Tuesday, August 23, 2011

French Country Dining - La Caille and A French Country PIcnic

Enter the gates of La Caille with me,
the premier fine dining restaurant
in Salt Lake City.

(Don't you just love those turquoise gates?)

La Caille is set on 20 acres of wooded areas,
vineyards and manicured lawns

It is known for its stunning seasonal 
floral displays.

The buildings themselves are stunning too.

Swans and ducks swim in the ponds.

You have to spend some time just walking around
when you come here.

Look at this life size carriage

You can enjoy gorgeous outdoor
dining during the summer

Or come indoors.

 My favorite entertainment is the
free roaming peacocks out on 
the patio.

 This bold fellow walked right up to this
outdoor table and snatched a beak full
of butter - follow the arrow and
you can see the blob of butter.
It happened before the diners
even knew what was going on.
This beautiful guy walked right up to me,
I am directly in front of him and
just walked straight into the

They were certainly strutting 
their stuff this evening.

 The food is pricey so this is a special occasion restaurant,
but the presentation is always gorgeous.

This is the Lobster Bisque Soup.

Shrimp Cocktail

And a dessert sampler with
creme brulee, beignets with
cream dipping sauce and
a chocolate lava cake.

Don't ask me what happened to the main
dish pictures - I guess we ate them too
fast for photos.

This wonderful night inspired my table for this
week - a French Country Picnic.

We have always enjoyed simple picnics
with great food.  

Today's picnic features French blue.

Just grab a fabulous picnic basket 
and fill it with ready made items
and you are off.

Crusty bread and a little bubbly (non-alcoholic for me)
tucked into a pretty basket with a French blue linen.

I love to use glass plates and glasses to make
the simple food more elegant.

Even throw in some lovely blue hydrangeas.

These pretty blue and white plates are perfect
for serving a light picnic fare.

Wrap your flatware up in a pretty cloth napkin.

Fresh peaches and grapes, rotisserie chicken
and fancy cheeses are all you need.

See - no prep time needed, just fresh luscious food.

We received this fun basket as a wedding gift
32 years ago.  I love to give beautiful picnic
baskets for wedding gifts.

I love its leather latch.

The peaches this year are so amazing.

This beautiful bordered linen was from Williams Sonoma 
years ago.

 We end with chocolate eclairs topped
with a fresh pink rose.

Put together a fun French  picnic using
ready made foods and beautiful
accessories before the summer ends.

I had to give you one last peek at La Caille
to finish off my French Country Dining post.

It is fantastic at Christmas too 
(not that you want to be thinking about
Christmas yet - right?)

I will be posting with
Wayfaring Wednesday
Outdoor Wednesday
Tablescapes Thursday

Tablecloth - Williams Sonoma
Plates - Home Goods
Glasses - Cabo
Metal vase - Tai Pan
Flatware - Horchow
Napkins - Pier 1
Basket - wedding gift


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. What a gorgeous restaurant! I could spend half the day walking the grounds! That is one bold peacock, he better mind his manners when I'm there! lol!

    Love your picnic basket and tablescape. I wore ours out way back when the children were young and we had picnics at least once a week at the park. It would be nice to have one! Love the pretty fabrics and dishes.

    Have a great evening, Jacqueline!


  2. Brave birds, but I guess they are used to getting what they want. What a gorgeous place. I like your picnic better!

  3. That has to be the most gorgeous restaurant I have ever seen, I swear I will take a trip just to eat there!!!! Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and I love your French country picnic, everything is so elegant, makes me want to go on one right now! xo,

  4. I "pinned" La Caille to two of my boards: Wishful Traveling and Foods I want to Taste on Pinterest. Sad to hear about the owners, tragic ending. xo

  5. This looks like a FABULOUS place!!!! I hope I get there one day. Gorgeous gardens and landscaping, and the food looks fabulous too! Your picnic is perefect: no prep!!!! Love it! XO, Pinky

  6. Such a lovely restaurant (think I saw it on a television show once), but from everything I've seen on your blog, I'd much rather a meal from your kitchen!

  7. I am WILD over every sq " of your post! I am not familiar with this when I lived in slc a gazillon years ago, but it looks worthy of a quick flight, a little jewel in the valley! I so want those cascading baskets, it looks like Victoria to me...

    Not to be outdone is you glorious picnic, you are
    pure eye candy treats today :)

  8. Oh yes..I have eaten there on New Years Eve..it was awesome but I would love to go in the day time too..beautiful! Love your sweet picnic, everything is so nice, especially the eclairs..my favorite! ;D

  9. What a beautiful place - somehow I'd never thought of Utah and French cuisine, but I was very wrong!
    I loved your previous post and will definitely try it for a bridge lunch.

  10. Is La Caille located outside of Salt Lake City? Years ago, my husband was the executive producer for a movie that was filmed on location in Salt Lake City..."Savannah Smiles". The "mansion" in the movie was actually a restaurant just outside of Salt Lake City at the time. La Caille reminds me of the home/restaurant that was used in the movie. We dined there during the week of the premier that was held in SLC. Your post brought back some sweet memories. I nearly bid on your tablecloth on eBay last week. I love the blue and white...but of course, I do! Thank you for sharing your lovely evening and your delightful design. Cherry Kay

  11. Wowwww that looks great !! all !!...love from me...xxx...

  12. Love the turquoise gate, the topiary, the grounds, the peacock, your French blue picnic table/basket....wonderful, truly wonderful!


