Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Witches Sweets and Treats Table

Beaulah and Zoulah
decided to get together
for some sweets and  treats and 
invited Joni and I along.

While Beaulah resides here at 
Purple Chocolat Home
Zoulah resides at

They were worried that some people
thought there really weren't two of them
and thought it would be fun to do  a
proving that they were twin sisters.

So we flew down to Joni's and Zoulah's
backyard to spend an afternoon together.

Out strolling in the garden, along came
Zoulah's and Joni's curious cat

Wolfie had to get to know Beaulah, so
he did a little nosing around and 
decided she was a pretty good witch.

Both ladies enjoyed the fall flowers
in the backyard but soon they were ready
for some sugary goodness.

The girls really have a sweet tooth
so the table was set with cookies
and candies - sugar and more sugar.

I had helped Beaulah decorate
some bewitching cookies

in their favorite Halloween colors.

They were so enticing that a
little spider dropped by
to check them out.

Little dessert plates in their
favorite colors were set out.

And of course some fun mugs
for sweetened herbal tea.

Beaulah whipped up some scary looking
cupcakes that she brought along.

They were appropriately labeled
"Warning, eat at your own risk!"

Eyeball cupcakes.

Of course we each ate one.  Not
nearly as scary as they looked.

Marshmallows and candies

n spooky containers.  We will all
pass on the fresh rat, but I love the
container that says, "Fresh Treats".

Well, how time flies when a 
couple of witches get together.

Time to fly on home.

Now you know that there really are
two of them and they had a blast
proving it to you!

Thanks Joni and Zoulah for having us
down for the day.

We will be flying on over to

Mugs and plates - Home Goods
Tiered cookie or cake platter - Home Goods
Glass treat containers - Tai Pan
Treat box - Target


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Those eyeball cupcakes are a hoot!

    Enjoyed this post so much Jacqueline!

  2. You go to so much pleasure:)

    It's a little treat for the eyes..
    You 2 are very lucky sisters.
    :)Thank you.
    Everything is adorable.

  3. That is quite a get together for two witches! The eyeball cupcakes made me laugh! Everything looks yummy!

  4. I LOVE your cupcakes & cookies~ I wish I could taste them!! Your whole display looks so good!

  5. So cute and man those are excellent looking cookies.. So glad we got to see them before they were devoured by the two sweet witches.. Love the treat container with the crow and mouse.. so funny. A great pair of playful witches.. xo marlis

  6. Oh my! I REALLY wish I had a sister!! LOVE this!

  7. See what happens when you give twin witches feet? all kinds of shenanigans occur! Your sweet party looks like alot of fun! I am sure that everyone had a great time! I woulda eaten one of those cupcakes, warning and eyeballs and all! They look too yummy to pass up!

  8. lol...I wish we were triplets. You both are so entertaining and talented. I love the bright sugar cookies. And those cute dessert plates. I am going to be sad when Halloween is over and the girls get...shhh...stored! ;)

  9. I love how much you and Joni enjoy this holiday! I have always loved Halloween, since I was a kid! You have some collection of Halloween dishes and cups. xo,

  10. How fun!!! And, your cookies are fabulous.

  11. Boo-tiful treats. Are you posting the recipes for them? I loved the eyeballs on the cupcakes.

  12. you sisters are all so cute! or should i say scary... what fun you four had :) or should i say what a frightful time~

    who cares, LETS EAT!

  13. Enjoyed this trip with you. Quite lovely indeed.. The cupcakes just made the day and they looked simply delicious...Fun! Fun!

  14. Jacqueline,
    Neat post. Cookies are beautiful and cupcakes are perfect.

  15. Shreekingly fabulous fun! I think your cookies on the spider platter are so much fun...great job, Jackie. Loving the eyeball cups too....and I'm so excited "the wicked witch of the West" pot is on it's way. I think with matching pots we need to have a "POT-Party!" What say ye?

  16. Looks like a lot of fun Jacqueline! Your cookies are really pretty! Lovin' those great plates and the cute treats container (mouse and all:@)

  17. Oh those witches know how to entertain! Their coven sisters at my place on the other hand, are very misguided!
    I love all your Halloween accoutrements, the cookies look wonderful! Eye ball cupcakes caught my eye! :)

  18. Those witches sure have a fun time together with their sweets, don't they? I enjoy seeing their culinary antics!!!!

  19. Oh my gosh I am coming over...your table is so whimsical and fun. I bet the girls just loved it, I know I do! Cute plates.

