Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Garden Party for Baby's First Birthday

There is something just magical
about baby's first birthday party and
with a cake like this, how can it be
anything but magical.  Goldie is one and mama
Lindsay said she found all
of her ideas for the party

I just adore this
ruffle cake.  I had never seen one
before and now I have seen them  all 
over the internet.

You can find out how to
make it online with how to videos
on Youtube.

Have you joined Pinterest yet?  It is
really fun.  As a matter of fact you will
find that I have pinned many of you, my
blog friends and have featured some
of your beautiful pictures.

Lindsay made this fun lace and fabric
hanging that set the tone for the

She ordered these adorable straws on line and
put them in Ball jars.

Matching lace and fabric ties
top the cute jars.  

Pink is the order of the day
and it looks so cool and refreshing
in the summer outdoors.

A touch of pink was added to
 Rice Krispie Treats and 
then they were cut into hearts and flowers.

These fantstic little ham and swiss sliders
were a recipe she found on Pinterest.  You
make a poppy seed butter and top the
bun with it and then bake them until
the cheese melts.  These were a huge hit.

Pink and purple "ice cream cone"
cupcakes were adored by
all of the little ones.  She
placed the two frostings in 
separate icing bags then put them
in a larger bag together.  The larger
bag had a 1M tip and when it was
squeezed, the two colors came out.
This way the colors don't mix!

Another one sneaks off the platter!

The kids also had fun blowing bubbles.

Now for the funnest part.  Is this
a tradition in your home?  Do you let
them attack their cake on their first
birthday?  We love this.

Look at how she has her foot
up on the high chair tray -  Miss Casual.

This cake is almost too pretty to let her tear into it.
She is just too lady-like.

Ok, so she gets a little help here.
Sometimes you have to teach
them how to dig in!!!

 Mmmmmmm, I think I like this tradition.  Can I do it next
year too?

Let's finish with a few photos of the other 
party goers. (These are all six of my
grandkids!  To be a grandmother is
the greatest thing in the world!)

Everyone had a wonderful time.

Happy 1st Birthday Goldie!

I will be posting this with


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Happy 1st to Goldie! I just love the smushing of the cake tradition. I have done a cake seperate from the big cake for the kids to destroy. My oldest wouldn't do it so I had to "help" a little. She and grandpa did think it was fun to feed the cake to grandpa's dog. That is until the dog had way too much. Beautiful grandkids! I see they got grandma's good looks!

  2. Everything is so pretty, love the cake! I'm sure everyone eat well and had a great time:@)

  3. Happy 1st Birthday to the little sweet pea! Wow ~ look at those long eyelashes. She is just darling. Love the ribbon cake too!

    Susan and Bentley

  4. Well done. That cake is beautiful. Precious little one! Our girls LOVE Pinterest....I guess I should go check it out.

  5. Happy First Birthday to Goldie! Talk about "pretty in pink"? This is absolutely adorable. Six grandkids, Jacqueline, you look too young!!! Blessings to all of you. xo,

  6. Your little grandchildren are all so so cute..And how about Goldie and her name?

    So sweet..and great party..I had never heard of that site...thank you..

    Beautiful post:)

  7. Pretty cake, never seen one like me ideas for next year! Thanks for sharing the lovely photos : )

  8. So sweet and that cake is GORGEOUS!! Of course, so is everything else!

  9. I think I might have to check this Pinterest thing out...lots of good ideas here! I love the faces of your sweet! :D

  10. What a pinkalicious party!
    That cake is amazing and everything sounds so yummy!
    Happy 1st Birthday Goldie! Thank You for sharing and I've been hearing alot about Pinterest so I think I'm going to just have to go check it out! :) Have a great day!

  11. Happy 1st Birthday, Goldie! I say thumbs up to that tradition.
    Beautiful cake and party details. Jacqueline, I still have a difficult time thinking of you as a grandmother. You have beautiful grandchildren, and I know they adore you. What do they call you?

  12. This is the just the most fun! Loved seeing that photo of the sweet princess with her foot on the chair! What a delightful party. Oh goodness so much attention to even the smallest details. Loved the idea of the sliders.. will check pinterest for that one! I too have been pinning! Thanks so much for sharing all this delicious pinkness with us. Many blessings, marlis

  13. LOVE the ribbon cake - I have to make one soon!!

    I just recently discovered pinterest. I've requested a membership several time, but I haven't been given the green light yet (despite having tons of my blog pics "pinned" on there).

    Happy bday to the little one!!

  14. Oh my goodness, that is just beyond fabulous!! I LOVE that a little girl's part was so pretty and not plastic animated characters. My aunt make the sliders, and they are always a hit!! The cake is just to pretty, and I love the ribbons and straws in the jars. Beautiful!!

  15. ...I also just love your new photo!!! I had not seen it. I just read my comment above and realized that I apparently cannot type:-)

  16. Totally AWESOME birthday party! I love ALL the ideas & that sweet little Goldie is just precious beyond belief! I could just eat her up...and her cake, too.

    I'm sending this on to my DD for Ms. C's next birthday.

    Now I'm off to check out I've been seeing it on other's blogs but don't know much about it.
    Thanks for telling us.

  17. Everything is so pink-a-liciously beautiful!

    I about died/laughed out loud when I saw the pic with her foot up on the table.

