Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Escape to the Sea Tablescape

Escape the winter weather and come with me to
a seaside tablescape at our home 
in Cabo.

This table for two is set up on the patio overlooking
the pool and the ocean.

The textural scalloped plates are topped with raised shells
and starfish and real starfish rest on the shell plates.

I love the rich detail on these plates.

A silk orchid takes center stage on the table. 
The beautiful white is perfect with the plates.

This is a spot we often sit at to enjoy a morning breakfast
in the shade.

These are my newest glasses from the Cabo store called
Artesanos which is filled with glassware.  These are 
coming home with me. They are a rich champagne color
which will go with everything.

We only have one set of flatware here in Cabo
so that is what we are using today - 
a hammered texture in stainless steel.

Balls covered in shells also join the centerpiece
for a great seaside look.

Such beautiful color and texture in these glasses.

Looking just past the table to another outside
living area my guests are looking on as I take
photos.  We have just returned from our 
morning walk on the beach.
We begin the day with a walk on the beach
and then enjoy fresh squeezed orange juice.

It is always nice to escape during the winter months 
to warmth and sunshine and the ocean.  Hope you
enjoyed coming along to Cabo with us today.

I will be posting this with 

Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Oh Jacqueline, this is "heaven on earth". Everything is beautiful.
    It reminds me of Mauritius.
    Thanks for sharing and bringing back memories for me.

  2. Oh my goodness - it looks like Paradise! What lucky guests!

  3. Just beautiful Jacqueline! Love your new glasses, looks like they have a little mother of pearl glaze too:@)

  4. Bonjour Jacqueline!!!

    My oh my, these scenes make me want to take off NOW for my anniversary vacation that will just have to wait until school is over in June. Ruben is taking me back to our honeymoon spot in Carmel, Calif. but this scenery is FABULOUS TOO! Those gorgeous white on white table scapes are just magnificent dearest, and I could do with just white in my home, but with a splash of AQUA!!! THANK YOU FOR STOPPING BY and you too have celebrated a milestone as well? Isn't it a gift, this life, to enjoy its ups and downs with the one you love? ENJOY MY DEAR ONE and have you created any fabulous chocolate confections lately?

    BISOUS! Anita

  5. Absolutely breathtaking view and gorgeous table, Jacqueline!

  6. That ocean view is postcard perfect and it would be a very inspiring screensaver. Gorgeous table Jackie!

  7. oh i could use some sunshine right about now! thank you for sharing, just lovely! anne

  8. I would come with you to Cabo any day. That table setting is just exquisite. The detail on the plate and then the scallops on the other are just so pretty. I also really like that ball covered with shells. I'm glad you had a fun break.

  9. Oh are truly blessed to be able to enjoy such a gorgeous view with your friends & family.

    The table appointments are just PERFECT & I can see why you loved those glasses! I hope they travel well & arrive, Too!

    Thank you for taking us on vacation with you. I feel more relaxed already. *sigh*


  10. Beautiful table! I love your new glasses. Thanks for taking us with you to looks so beautiful there.

  11. What a fresh, lovely tablescape! Love it!
    Thanks for your visit and comment :)


  12. I wish I really could go to Cabo for a few days to unwind!!! I need it right about now! Beautiful!!! Since you're bringing home the fabulous stemware for yourself, please bring the dishes home for me! :-) Those are really, really cool!!!!! Artesanos is the name of the glassware store, huh? I will have to go online and see if they sell there, too. I love different stuff!!!!! Have fun!

  13. I got so distracted by your view that I had to go back to look at your tablescape again! Love your centerpiece, so simple and elegant - well done

  14. Take me with you next time! I love Cabo! Gorgeous plates!,!
    Come link up to centerpiece Wednesday

  15. On this very gray day in Houston, I would love to be enjoying your sunshine and your lovely table, but, you know, I wouldn't even care if we ate off paper plates in such a setting!

