Wednesday, August 17, 2011

End of Summer "Blues" Tablescape

The lazy days of August are disappearing so
rapidly.  The kids start school next week.....

Come sit in a beach chair, maybe for the last time,
as we enjoy
a seaside tablescape.

There is something so wonderful about being
barefoot during the summer.
I love the heat of summer, the lessening of schedules,
the family time, the swimming, the sun, the
food; I guess I love it all.

It truly is my favorite time of the year.

Take some moments to run your feet through
the sand before summer ends
and enjoy my tribute to summer.

Fun, casual pieces make up the table's

I found these incredible bowls with seahorse handles
at the beginning of the summer and  finally
got them on the table.

They are so beautiful.  I purchased some in aqua
and some in white, enough to feed the whole

A fan of coordinating napkins that I made
fill the bowls.  Napkins are so easy to make
using a serger.

My favorite charger begins the stack and is followed
by graduated sizes of textured white plates.

This is one of my favorite seascape plates.  I was also 
able to get enough of these over 2 years to serve
16 (the whole family when everyone comes.)

Pretty turquoise goblets with a clear
stem are perfect for today's table.

"Sea glass" fills the goblets just for fun.

This net captures all of the found treasures
from the seashore.

I just turned a large urn on its side filled with
sand and added aqua balls and  shells.

Fun pewter picks are so fun for the table.

Marinated cheese tortellini and cheese cubes 
are threaded on the fun picks for our appetizers.

The picks make a simple appetizer special.

I just love this fun heavy plastic flatware -
fun, inexpensive yet not disposable.

Perfectly colored aqua seascape cupcakes 
are the ultimate finish to this soothing

Some simple molded white chocolate
starfish are easy to make using white chocolate coating.

To get just the exact color of aqua 
use Duff''s Electric coloring gels mixing sapphire
and teal (from Michael's Craft Store).

 The finishing touch are pearls
from the sea.

Even though it is almost time to say goodbye
to summer, wonderful memories remain.

This table will be posted with

White wooden chargers - Pier 1
White dinner and salad plates - Tai Pan
White shell plates and starfish plates - Home Goods
Seahorse bowls - Home Goods
Aqua glasses - Tai Pan
Aqua placemats - Home Goods
Clear Plastic flatware - Tuesday Morning
Pewter picks - Williams Sonoma
Ceramic spreaders - Williams Sonoma
Shells - Wal Mart
Beach chairs - Home Goods
Sign - Home Goods
Aqua table topper and napkins - Fabric from JoAnn's Fabric


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Pretty table! Love the color. Come and enter my giveaway!

  2. girl, you know how i feel about those beachy tables, i can never get enough!

    i have your sea horses too, but i don't have your DARLING napkins and face it, i am coveting your wave plates... oh, and toss in the glassware too!

    and since i am whining, i think you can placate me with a cupcake...

    ok make it 2 and i will leave happy:)

    fun fun FUN table!

  3. I agree with Jain, I'm feeling a bit envious of a few of the details on your seascape table. Those sweet starfish bowls and the stack of white plates. Love the textures and the colors of this table for certain. Your napkins are perfect for the table. How clever of you to make your own.
    Savor the last days of summer. For me, I'm ready to move on. ;-)

  4. Very pretty Jacqueline! Love your new seahorse bowls, they're so cute! Just a beautiful, tranquil summer setting-enjoy:@)

  5. What a gorgeous table! It makes me a little sad that the summer is almost over and I feel like I missed it!

  6. Ohhh, the blues of Summer, you have captured it all right here..gorgeous! :D

  7. Well, NOONE could have the bLUES after seeing this amazing table!!! I love every elent! You have mixed all the textures and finishes beautifully! I am trying to HANG ON TO summer for awhile too! I do look forward to Fall decorating but it only menas WINTER is coming:(:( This is a fabulous table!!!!! XO, Pinky

  8. Okay, this is seriously beautiful AND fun! I LOVE those new bowls and the pewter picks are delightful!!!!


  9. Great minds.. but I love yours better. The sweet picks are amazingly darling. Great idea to lay the vase on it's side to create a clear glass display.. You are soo creative. I love the whole look of the table and all the shiny balls and the beautiful blue color.. Wonderful... xoxo marlis

  10. Oh, what an amazing tablescape!! In my mind..., we still have a month of summer ahead of us. Love the dishes... and the pewter picks -I think I need some of those!!

  11. Oh wow it is all gorgeous and those plates!!! I am swooning like a open mouthed fish here...One of the best tables I have seen in a while!


  12. What a beautiful summer tablescape. Love it all.

  13. It cannot be of the summer yet, the year just started! How time flies. Beautiful table setting, love all these colors.

