Monday, February 13, 2012

Ombre Rose Cake

A big 50th birthday party deserves a special cake for
a special person.  

When my friend Rachel who was ready to turn the big
five - oh
saw a picture of a cake my daughter had made
she said, "Make me that for my birthday," so
we decided to deliver!

These beautiful ombre rosette cakes are all over
the internet.  My daughter Jessica had shown me
a picture of one she had made and said it was a lot
easier than she had thought so I asked her to come over
and help out for Rachel's surprise birthday lunch.

I made two batches of cake batter.  I was in a hurry
that morning so I used my favorite cake mix -
Betty Crocker's French Vanilla. 
 I love how moist and how flavorful it is. You
can use your favorite white or vanilla cake recipe but
for a high cake, make two batches.  You need this
cake to be high. 

I scooped out 2 cups of batter into 3 bowls and
left one and colored the other two shades of pink.
(Use remaining batter to make a couple of cupcakes.)

HINT: to make your cakes rise more evenly and
remove from the pan easily, cut parchment paper to
fit in the bottom of your pan and don't grease or flour
anything!  When the cake is baked, let it cool 10 minutes
and then run a sharp knife around the edge to loosen it.
Turn it upside down on a cooling rack.  It will come
out perfectly.  Now let it cool before removing the
parchment paper.  EASY!

I made 3 batches of frosting.  One I left plain to fill and
frost the cake with a crumb coat.

The other two batches were divided between 4 bowls
and using red food coloring, I made each batch just
slightly darker than the last one.  The palest one
took just a dot of gel food coloring.

Place your bag with the tip inserted into it in
a glass.  Fold the top down and fill with frosting.
This makes it much easier to fill your bag.
I love to use Wilton's disposable bags.

Frosting Recipe
(To frost this cake, you will need to triple this recipe.)

3/4 C. soft butter
4 C. powdered sugar
1 1/2 tsp. almond flavoring
pinch salt
3-4 T. water or milk
(I usually use water, Jessica uses milk.  We
did milk this time.  You can also use cream.)

Place everything in a mixing bowl but the water.
Add 3 T. liquid and begin beating with a wire whip.
Add additional liquid if needed.
Adjust the liquid based on the humidity where
you live.  Here in the west we need more liquid.
The frosting should be stiff enough to pipe 
out but not so soft that it won't hold it's shape.

Fill the layers of cake then use bamboo skewers to hold the 
layers in place.  Cut them off to the right height and insert
3 into the middle of the cake.  This will keep your cake from

Cover the outside of the cake with a crumb coat or a thin
layer of frosting.

Place the cake in a fridge to firm up the icing.

Staring with the palest shade and using a 2D tip you will
make your roses by starting in the center and making
a complete circle.  You can also use a 1 M.
Don't worry if each rose doesn't
look perfect, when you finish, the overall effect is
beautiful.  Each row of roses matched the size of the

I refrigerated my cake in between layers so the 
roses would be firm and not slide.

Finish by making the fourth and final layer of roses
and covering the top.  You can fill in any holes by piping
using this same tip.

Place cake in fridge.  The weight of the frosting can cause
the lowest layer of rosettes to get crushed so you want
to keep the frosting firm.  Keep refrigerated
until time to serve.

The cake was a great success and I agree, it
was easier to frost than I thought.  Thanks Jessica
for the help!

Happy 50th Rachel!
(We met at a restaurant and surprised her with 50 balloons.)
There were 14 of us there and we each wrote down 3 things
we love about Rachel 
and then read them out loud.  Rachel
gets to keep the notecards.  What a lovely way to celebrate
someone's birthday.  It has been a tradition in our home
for years to go around the table and tell three things you love
about that person.  It is a nice addition to write them down.

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  1. Omg, it's just tooooo pretty to eat, I'm with Jenny pin it.....
    Wishing you a very Happy Valentines Day....


  2. what a great tutorial and a beautiful cake. The tips you used... is 2D a Wilton tip or an Ateco tip. I can't wait to try this one. I have seen so many of these beautiful roses and have been wanting to do one.

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  4. What a gorgeous cake! I'm sure she was delighted and surprised!

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  6. Beautiful cake! I stand in awe of your amazing talents!

  7. Oh my....this cake is gorgeous! Not sure that mine would come out looking like your beautiful one, but I think I want to try this...What a perfect day (tomorrow) to try it out.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the step-by-step details -- what a wonderful birthday gift!

  9. Rachel is lucky to have a close group of friends to help celebrate her 50th BD. The cake you and your daughter made is incredible and worthy of the special occasion that it was made for.
    You know that everyone's going to want the same cake now, don't you?

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  11. That cake could be a card:)
    one day i will try..saw a very cute bag holder by Wilton..for the disposbles.. Your cake looks so beautiful..probably my favoritest yet!

    You know what? someone special gave me the little set of silicone tea cups:) Never even knew I had admired yours..
    What a nice friendship you have:)

  12. Um Yum! You definitely need to share this on Pink Saturday this weekend.

    Happy Birthday to Rachel.