    Yes, we have the tradition of letting them dig in and get all messy and have fun on their 1st!

    ALL of your grandchildren are so absolutely adorable--what an immense blessing!!!


  18. Happy Birthday Goldie -- love all the pink. Aren't Mason jars the greatest -- so versatile! The ruffle cake is so beautiful and of course, my kids got to grab at the cake. Sometimes, we had their own little cakes. I see so much resemblance in Kylie and Jessica in the pic of Kylie. Joni

  19. Happy Birthday to that sweetie pie...this was so fun to read and look at the sweet delights and ideas! Just FUN!! Thanks

  20. How cute was that... the piggy pose with her tootsies on the table! So much fun to be one, today I added 58 years to that number!

  21. Oh what a fun pink birthday party! Love the ruffle cake & those fabric tied jars are so festive! Miss Goldie is adorable with her long eyelashes eating her cake!!

  22. Fantastic!
    but......what is pintrest? Am I the only person in blogdom who doesn't know? Could you email me directions to whatever it is?

  23. What a precious baby! And such beautiful food - the cake is a work of art!

  24. You're right! Being a grandma is absolutely the best thing in life! Our third grandbaby will be having his 1st next month. Already planning the party. Your post gave me some ideas!

  25. This is just such a sweet and pretty birthday party! I love the ruffle cake too! And the jars are so cute! It's simplicity really appeals to me. Some sweet faces too!

  26. What a gorgeous 1st birthday! Every detail is amazing.

  27. Absolutely adorable! Every detail is perfect! The cake is soooo nice! Well done! We have that tradition too of letting the 1 year old go at it on the cake! Goldie is precious! Thanks for the tips on Pinterest. Those sliders look so yummy!

  28. Bonjour Jacqueline
    Happy Birthday
    Many more years to the pretty lady
    She have and enjoy her nice party
    Everything is so beautiful

  29. WOW Jacqueline, that cake is glorious, as are all the other lovely COLORFUL treats! What a great plan for a memorable party. Anita

  30. Oh this is simply gorgeous! I love the way the party was set up and decorated. The food looks delicious too - from the bright punch to that gorgeous cake.

  31. Jacqueline,

    What a gorgeous and fun 1st party!!! I just showed this to my daughter and she wants that cake for her 5th birthday! Where can I find the recipe? SVP. :-)

    I hope you're enjoying your summer, sweetie.


    Luciane at

  32. Beautiful, sweet and adorable!! Everything about this post and party is lovely!

  33. Hi, Jacqueline! I've been absent for a couple of months, but I'm back and thrilled to see such a cool post!!! That cake is fantastic! I don't think I've ever seen one quite like it. I don't think my limited culinary talents would permit me to recreate it, but I love it!!! What a nice party for your granddaughter! Lots of thoughtful, fun, kid friendly details that I'm sure the adults were able to appreciate just as much. Fabulous! Have a wonderful weekend!

  34. SO adorable!! She looked pretty happy with that's good to be the birthday girl!! That cake is amazing!!

  35. Such a marvelous 1st birthday celebration. Someday Goldie will enjoy the pictures. The cake is amazing! I'm going to go view the tutorial. All your babies are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your wonderful occasion. Cherry Kay

  36. How precious! What a sweet Birthday celebration.

  37. Jackie, they are all beautiful! They definately take after their NaNa.....Jackie

  38. Love every detail! The ruffle cake looks especially gorgeous! You have 6 little darlings there:)

  39. Happy first birthday to your little darling, Goldie! I love that shot of her with her foot up and finger in the cake :) When our grandson turned one he wanted nothing to do with eating his cake but he sure got it all over himself.

    I did join Pinterest but I haven't had much time to spend on the site yet. Great ideas for a little girl's first birthday party! The cake is gorgeous.

  40. Happy 1st birthday to your adorable granddaughter! (and your other 5 grandkids are equally adorable!) -- and this "party in pink" looked lovely! And yes, I had my son (for his 1st bday--and he's 20 now!) attack his cake as well -- it was a sheet cake and I will never forget my cousin saying, "Oh God! She shouldn't let him do that! He's ruining it!" LOL! (Isn't it funny how we sometimes never forget something?!)
    Well you had a great party and beautiful grandchildren. Thanks with sharing.

  41. The party was beautiful, but even more beautiful are the faces of your grandchildren. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Happy Birthday, pretty little Goldie! Oh, my Lord, look at her gorgeous long eyelashes! She's adorable. What a beautiful celebration. That cake is awesome! What a wonderful adorable celebration! Almost feel like I was there except as hard as I tried I couldn't taste that pink icing! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  43. What a wonderful pink celebration. Every single little detail looks done to perfection. Just an amazing party. How wonderful for you to have all of your grandchildren in one place at such a spectacular celebration. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  44. I just saw this, and it turned out so cute! You should submit it to TipJunkie! If you need more info just e-mail me!

  45. Ah! So sweet! Totally loving your style. I've heard a lot about pinterest lately, and I think you've convinced me to check it out and join in officially. I'm just worried about the drooling!

  46. Happy birthday to your cutie! The sliders caught my eye. They are a LONG time family favorite. So yummy and kids do love them. The mason jars adorned with ribbon with swirly straws, over the moon.


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