  13. I can't believe that restaurant..It is so beautiful..Old world charm.. the ponds..the flowers.. It is exquisite..and at Christmas..Oh lala.
    I have to tell you the photos are terrific also!
    I would have never heard of this beautiful resto.
    I really enjoy seeing what you see. It's a different world:)

  14. An amazing restaurant indeed. The gardens and buildings are spectacular. Thank you for sharing this with us! Love your picnic idea too. Blue and white seems to drop the temperature by 10 degrees, I'm sure that is scientific. Isn't it? Love those dishes and goblets.. also love your picnic basket, such a charmer! Stay cool with all your pretties. xo marlis

  15. A lovely post, full of lovely things. I enjoyed viewing your picnic goodies.

  16. The bisque looks fantastic, but I draw the line at animals of any kind in restaurants. Hard enough to keep them clean w/o critters walking around!
    Love your version of the picnic. The tablecloth is beautiful!

  17. This entire post was so beautiful. I just hate being too far away to go to that gorgeous restaurant. I'm so glad you took food pictures too. Dessert looks to die for. Your picnic is also stunning. I love the china and the cobalt goblets are wonderful. I really enjoyed this post!

  18. I love everything about this post Jacqueline! Absolutely gorgeous!!

  19. I am alive and back visiting you! Do you know, I have never been to this restaurant -- heard lots about it. I do love the turqoise door and that spun sugar dessert is calling me by my first name. Do you remember when we made the spun sugar cheesecake? Love the picnic -- so elegant -- the blue plates are so perfect -- always love blue. Joni

  20. What a place! Love your picnic and I think I agree with someone above. I'd love to eat at your house and visit with you better than peacocks and beautiful gates.

  21. So pretty, bet they have a lot of wedding receptions. Your picnic basket and hydrangeas are lovely as well

  22. All of this is enchanting. What a lovely tour. What a beautiful picnic you've prepared for us as well. Love those hydrangea dishes.

  23. Wedding 32 years ago? What...did you get married in the womb??!?!?! You only look 32!!!! You GO, girl! Luscious food is the key to any gathering, and the food you have assembled here for this romantic picnic hits the nail on the head. Those grapes are gargantuous!!! You could squeeze a whole case of wine out of that one bunch!!! I really like that table linen, too. The design on it is really pretty and fresh. The goundskeepers at La Caille must be very busy bees 24/7/365!!! The flowers there are gorgeous! Funny peacocks. Glad they were in good humor and just biting into the butter! :-) See ya!

  24. The restuarnt is lovely such a special place.

    Your picnic looks even better.

    Karin Şen Cankan

  25. Gorgeous restaurant...but I would be equally happy with your picnic lunch, it even has hydrangeas, my favorites! The blue and white dishes are lovely and go so nicely with the tablecloth.

  26. what a gorgeous restaurant setting. Thank you for sharing it. your delish picnic has inspired me to have a picnic with hubby on the property before the cold days of autumn start taking hold. Your presentation was beautiful ... xo HHL

  27. I think we are practically neighbors. The view off your deck is almost the same as the view from my front porch. I only live about a mile or two from La Caille. Small world! Anyway, just wanted to say I love your picnic. Beautiful presentation (and photography)!

  28. Wow! I really did remember...that was in the early 80's when we did that movie. Sweet Mister actually had an Alfred Hitchcock type cameo in the movie since he was the producer. He had a ball. Yes, Bridget Anderson died of a drug overdose at 21. She was a darling little girl who was sadly never allowed to have a childhood. Thanks for looking up the history. Cherry Kay

  29. O, what a beautiful place. Like a magical fairy land, indeed.
    Love your picnic..and YES, I DO love those pretty gates. :))

  30. Oh My lobster bisque, you have my mouth watering! What a stunning place I'll have to remember it for the next time I get to SLC. Thanks for sharing.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  31. OH MY GOODNESS!!! This is my type of place. If I ever get bac to SLC I am surely dining here.

    Thank you so much for linking up on Wayfaring Wednesday!

  32. Wow!! What a place!!! Everything about it is beautiful...setting, gardens, PEACOCKS, food. It looks like a special place. I'm sure it was a great experience. Your picnic looks wonderful as well!!

  33. If I ever get to Salt Lake City I want to eat there or at least visit. What a gorgeous place - except I don't think I'd want any Peacocks stealing my food :)

  34. What a gorgeous place!! Food looks wonderful too!


  35. What a wonderful restaurant! The grounds are just gorgeous. It's such a pleasure to sit outside to dine ~ love to do that. The dishes, linens and food are great! Thanks for sharing ~


  36. What a wonderful restaurant! The grounds are just gorgeous. It's such a pleasure to sit outside to dine ~ love to do that. The dishes, linens and food are great! Thanks for sharing ~


  37. A beautiful place to visit, and I could get lost in such an enchanting place. The gardens look wonderful and inside seems magical. The regal visitor is just gorgeous and the food looks just that as well. I love your french Summer picnic colours - blue and white is special to me also, and I'm not sure one could stop at one petite choc eclair! Divine. Just a lovely post!

  38. Love this post, J. So so so pretty.

  39. wow!! I think I just want to come for that restaurant. How amazing!!! As always, love how you showcase places that I never would get to see otherwise:)
    Thanks for sharing
    have a wonderful weekend

  40. I would have never thought that Salt Lake City had such a gorgeous restaurant. Thank you for sharing!

  41. Love this post, my favorite restaurant and a beautiful french table, love the color scheme, its gorgeous!


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