  16. Oh put me in your back pocket!!! I love anything ocean & your table is stunning. I wish I had those sea side elements here with me. NO.... I wish I was there! ENJOY!

  17. The wind is howling, the dust is blowing, it was 80 yesterday and 38 today. Seeing Cabo looking fabulous is a treat. Your new glasses are to die for! I love them, so my style. The table looks so inviting and restful. I can hear the water lapping on the shore and the gentle breezes bringing in the scents from the plants.. have fun!! xo marlis

  18. So very pretty and relaxing!

    Have a great weekend!


  19. What a paradise...I can feel the warm breeze! How lucky you are. The table looks wonderful and I love the shell dishes.

    Enjoy your time in Cabo!


  20. Love,love,love this tablescape! I love all the white dishes and especially the view! You are very lucky to live on the beach. Enjoy!
    Blessings My Friend,

  21. Just beautiful, lovie. You do spectacular things, always. Sending love....

  22. Be still my fainting heart...Oh geez, this is a beautiful place...
    Now, what day and time was I suppose to be there? ha!
    You are Blessed...

  23. How perfect. Especially for a beach lover like me. I was looking at your picture and we could be sisters. We look a lot alike.

    Susan and Bentley

  24. My oh my, I sure wish I was there!!! WHAT a gorgeous settng you have! A pool AND the ocean, be still my heart! Your table is beautiful, as always. Love those plates and the new glases are TDF!!!!!!!!!!! I have never been to Cabo, now I want to GO!!! XO, Pinky

  25. Very pretty table as I am a big fan of anything to do with oceans and beaches but this view gets me everytime. I'm sure you never tire of it!

    Robin Flies South

  26. What a lovely mix of orchids and sea elements. It is very inviting. I did not do a table scape this week but it is fun to see other people's.

  27. If I sat there for morning breakfast, I'd be there til the sun went down. Wow! Gorgeous! And the table setting is gorgeous too! I adore those shell dishes! I don't want to leave your blog and get back to reality!

  28. Stunning. I particularly like the goblets and the shell covered balls...incredible design value in each. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  29. This is truly like a piece of heaven on earth ~ you are so blessed! I LOVE the glasses too. Hope they travel safely. The dishes are perfect for the beach life.


  30. It is gorgeous! I must have missed my invite!
    Love your new treasures.
    Enjoy your vacation!

  31. Oh Jacqueline, I am speechless. You know my weakness for all beachy dishes, and yours are so wonderful. But even more gorgeous is the setting of your beautiful deck on the ocean! The colors are magnificent and your photos are excellent. Can't wait to see what you do with the new glasses! Linda

  32. The table would be a joy to eat at! Cabo sounds wonderful at this time of year! Love the textured plates! You must have posted for me thanks! Joni

  33. What can I say that hasn't already been said. I agree with everything everybody has already said.

  34. Jacqueline I would enjoy coming along to Cabo with you any time of the year! Gorgeous setting and gorgeous views! I can see why you want to take home the glasses. In that setting they even almost look like they are made of shell. So beautiful! Thanks so much for taking us along and sharing the splendor!

  35. Oh that gorgeous water & view~ I'd love to escape there any time of year! Lucky, lucky you! Your shell plates & new glasses are beautiful~ I can see why you couldn't resist them~ There would be a giant margarita filling my glass~ just maybe not for breakfast... thanks for my virtual vacation :)

  36. Oh my, what a beautiful table...and backdrop!

  37. Now this is what I call beach living... TO THE MAX! This property is beyond magnificent,~

  38. Jacqueline, Everything about this post is wonderful-the location, the beauty surrounding you and the tablescape. The only thing that could be better is my being there! Thank you for sharing what you have been blessed with.

  39. What a great table setting! Adding the starfish gives the plates a nice oceany touch! (If oceany is actually a word.) The glasses are beautiful. I love the ocean and this table setting is just for me.
    Thanks, Talley

  40. Beautiful table, Jacqueline. Enjoy your time in Cabo. I'd love to be walking on that beach. ~ Sarah


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