Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Bird Wouldn't Love These Mansions - Tablescape

These beautiful bird houses in red and cream
usually sit on my front porch.

So stately and elegant, they are too
magnificent to be called houses, I
think we better refer to them as bird mansions.

Today these mansions are the inspiration for my

Beautiful reds and creams are layered today
to match the bird houses.

Like many a stately mansion, their colors
have faded with time and the elements,
but they retain their beautiful details.

Look through the dainty scrolled
windows to catch a view of 
our red bowl.  

Such fun ornamentation!

The largest one is my favorite. because of its detail.
Its red has really faded but I still love it.
Isn't it's size just grand?

Here again you can see through little
metal doors with oval windows on this
top balcony. 

These are just ornamental and so far
no birds have tried to take up residence.
(I don't think I would let them!)

Now - on to the table...

The red and cream stack is underscored by a beautiful
red and cream toile.
I think toile is so romantic.

The linen goes perfectly with the dishes.

I love all the textured edges on the plates and bowl.

The red flatware looks so lovely
on the toile and its detail fits in beautifully
with the ornamentation on the bird houses
and plates.

These pretty stems mimic the
red and white theme.

The tiered dessert server also has a bird theme.

A couple of birds have come to nest under 
the dessert server.

A few red rose petals from the
garden are scattered around
the table.

Each place setting is finished off with a 
deep red organza napkin with a red and cream napkin ring.

The birds have never had it so good.
(Hope none of them decide to move in after all!)

I will be posting this with

Waverly Toile Linen  and napkins- Home Goods
Red plates and bowls - Home Goods
Tall red and white bird house - Home Goods
Red bird house - Tai Pan
White plates - Tai Pan
Tiered dessert server - Tai Pan
Red stemmed bubble goblets - Crate and Barrel (15  years ago)
Red flatware - Horchow


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Those bird mansions are wonderful and your tablescape is just amazing! If I were a bird I would definitely want to move in!


  2. Love the mansions but I'm blown away by the view in the first pic! Beautiful tablecloth and dishes too Jacqueline-enjoy:@)

  3. I love everything about this tablescape, Jacqueline, those bird mansions are beautiful! Kiwi and Pearlie want to know if you would consider renting to them? xo,

  4. You are using my favorite color - red ;-) I agree with Lynn, the view steals the show!

  5. Love birds..birdhouses.. and views:)

    Your view is a bit like Jain's:)
    Wonderful..and your close ups of the dishes are perfect..
    Wish we had Home Goods..we have close..but not at all the same if that makes sense...

  6. so darling, looks like a little tyrolian clock tower party.

    please tell me those are not real hunks of chocolate, i don't think i can handle all that much goodness...

    love your view of the wasatch mountains, i feel like i am peeking at the u of u~

  7. I will not go all jiggy over birdhouses.... I will not go all jiggy over birdhouses.... nope not working! These are just gorgeous! Love the tablescape. I love anything red! The petals sprinkled about is such a sweet detail. Great job!

  8. Your bird houses are so intricate. Love the toile table and OF COURSE you know I love red -- haven't seen your red plates before -- love them and all the details. Joni

  9. WoW !! Everything is breathtaking!! The Mansions .. the tablesetting .. and the view .. going back for a 4th, 5th & 10th look lol .. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Your mansion are magnificent and perfect jumping off point for this table. Love the toile tablecloth.. always a great underpinning for gorgeous dishes such as yours. A winner of table in my book! xo marlis

  11. Your tablescape is magnificent!

  12. Of all the red glasses I've seen, those are by far my favorite. I love the fact that the color comes subtly from the stem. VERY pretty!

    The whole table is right up my alley because I love birds, toile, and the color red.

