Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Apres Ski at Hidden Pony Lodge

President's Day weekend couldn't have been
more perfect as we got tons of fresh
powder for skiing at our mountain home
at Sundance.

One beautiful thing about Utah's weather is
that often the next day after a storm is sunny
and bright which makes skiing so much fun
and makes the snow just sparkle like diamonds.

Our home, Hidden Pony Lodge sits right 
on the ski slopes so we can watch people
come down the hill.

When I designed the interior of the cabin I wanted
a timeless native Indian look.  The plates
I chose were Pfaltzgraff's Midnight Sun
"inspired by the traditions of America's Southwest."

Midnight Sun is matte black with glossy black geometric
designs, perfect for an updated Native American design.

Swirls of silver accent the silver napkins.

Last year I did a tablescape at 
(click to see more of the interior of the home)
left me a comment suggesting
the perfect flatware for the home called
Pueblo from International Silver.

It wasn't long after that the Cascade dishwasher
detergent changed its formula and it turned all
of my flatware a horrible dark gray.  I was so
glad that Marlis had suggested this new flatware
and at such an opportune time.  

It really picks up the Southwest motif that runs
throughout the rest of the mountain home.

Today we have moved out on the sunny
deck for an Apres Ski trayscape.

I just love the twig chairs and the twig table
which came outside for the day.

I found two of these unique tree chairs at a store in Salt Lake City
when I did the interior of of the home 17 years ago.

I also made the leather and suede cushions
and pillows and decorated them with
beading.  So simple if you just use
a leather needle on your sewing machine
and leave the raw ends exposed on the sides.

These silver pieces are just tied on with strips of

Cowboy boot mugs are perfect for the
casual table.  You can find these online
for about $3 each sold in sets of 12 -

Of course everyone wants to
drink out of these.

A silver organza placemat is a great contrast to the
rustic table, tray and setting.

Warm soup and fresh bread out on the sunny deck -
what better way to enjoy watching skiers swoosh down
the Sundance slopes.

Wish you could all be here!

Hope you had a wonderful President's Day weekend too.

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  1. Fabulous!! I love the cushions you made and those twirly napkin rings. What a wonderful place you have created!

  2. You are truly blessed Jacqueline. I love the Native American/Western vibe you've created with this setting. The scenery outside your home is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. What a special get-away place! You've done a fabulous job of creating a beautiful home in keeping with the flavor of the area, Jacqueline.
    I'm glad you included the link so I could see the furnishings inside, as I missed that post last Jan.

    We've been to Snowbird to ski (still have my pink corduroy ball cap with the logo) several times, but never to Sundance. Don't you wish we could capture that beautiful sparkle of light on the snow? I try & try!!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely home & ideas with us.

    Warm Hugs,

    I like the way you used the dressy silver beneath the matte blacks...very cool juxtaposition.

  4. You have overflowing talents..Sure looks pretty there:)

  5. This looks fantastic! Love every detail :)


  6. What a beautiful place being to go to. You are blessed.

  7. Wonderful! We all need a getaway once in a while! Love the setting outdoors!
    XO Cindy

  8. ooooh!! I wish you were my best friend!! Then, I would be there in the sunshine, critiquing the skiiers and rating their descent, 1-10 w/ points for falls and cartwheels! What a beautiful home!

    I am always in awe of your table-settings: the wonderful colors, textures, the details of each one. a menu which can be relatively simple is turned into an unforgettable event. Thank you for shating...love the twig table, the silver beads, the plates/silverware--all perfectly chosen.

  9. I'm trusting that the hot tub is just out of sight, around the corner. Great vantage point from your deck. We used to spend 40 - 60 days each winter at our home in Vail. We eventually sold it after I suffered a ski ending knee injury...not on the slopes, but falling down stairs. Never got to wear my brand new ski boots again. Great memories on those slopes...I know that you relish your time in the mountains, too. Thanks for inviting us for a wintry peak. Cherry Kay

  10. Oh Jacqueline, I have had a dream for a long time to decorate a MOUNTAIN home! I LOVE THIS and will go back to see mORE of the interior after I send this. I LOVE the dishes and the flatware is PERFECT. The chairs are TDF!!!!!!!!!! Your setting is perfection and it is true, the day after a snowstorm is always so beautiful. Thanks so much for letting me know about the glasses for the chili. Have a WONDERFUL day. I am just a TEENY bit jealous:):):) XO, Pinky

  11. i remember when you first shared this house, so fantastic, wonderful details and love your new flatware. what a dream life you lead, from snow to sea, all you have is exquisite :)

  12. Absolutely wonderful, Jacqueline. I know how beautiful it is there and used to spend so much time with my family on the slopes. I've retired from skiing now, but love the environment. xx's

  13. simply said....I love it all!!!!!
    Have a great day.