  13. I LOVE this! I can't believe you and your daughter did this beauty!
    I'd like to link to my blog.

  14. Oh wow, that is one gorgeous cake! Your friend is one lucky birthday girl!

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  16. What a perfect way to celebrate a BIG birthday. Great ideas for your great friend! How long did it take to complete after the cake was baked? Just wondered.

  17. To answer how long - I got up and baked and cooled the cake and asked her to be here at 10:00. As soon as I got a bowl colored and in the bag she was ready for another color, so it didn't take longer than 30 minutes, if that to frost.

  18. Absolutely gorgeous! Will you make one for my 50th??? Oh wait... that already happened:@)

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    You are truly one talented girl!
    Happy Valentines.

  27. Jacqueline, not sure if I have the skills to make one of these, but it would be perfect for my friends birthday. She loves roses! I'm going to give this a try. ;-)

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    *dreamy pink sigh*

    Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Birthday Rachel! :)

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  33. I made an ombre cake today using your instructions. I made for a Ladies Bible Study class and all the ladies thought it was too beautiful to eat. It was super moist. Thanks for sharing.


  34. Oh your cake is gorgeous! I'd love to invite you to share this with my readers at a party that I have going on at!

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    I love the idea of sharing 3 things about the person ~ very thoughtful and meaningful.


  38. WOW!!!! The cake is beautiful and the various shades of pink are stunning. All the little roses are gorgeous. I have just got to try this recipe. Thanks for the great instuctions. I know your girlfriend was thrilled to have such a special day with friends. I think that is a sweet idea to verbalize three things you love about her. I know she will cherish the little cards forever. Thanks for sharing.

    Katherine S.

  39. OMG, Jacqueline, you wow'ed me with this creation. I can't wait to try it for a special occasion in my family. The cake is simply stunning. Who wouldn't love to receive this on a special day!

  40. An amazingly beautiful cake and a precious way to celebrate a birthday! Such fun stopping in to visit with you!

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  44. Oh, this may be one of the prettiest cakes I have ever seen. Love the different layers and the gorgeous roses!!! What a SWEET surprise for your friend. Love the idea of writing down 3 things you love about someone. I will have to start that tradition. Better late than never I always say:):) XO, Pinky

  45. what a special friend you are! that is one gorgeous cake.

  46. Oh my gosh, that is GORGEOUS! That would make a beautiful wedding cake. You are so very talented. :-)


  47. What a wonderful tutorial. I just bought a 2D tip and made cupcakes for Valentine's. I have seem these cakes on Pinterest and have been planning to make one. Your tutorial cake at the most perfect time. I've pinned it so I have it close at hand. THANK YOU!!

  48. Wow! This is really a piece of art! Liz

  49. What a beautiful gift . I think the birthday girl was very happy with this work of art and love.
    Happy pink Saturday

  50. What a gorgeous cake! Oh my goodness, it is beautiful! The layers are wonderful and the frosting of roses is out of this world! Gorgeous!
    Happy birthday to your friend.
    I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  51. I'm impressed and ready to try myself! Happy Pink Saturday!

  52. Oh my, such a gorgeous cake! It would be perfect for a small wedding too! And the layers -- it just looks so delicious! Lucky Rachel!

  53. Happy Pink Saturday Jacqueline Sweetie...
    What a gorgeous and yummy share today. Your cake turned out beautifully and I can't thank you enough for the little tutorial and recipe shares along the way. I love the way you colored the cake tri, it looked so pretty sliced and laying on the plate.

    Those roses are just perfect. The colors looked so pretty and your friend is so darn lucky.

    How wonderful to share 3 things each of you loved about your friend. I think we may start a new tradition in my family as well.

    Have a glorious weekend sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  54. I hope I have such thoughtful friends around when I turn 50! Gorgeous cake!

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  58. I saw a cake similar to this on pinterest and thought it was so gorgeous...but yours is even more so (no surprise there). I am sure your friend loved this. I want one when I turn 50 too! Please!

    I've been looking over some of your recipes...the bunny bottom cupcakes are also just the cutest ever!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!


  59. I saw a cake similar to this on pinterest and thought it was so gorgeous...but yours is even more so (no surprise there). I am sure your friend loved this. I want one when I turn 50 too! Please!

    I've been looking over some of your recipes...the bunny bottom cupcakes are also just the cutest ever!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!


  60. I'm thinking of trying this cake for my daughter's first birthday because it's just so beautiful and I have a few questions because I've never really made a cake like this before. Is it possible to make it (and ice it) a day ahead of time and put it in the fridge uncovered? Will it all dry out?

  61. Hi, can you please tell me how much, at least approximately, would that cake weigh? I am supposed to have a 13 pound wedding cake and I'm wondering if it would look dumb not to have tiers and instead have this because I absolutely loved it. Thank you!


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