  13. What a charming tablescape. I love your centerpiece! Thanks for sharing!

  14. I love all the red and white...and of course, I adore the red toile tablecloth. Let me know if and when you are bidding on table linens on eBay, so I don't bid against you. If we can figure it out, I'll do the same. We could make it first come, first serve...and then just battle the rest of cyber world. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, sophisticated design. Cherry Kay

  15. Fabulous tablescape! The bird mansion it's too awesome, I love it. The red and white pretty china is just perfect for a wonderful setting. Just lovely! Hugs, FABBY

  16. I love your red and white table setting, Jacqueline. Your birds and bird houses are so pretty and your view is spectacular. I just bought those flatware from Horchow. I bought black ones from TJ Maxx a few years agand like them very much so I ordered the blue ones from Horchow and then just got the red ones too....Christine

  17. Jacqueline, YOur birdhouses have a beautiful old world feel. You are right, any bird would love to make those mansions their home!
    You mix reds and cream and white richly together! Wonderfully done, especially with the toile!
    I LOVE your red stemmed bubble glasses! What a fabulous addition to your table.
    I also love your al fresco "perch" and the setting of this table!
    Magazine worthy!

  18. Beautiful table, Jacqueline!

    I love the birdhouses!

  19. Oh you have hit my heart bullseye; I love birds. I love beautiful table settings and THE BIRD MANSIONS? I have many that I just enjoy keeping inside, or else the squirrels destroy them!


  20. Hi, Jacqueline! So, so pretty...I CAN'T imagine a bird who wouldn't feel like he was at The Four Seasons! :-) If these pretty birdhouses had been around back in the 1960s, maybe Alfred Hitchcock's birds wouldn't have gone berserk because they'd be too busy living in the lap of luxury!

  21. This is gorgeous, so elegant. I love the term "bird mansion" and I will now use it when we see wonderful, ornate homes for birds! I love the tablecloth, the dishes, the flatware and all the careful detail that went into this tablescape!

  22. Oh, I love these birdhouses - mansions indeed. This color scheme is so beautiful, elegant. Everything is beautiful on that gorgeous cloth.

  23. "bird mansion" such an amazing saying love it.

    The table setting and everything in and around it beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Karin Şen Cankan

  24. This is just fabulous!! Love the bird mansions, and all the details!

    I have enjoyed browsing through your blog and catching up on what I've missed. I'm a Follower now and will join Pinterest.

    Do you have the button that sends your new blog posts? I would like that!

    You have one of the most elegant blogs ever! Just beautiful!


  25. P.S. - I'm so glad to see a picture of you - very pretty, you sure don't look like a grandmother! I had you pictured as a brunette! Maybe because of the "chocolate" name! LOL!


  26. Fantastic tablescape. Love the faded elegance.

  27. Oh, I love your table! I adore toile. I adore red and white together and I adore those fabulous plates.

  28. Love the pink birdhouse! Your table is wonderful!

  29. What great bird mansions -- I'll bet all the feathered friends would love to move in....and they have "take out" right from their front door! Beautiful red and white tablescape.

  30. Somehow I'm drawn to your site whether I know it's you or not. Today it's because of the birdhouses. I have quite a collection and am always interested in seeing how others use/display them. What a creative table you've made with them!

  31. I love this table scape. Birdhouses are so sweet. I think we ladies enjoy them so much because it's a way to keep that Doll House love going as an adult.

  32. What a lovely tablescape! Your bird mansions are gorgeous! The big white one reminds of the Santa Barbara Mission! Everything is just perfect.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  33. My goodness, woman...your table setting is wonderful, the view, breathtaking, and those bird mansions are to die for.
    Beautiful post.
    xo bj

  34. Love your bird real estate but I'm blown away with your VIEW! No wonder the birds haven't tried to take up residence...I wouldn't be inside a house either! Fun, fun, fun~ love your red & white too :-)

  35. SO GORGEOUS! To begin with, I LOVE the toile tablecloth! What a pleasure it would be to pull up a chair at your table:)

  36. Been away to cooler temps so haven't visited in awhile. Loving this tablescape with its layers of red and those delightful bird mansions. ;-)

  37. Jacqueline,
    I am a New Follower, and your Tablescape is just the lovely! Gorgeous Bird Mansions, I wouldn't let them move in either!


  38. Your blog is better than a magazine.

  39. I am still craving those white chargers!!!!!!!!!!!! Your table is fabulous! Love the wonderful bird MANSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! The detail is beautiful! I love decorative birdhouses too! My kitchen is full of them for summer! Have a wonderful week!!!! XO, Pinky

  40. Hi Jacqueline!! What a gorgeous table and such lovely birdhouses too!! Your dishes and attention to detail as always is wonderful! Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  41. Outstanding, Ms. J!!! I almost missed this one. Everything is just perfect...LOVE all that RED!!!


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