  20. I just love you two sisters...and your witches! ;D

  21. Oh, I'd love to be at the cute witches party, whimsy table and al the great plates, decor and mugs and all they're eating, such a fab and fun party! Thanks for your lovely visit honey...yes, it's a horrible mess this house, but tomorrow it's over and there comes me to start the cleaning and putting everything back!! Thanks sweetie. Hugs,

  22. TOO, too fun! The last photo had me cackling! Love seeing Wolfie sniffing Beaulah out and your sweet treats :)

  23. Beaulah and Zoulah are a scream! They really must have worn their wands out conjuring up this darling fun and cutely creepy table! I love those cookies! So full of spooky detail!
    What a creative post! Can one of the witchy girls cast a spell and do something about this economy?

  24. Love the BOO plates! Thanks for sharing! It is a great table setting.JoAnn

  25. Could I be your sister, too? I love everything you two do! This post is the best.
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  26. Those eyeball cupcakes...scary! They really are creepy looking!!! I'll bet they tasted good, though. That's all that counts in the end. (Uh oh...sounding like a cannibal there!) :-) You do such creative things, and the "twins" are always so much fun!

  27. Wonderful gathering. Love those plates. I didn't see those at my HomeGoods.

    - The Tablescaper

  28. What a charming dessert table! I have the same spidery tiered dish. It's wonderful, isn't it? I may have to borrow some of your ideas next year . . .

  29. What a fun post! Love those plates.
    The setting looks really creepy. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  30. What darling fun and whimsey on this table! You've thot of everything!

  31. Jacqueline, I was here earlier but then had to go out. This post is a HOOT!!!! Too funny, but SO creative! The cookies are spectacular! XO, Pinky

  32. Jacqueline, I just gain 10 pounds looking at all your yummy treat's.....heehee
    I'm running away from this post as my mouth is staring to!!
    Don't want to drool all over your yummy treats.....


  33. Love Home Goods! We bought the same spider web table stuff for halloween! haha Love the cupcakes and cookies, they look adorable!

  34. Very entertaining post, Jacqueline. Your photos are superb and your Halloween accessories are so cute!...Christine

  35. I adore all your Halloween decor! I am enjoying the Beaulah and Zoulah series very much! Love the cookies :-)

  36. They are so similar and hey, you reminded me I have a witchy fitz and floyd pitcher stashed away somewhere. Gotta go hunt her down.

  37. So much Halloween fun with those fun witch twins!

  38. Hi lovely lady.
    I love all your Halloween decor so much fun!!! Your witch's are so sweet.
    I hope you have a great week.
    XXOO Diane

  39. As always your post is joyful. I have the cake stand with the witches shoes but never thought about putting a witch on it. I have a really cute gourd witch that is coming out of the cabinet and going!

  40. Such fun to see sisters having a good time together. Love your sense of whimsy, Jacqueline and Joni. ~ Sarah

  41. Those twins are up to it again, I see! Everything looks yummy, especially those cute cookies. Love those Boo plates.
    A couple of years ago I made a cake with those eyeballs, they are great for decorating, aren't they?

  42. Jacqueline, What a fun day for the girls! Looks like you had some wonderful sweets too. The eyeball cupcakes are cute in a kind of creepy way. LOL. Thanks again for joining the Open House Party.

  43. Jacqueline -- late as every, ssems that is my way. Loved the post. Your photos turned out so great. The cookies are so striking. I am itching to make some sugar cookies and see what I can come up with. Love to decorate them. Loved the eyeball cupcakes too and all your plates. Zoulah (and Wolfie) definitely had fun! Joni

  44. I realized that there were two because their scalloped hems are different colors and their stands are different, too. So many yucky things come together in such a fun whimsical way. Great job. Cherry Kay

  45. What fabulous treats! Love the eyeballs on the cupcakes:) The polka dot sugar cookies are my favorites! Great colors, Jacqueline!

  46. Those little witches are just so adorable.


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