Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Table Dressed In Champagne

Today I put together a dressy
Thanksgiving table using champagne
colors.  The colors go so well with my
home and especially my dining room chairs.

This turkey plate from Home Goods was
my inspiration for the color scheme with the
taupe color of the transferware.

I love the soft watercolor effect of
pale reds, yellows and blues on these neutral plates.
The soft colors add dimension and interest.

They are stacked over two taupe colored
plates in graduating sizes.

You aren't usually going to find lidded 
pumpkins in champagne or taupe so
I purchased some orange lidded candles from
Wal Mart and used
 Krylon's Metallic Caramel Latte paint 
in satin and gave them a coat.

They are decorative only so I
don't need to worry about them being 
food safe.

In orange they were just gaudy 
and not very pretty, as a matter
of fact, they were on clearance,
but with a coat of metallic soft
paint, they are lovely.

The painted pumpkins are a
perfect match with my new glasses
that I brought home from Cabo
last time.  I love their gorgeous
champagne color.

Ralph Lauren napkins in taupe
are gathered with a tassel from
a fabric store.

The new champagne colored glasses
are paired with bubble glasses.

Rustic place woven brown placemats anchor
the placesettings and cream colored flatware 
are the choice for today.

I love how all the soft colors work together
to create a dressy table.

The centerpiece is set in a jewelled 
champagne colored wreath, mixing the
dressy with the rustic.

Pure elegance in the materials of this

As you r eye crosses the table, the
combined textures create an
elegant interest.

It is fun to put together a
 non-traditionally colored table.

The candles are lit and we are ready
to dine.

I will be posting this table with

Taupe plates - Tai Pan
Placemats - Wal Mart
Lidded pumpkin candles - Wal Mart (this year)
Champagne colored glasses - Cabo
Napkins - Home Goods
Wreath - Home Goods
Turkey plates - Home Goods (this year)
Candles - Pier !
Krylon paint - Wal Mart


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Beautiful place setting, i have the same plates and they are my favorite. i bought them many years ago. one of the things that drew me to them was the ability to use them with so many differnt color schemes. i love what you put together.

  2. always so pretty here... so much to thankful for~

  3. So perfect for the colors and all the pretty things, I have a big turkey platter like this that my mom gave me years ago, I just love to pull it out for Thanksgiving. :D

  4. I just love this Jacqueline, those dinner/salad plates you use are my absolute favorite. You do an excellent job here with neutral and it is stunning. Elegant!

  5. Yes, WOW is all i can say!

  6. So pretty! I love the color scheme you have going on and the little touches of sparkle. Your turkey plates are just too cute...wish I had a Home Goods here!

  7. Hi Jacqueline...

    Ooohhh...your champagne Thanksgiving table is truly exquisite! I love the soft color! The centerpiece that you created is beautiful and soooo elegant! It's all very beautiful, my friend! Thank you for sharing your fabulous table with us!

    Warmest autumn wishes,

  8. Jacqueline, what an elegantly stunning table! LOVE the champagne color! This is a wonderfully soft look for fall! LOVE IT!

  9. This is such a beautiful color scheme. Thank you for sharing your lovely table with us.

  10. Just love the colors! This table is breathtaking!!!!!

  11. Gorgeous! Love the colors. When my youngest daughter got married, her wedding colors were champagne, chocolate brown and dusty rose....Christine

  12. Just beautiful. Everything is so lovely; the colors are perfect.

  13. ..very nice.. tasteful and sparkly

    have a great evening!

  14. Beautifully put together! I really like those glasses from Cabo!

  15. A very pretty table Jacqueline! Fun turkey plates and I love your new glasses-enjoy:@)

  16. This is lovely! It's nice to see a Thanksgiving table with champagne tones...very pretty!

  17. Beautiful table, that it has very subtle color. How clever to spray the orange covered pumpkins...they add so much to the table.

  18. When I first saw the title of this post I thought it was going to be of a table after my relatives got done....spilling champagne all over the table!!! :-) It's beautiful, Jacqueline! You did those little pumpkin tureens a favor by getting them out of their orange misery! The champagne color suits them to a tee!!! Everything looks fabulous!

  19. This is such an elegant looking table. I love the muted colors.

  20. So elegant! I'd love to be a guest at your dinner table! Beautiful!

  21. How pretty, Jacqueline!! The plates are really lovely and I like what you did with the pumpkins to make everything looks so elegant! You are going to get a ton of compliments!!


  22. Fawning over those new glasses! So stylish and quite elegant. Clever idea to paint the pumpkins.. now they are uptown gourds! I love this table for so many reasons.. the dishes, the glasses, the color..champagne.. always a great color! xo marlis

  23. the centerpiece is exquisite! Jackie

  24. The soft take on metallics, paired with the melange of textures are perfect for a sophisticated, gentle take on Thanksgiving. I love it! Thank you for inviting us for a peak at your beautiful table. Cherry Kay

  25. Champagne! How fitting for a beautiful tablescape. You are a clever gal, Jacqueline. It's always a treat to see one of your gorgeous tables.

