again!

  12. This was helpful, Jacqueline. I've scorched chocolate more times than I'd like to say. I guess the stirring, whether it looks like it needs it or not is the key.

  13. I, too, use the microwave for melting and generally have pretty good look especially if I stop and stir to redistribute the chocolate. I'm still reeling thinking of melting 25 pounds!

  14. Yummm, I love chocolate! Hi there, this is Sheila @ Beyond the Portico. Shirley from Mrs. Hines Class tagged me for a game of bloggy Q&A and I decied to play along. Now I am tagging you. You DO NOT have to play along, but If you would like to, stop by my blog and click on my post entitled...TAG, YOU'RE IT for all the details. Thanks and have a great weekend!

  15. I am a huge fan of melting chocolate in the microwave too. So easy if you follow the rules :) I'm not sure there is anything quite as delicious as chocolate!

  16. I'm so glad you posted this! I learned that chocolate should be melted in the microwave, short bursts, stir from the bottom, etc. I've seen so many on TV or in cookbooks state to use a double boiler, etc. Appreciate the clarification from a pro! :-)


  17. Yes, indeed. Women do need chocolate! As a fellow chocolate lover, you must try Guylian Chocolate Truffles. I work for them and would recommend them over all other chocolates!


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