Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Very Very Valentines Table

I have this love for heart shaped Valentine's boxes
and love to save them when I receive them for
Valentine's Day.  I have them from years and years

I chose some of the smaller ones that would
fit on my heart shaped white plates to create
the theme for this Valentine's table.

Even this red beaded container was used to
top a plate.

This is one of my favorites even though it didn't
come filled with chocolate.

As you know, we all love good chocolate here
and these beautiful boxes evoke a lot of 
wonderful memories.

The placesettings began with these red heart-shaped
placemats.  I just love how they were tied together
with this wonderful beaded and woven string that
threads through a pretty little openwork heart.
I am definitely saving this.

These Valentine's red flatware pieces are perfect.

The cutwork napkins get tucked in the red goblets.

A closeup of the napkins show the fun
heart cutouts.

The center of the table is filled with candles,
hearts, lettered blocks and candy.

What an adorable way to spell love!

Glittery red candles add height to the

Of course the chandelier with the red shades 
goes perfectly with the table.

Sweet and sparkly, that is how to create
a fun Valentine's Day table.

I will be posting this with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. HiJacqueline,

    This tablescape is SO pretty! I love the idea of using the chocolate boxes. Perfect! Love the napkins too with the heart cutouts. Adorable. Well done!

    Happy February : )


  2. wonderful idea. love all the boxes and i definitely need to find me some of those heart shaped gumdrops!

  3. I knew you would decorate a beautiful table. This one is as lovely as I expected from you.

  4. Beautiful table! How clever to use the candy boxes. Great idea!

  5. Lovely table, Jacqueline! Great idea keeping the little boxes received for Valentine's. Love the red shades on your chandelier!

  6. **GASP**

    Stunning table! Every detail is pure perfection!!!!!!!!

  7. I have the same cutout tablecloth in PINK as your napkins and I LOVE it! ( purchased on Ebay)I used all PINKs this year on my table center piece for a Valentines theme...sooo pretty!

  8. I ADORE the setting on the table! Hearts really do make everything ten times more awesome don't they?

  9. Love the pretty napkins Jacqueline! You've reminded me to bring out the red flatware and have some fun:@)

  10. So pretty Jackie! I've been tossing my Valentines boxes every year, but not anymore. Are the shades on your chandelier interchangeable?

  11. Dang...I sure wish I'd kept all my ♥ shaped boxes! Yours made a beautiful Valentines Day tablescape, Jacqueline.

    Thanks, too, for that great tutorial on how to do those petit fours! How easy & how elegant they looked. I never would have tried doing them until I got to see yours.


  12. So pretty! I love that you used your old heart boxes. They make the table unique & interesting.

  13. Oh I LOVE your collection of boxes! So fun that you saved them so they can be on display and bring back sweet memories! I love the rosy glow your chandelier shades are casting on your Valentine's table! ♥

  14. that is so beautiful! love the chocolate boxes.

    Stop by again soon, I changed up my blog, but you may need to clear your cache, the address is still the same: See you soon! anne

  15. What a lovely and festive table! Love the idea of using the keepsake valentine boxes to top the plates, and those napkins are too sweet! I also like the candies scattered around -- such fun!

  16. I think it's so cool that you saved all those neat boxes! The first one is uniquely beautiful with all the ruffly flowers on top, but I also love the simpler ones. The napkins are really pretty! They really work well with your table overall!!! Great touch to change out the shades on the chandelier, too!

  17. There must be a tree there somewhere:)?

    That petaled box is perfect..Like a little pillow..
    I must admit..I've not received many heart boxes:)
    I should get a special one for each boy each yr..but..would they save them? I think you treasure your treats..maybe that's why people love offering them to you.
    Very pretty!

  18. Your table is beautiful as always. Love the detail on the red plates and the red flatware is perfect. Have a wonderful weekend.

  19. Hi Jacqueline
    You must be an awfully good girl to receive so many chocolates in these beautiful boxes.
    I love your valentine table and chandy - they're so festive.

  20. So pretty! I have a 'thing' for red and love those beautiful napkins and mats.

  21. What a fabulous table, Jacqueline! I love all the red and white and pretty heart shapes. The little red chandelier shades are an elegant touch. So festive.

  22. A very beautiful red Valentines tablescape Jacqueline! Lovely dishes and even a chandy with red shades, wow! The chocolate boxes are so pretty too. Happy Valentines.

  23. Hi Jacqueline, What beautiful Valentine boxes you have - makes for a lovely and festive tablescape. I have a funny story about Valentine candy. When the kids were little, we bought them each a heart-shaped box of candy. Someone left theirs lying around, and the dog got into it and ate everything - the candies, papers and all! Fortunately, it was not enough to make Libby the dog ill!
    Blessings, Beth

  24. Just love those chocolate boxes!!! what wonderful memories they must bring forth. The red shades on the chandelier are so pretty too. Love the red cutout napkins too.. xo marlis

  25. Great table and I love all of you valentine boxes!! So sweet and sentimental and what is better for valentine's day???

  26. You heart boxes are adorable, Jacqueline. Your whole table is simply stunning! So romantic.....Christine

  27. What a beautiful table. Love the chandelier! You are a very creative person!

  28. Lovely Table! Lovely Ideas! I like the idea of saving your Valentine boxes and using them in the center of the plates. The block LOVE letters are so cute and love the red shades on the sparkling chandelier! I like all holidays but Valentine's Day is one of my favorites. Happy Tablescaping! Pam

  29. Jacqueline, like you, I've saved candy boxes through the years when they were special. Do you remember the Joseph Schmidt creations? So sad that he is no longer in business! Your table is sheer delight! But everything you present is sheer delight for my eyes. Happy Heart Day! ~ Sarah
    Serving up some Chocolate treats. Come on over. ;-)

  30. What special memories you have, Jacqueline, with all your chocolate boxes! Your tablescapes are always spectacular. I loved the idea with the ranch dressing & the veggies. I remember seeing that in Martha Stewart, also. It makes eating veggies, extra-fun!

  31. Beautiful! Of course, I love red and hearts too so the entire table is just perfect. The napkins are to die for! Hope someone treats you extra special on this day of love.


  32. I absolutely LOVE the candy boxes at the place setting~SO pretty and special!

  33. Jaqueline,you have gotten me into the Valentine's Day spirit. With all the beautiful red and white on this tablescape, Gets me into a very hearty mood. (If that is a word.) Keep up the good work!!

  34. Yes, in deed. A very Valentine's Table! Totally put me in the romantic mood. :)

  35. Well, darn! THis just made me realize that I have been married for 43 years and have never gotten chocolates in a heart shaped box!!????:(:(:( I will have to remedy this:):)


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