  14. I love that outdoor setting, beautiful! We ahd 2 miniature twig chairs just like yours when the boyos were little, unfortunatley I thought it would be cute to put a potted plant onthem in the garden when they outgrew them and they rotted! i had totally forgotten aobut those chairs until now! anne

  15. Awesomeeeeeeeeee.....
    I love the cowboy boots glass cups.....tooooooo cute, your home away from home is just gorgeous ;-)


  16. I also remember the first time I saw this house...I fell in love with your antler chandelier .....it's fabulous...and I love your twig chairs....I have a whole set of bent willow furniture and the Boss will not let me put it outside...it was fine back in my old house but in the new house it looks waaaaaaay out of place....ofcourse he thinks the Buffalo head looks just fine...Men?

  17. This is absolutely beautiful! A perfect weekened to go with a perfect setting. Lucky girl : )

    Danielle xo

  18. This is absolutely beautiful! A perfect weekened to go with a perfect setting. Lucky girl : )

    Danielle xo

  19. I love the design on the flatware. I am a sucker of etched metal of any sort.

    We lived in Utah for a couple of years. Part of me misses the snow, but most of me is glad it will be 80 degrees today in Florida.

  20. This is absolutely fantabulous, Jacqueline!!

  21. Looks like you are having a great time skiing! Your rustic table is so unique and the tablescape is wonderful after a day of skiing. My favorites are the Pueblo flatware and the cowboy mugs. Have fun at your lovely home. Happy Tea Party! Pam

  22. You always inspire me think of new ways to do a tablescape plus to do one on vacation!! Great ideas!!

    Come link up to Centerpiece Wedn.


  23. Aren't you lucky to have this special get away place, and it looks like you have all the right stuff for your usual wonderful tables. Hope the skiing is good and that you make it with no mishaps.

  24. Oh your deck is so inviting! I've seen those dishes before but never in such an appropriate setting! Marlis is a smart girl and that flatware is perfect. Thanks for sharing your little piece of heaven!

    Thanks, also, for your visit to my Farewell to Winter! I jinxed myself and woke up to six inches of new snow! Oh well, I still love Colorado and I can still pretend spring is right around the corner!

  25. What a beautiful place to live! Your setting is just lovely!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  26. Man, Jacqueline....this place really makes snow look good! I have never been a big fan of snow, but who could resist in this beautiful setting? Beautiful dining set up to enjoy the sunshiny skies, the diamond snow, and the crisp air! Those cowboy boot glasses are a hoot! I might actually order some! :-)

  27. A beautiful setting with a beautiful tablescape! You make me almost miss snow!

    Robin Flies South

  28. Hi lovely lady.
    Wow you are so lucky to have this special get away place, and it looks like you have all the right stuff for your usual wonderful tables. I Hope you do go skiing some times. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family.. I'am coming right over OK.
    XXOO Diane

  29. The snow looks lovely. What a pretty spot to watch the skiing. Love your pretty tablescape with such stunning elements. Love those napkin rings.

  30. Looks like I'm a bit late for President's Weekend, but i would love to spend some time at Hidden Pony Lodge. Every detail of this posts fills my senses. Makes me want to be in the mountains.
    Since I'm sitting here in TX instead, I'm heading over to the link of more images of this charming lodge. ;-)
    Thanks for sharing ~ Sarah

  31. LOVE the dishes, flatware, pillows, all of it! I have such an internal calling toward anything Native American. I can only imagine the beauty and tranquility at Hidden Pony Lodge.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  32. So so late catching up on my visiting!!! But so glad I did. Oh, the photos are glorious, making me wish to be anywhere in the mountains right now.. I'm delighted I could help with the flatware! It's so perfect with your settings. You are a master seamstress too. The pillow and chair seat is a show stealer. I am going to have to do that same thing! Thank you so much for the sweet mention, but you didn't have to. I was glad to be able to suggest that flatware! You've certainly inspired me again today. Be blessed.. xo marlis

  33. What a view from your balcony! Gorgeous!

  34. President's Weekend looks lovely at the cabin. Those are the perfect flatware! What a beautiful day up there. Love the chairs also. Joni

  35. *** Well, being a LOVER of SKI HOUSES (& that PARTICULARLY FAB STYLE of "RUSTIC" DECORATING in/for snow country!!!), I'm soooo glad I just found you, and took the time to stop by for a sec (or more!)...

    We built a small place in Park City almost ten years ago, which "explains" why we have the SAME, TALL, UBER-DELIGHTFUL TWIG chair that EVERYBODY loves (and a twig table built by someone else) like yours~~~ "great minds", hummm???

    We sold both our Utah homes "all but fully-furnished", save a FEW "faves" w/ "personality" when moving to AZ (wiping the tears dry now! I so loved those houses and "doing" them was SOOOOO FUN!!!).... soooo, the tall twig chair that I just "HAD" to keep, gets LOTS of comments from being either on the front porch here, or in the guest room, depending on the time of year... Think I will L*O*V*E that delightful chair FOREVER~~~ you too???


    Linda in AZ *

  36. Just beautiful! I fell in love with Utah about 20 years ago. I was lucky enough to bring a sales group to Park City for a meeting. We had a great time. I have gone back once since then with my husband. I think I left part of my heart there....it is truly God's country.


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