  26. This is really stunning. It is so elegant and yet still warm and inviting. I love the softness of the colors, so pretty!

  27. Love the soft colors. I saw those pumpkins on clearance at Walmart (they only had 2). Way to think outside the box. They came out great. I love those turkey dishes and the texture on the other plates.

    Robin Flies South

  28. I love your champagne colored table! Those dishes are just gorgeous! Love the napkins and tassels, too! Caramel latte--I'll have to remember that!

  29. I love the taupes and the subtle watercolored dreamy and elegant....SUBLIME!!!!!

    I so wish we had a Tai Pan...I love everything you get from there!!!


  30. Love the color scheme for Thanksgiving, so different from the typical table setting!

  31. Oh I adore your blog! You had me at chocolate but I love your style. These are the colors I would choose too. Happy new follower. Thanks for your comment on

  32. Love the textures, colors...everything!

  33. From halloween whimsy to elegant Thanksgiving. You don't miss a beat. Beautiful table!

  34. The Thanksgiving feel is there even without the non-traditional color pallete. Stunning table Jacqueline!

  35. Oh, this table is beautiful! I love the shimmer of the champagne colors. The centerpiece is wonderful! Thank you for joining me for Home Sweet Home! On my lens it goes with my Cannon rebel so it is a Cannon EF 50mm f/1.8. It is a really basic lens but I get some nice effects with it.

  36. Such a pretty table with the pumpkins sprayed. Great job...


  37. Jacqueline, This is a very creative and dramatic tablescape. I love the turkey plates, the little pumpkins and the flatware. I like the tassels on the napkins as well. Simply stunning! I did want to respond to your question about the little pumpkins. I did not grow them. However, I grew "pumpkin on a stick" which is an ornamental eggplant and the little pumpkins are bright orange. We had fun experimenting with those plants as well as "Easter egg plants." If you are interested, the seeds should be available from Park Seed Company. I want to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Hugs, Beth

  38. This is spectacular Jacqueline.
    Every little detail is perfect...of never disappoint. I love your creativity and spirit. It's always a pleasure to visit and also get inspired. Enjoy your day! Linda

  39. oh how I love this! Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year!! anne

  40. Beautiful..and it brings back such warm memories for me.. a dear friend..gifted me w/ sets of these..when I became a nana..she wanted me to have a pretty table for my family:)

    Imagine that.

  41. Beeeeauuutifulllll!!! Love the color! Perfect compliment into the holiday season! And those pumpkins.. let me tell you girl, you had me running downstairs to see if I had those pumpkins so I could paint mine...I have acorn candy dishes....CRAZY we are!!! If you ever decide to "clean out" your stock..please let me know. I would love to take some dishes/stemware off your hands! LOL
    Keep doing what your doing!

  42. What beautiful, soft colors! You family will be delighted with that table.

  43. Beautifully done! Turned out gorgeous!

  44. Jacqueline
    I really like the muted tones you've used for your Thanksgiving table. The pumpkins you sprayed look much nicer than they would have in orange.

  45. What a great idea to paint those lidded pumpkin candles, they look beautiful! I love using wreaths as centerpieces, and yours is just perfect with this table. It is all just stunning!!

  46. Gorgeous colors and arrangement for Thanksgiving, Jacqueline! This is the first time I am not hosting the holiday for my extended feels a little strange not to be plannig a menu and beginning my shopping. It will fun to be a "guest" however. :)

  47. Fantastic colors and textures...very inviting for lingering at the table over the Thanksgiving meal and fellowship!

  48. Gorgeous- I wish we were neighbors!! =) I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  49. Oh I love your palette and all the soft layers & textures! I have those same turkey plates but they never had such a beautiful setting as this! Genius idea to paint your little lidded pumpkins :)

  50. I'm crazy for the champagne and glitter here Jackie! You are extremely talented at this table setting stuff. I'm so glad I can pin it!

  51. I am in love with the soft glittery glow of your table! It gives a very sophisticated tone for Thanksgiving! Well done!

  52. So pretty! I LOVE the turkey transferware plates!

  53. Fabulous table setup! Enjoy the beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  54. Love your turkey plates, they remind me of some my mother in law had. Lovely table.

  55. Absolutely beautiful pictures and table settings. And that looks like a pretty good chocolate dipper elf too. Kathi

  56. I purchased the same transferware turkey plates but have yet to use them as I couldn't decide how to pair them. You did a magnificent job!

    - The Tablescaper

  57. I saw your dishes at TJ Maxx and loved them. I should have bought them on the spot because when I went back to get them, all but a few pieces were gone. You've used them well.
    BTW, do I remember that you recently took kids to Universal? I going in December. Do you have any helpful hints?

  58. Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!


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