  14. I was going to and Jain.. are twins..
    I knew she would love this..
    I do too.

  15. Love the color with the white! Great layering with the plates - textures are wonderful. Jennfier

  16. So fresh and summery! Beautiful table with calm blue. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  17. This is gorgeous! Is it almost the end of summer already? I just don't want to believe it....and the temperature here doesn't let me think that way either...hahaha...Thank you for sharing your beautiful collection!

  18. Oh I want to run my toes thru the sand at your seaside table! Love your urn on its side and your fun, clear flatware! I admired those turquoise seahorse bowls earlier this year and now regret not dipping into my wallet to buy them! Love, love, love your layered dishes and of course, your cupcakes :-)

  19. Loving all the seaside touches! Those cute little bowls are just exquisite! I have the same little white it all!

  20. I'll email my address so that you can pack up that entire table and mail it to me....and jump in the box yourself, please, with your recipes, as it wouldn't be the same without the food!

  21. Gosh, this is gorgeous. I love that color of teal, and you have collected a beautiful assortment! Those seahorse bowls are great, and how cute are those cupcakes!! I'm not quite ready to let the summer go yet!! Loved your post!

  22. Jacqueline, what a beautiful table! Your dishes are just divine. How wonderful that you were able to find 16 of them! I love all the little touches you have added to the table. I sure to love those seahorse handles. We had an aquarium with seahorses when I was a little girl and they always make me happy. Beautiful color and design. It helps to take the heat away...

  23. This is one of the prettiest tables I have ever seen, Jacqueline...aqua is one of my favorite colors and this table more than does it justice. I love those shell plates. Thanks for sharing your amazing tablescape talents!

  24. Good grief Jacqueline! I just spent the last four hours pouring over your pics, recipes and just ....awesomeness. This is my first visit, I have been a regular at BNOTP from the beginning. But this is wonderful! Please keep up the good work, and share more of your decorating, recipes and tablescapes. Well done!

  25. Jacqueline, thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate the nice comment. I agree with everyone above! That is one of the most beautiful tables I've seen. The color scheme is so calming and all the details are just perfect. Really nice!
    Have a fun weekend! Shannon

  26. Oh My! This is gorgeous! I love your pretty blues. Those shell plates -- your TWO beach chairs! I even love your pretty plastic flatware! This is an enchanting beachy table.

  27. Just beautiful! I love the soft colors mixed with the white. I do have to say though that I cannot wait for summer to be over and get away from this brutal heat! 108' today and 50 something days of it. I'm trying to figure out a way to move to
    CO. :-)


  28. Beautiflly set table.

    Gorgeous everything looks gorgeous love it.

    Karin Şen Cankan

  29. I love your chargers. Hope Pier I still carries them.

  30. Very pretty, Jacqueline! Your dishes are so cool, love the colors! Your photographs are amazing....Christine

  31. Your tablescapes are always gorgeous! I love the white and blue- so cool I can almost smell those ocean breezes. :)

  32. Wow! Beautiful colors and fabulous touches!

  33. Really awesome...I'm so glad summer's on it's way to us when I look at your seascape!
    Happy weekend to you.

  34. what a beautiful table. I love everything on it. Those little silver pics are gorgeous. Love the shell plates.


  35. Oh my gosh this is such a gorgeous table!!!! Love every single detail! The white plates are beautiful and the sea-horse handle bowls are darling! Love love love!

  36. Oh, Jacqueline....I totally agree with you about those bowls. They are the cutest!!! Wow! Home Goods, huh? I haven't done much of any shopping this year, so I'm glad to see all my blogger buddies finding such great stuff out there. Those are so unique and the color is so pretty! They are the perfect foil to the gorgeous white plates beneath. Great job on the napkins! Great fabric!!! When I scrolled back through, I took a longer look at those great appetizer picks. Those are really beautiful. They certainly could make the most humble hors d'oeuvres look like something extra special! Great job! Enjoy your weekend!!!

  37. Love your napkins. How simple yet wonderful. Great tablescape.

  38. Um...this is ah-mazing. Those cupcakes look so great! Beautiful job! Thanks for sharing!

  39. This week is proof of why I'm always looking for your post. Over the top fantastic! The colors are completely caressing. Thank you for sharing your beautiful design. Cherry Kay

  40. I love the color of those dishes! Great job! Also adrorable idea for the cupcakes and appitizers. I'll have to try that : )
    Thanks for the inspiration. Love your blog!

  41. i LOVE the color of the sea! DO you have room to eat at this table?? Anne

  42. This is one of my favorite tables you have ever done. It makes me feel good!

  43. This is my kind of table! There isn't anything you have here that I wouldn't love to have at my house:) Lucky for me, I have a beach vacation scheduled for fall so I don't have to give up the water and sand yet!

  44. Gorgeous! I love the color and the little beach chairs are so cute! The cupcakes are a perfect ending:)

  45. Fantastic tablescape! Love those colors!



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