Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Bees Are Buzzing - 24th of July Celebration

We are lucky in Utah because we get to
have fireworks both on the 4th of July and
on the 24th of July.  On the 24th of July we
celebrate the pioneers entering the Salt Lake
valley in 1847.  It is called Pioneer Day.

Utah is known as the Beehive State,
so today's table honors our 24th of July
Celebration with a bee table. 

A few months ago I received an email coupon for 30 percent
off anything on Horchow's  website.
Of course, I had to go take a look and  I found these
fun Bumble Bee plates.

They are a soft buttery golden color and the 
raised detail is just wonderful.

Matching salad plates have the reverse design 
with the honeycomb around the rim and the bee
in the center.

They also had Wallace's 
Napoleon Bee flatware, and with everything
30 percent off, I decided to splurge since I am from the

Here is a closeup of the bee plates.

It was really fun to use these for the first time
for a family dinner.  Adults and children alike
were really enchanted by the bees, both on the
plates and on the flatware.

I added a little craft store bee to a silver napkin ring
and tucked in a little ivy and a yellow rose from
the garden.

The beehive table needs a little beehive
cake don't you think?

Yellow and clear bubble glasses
and ruffled placemats sit atop a
stone table.

Since bees love flowers and so do I,
I cut some Peace roses and my very first
gardenias ever.

The gardenias are a potted plant that I hope to 
take indoors for the winter.  

The smell is just incredible!

The Bee hive cakes were made
Betty Crocker's  Bonnie Butter Cake Recipe
which is always my go-to recipe for a buttery, rich
cake.  I have my Betty Crocker Cookbook from 1976,
right after I graduated from high school!

 I baked them in my mini bundt pans and
stacked two, then crumb coated them and piped
on a Honey Cream Cheese frosting.
Yum! (I will have to fight off the bees!)

Thanks for helping to celebrate the 24th of July
Pioneer Day
with me today.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to 
Purple Chocolat Home.

Plates and flatware - Horchow
Glasses and topiaries - Tai Pan
Napkins - Pier 1
Napkin Rings - Wal Mart
Placemats - Home Goods

I will be posting this with 

If you love pretty dishes and placesettings,
come visit Tablescapes Thursday.  It is so much fun!


Chocolat - French for Chocolate. I adored chocolate from a young age when I had to sneak in the cupboard to find where my mother had hidden the Nestle's Chocolate Chips. Having read about the famous chocolat shoppes in Paris, when I finally got there I was determined to try a chocolate from every Paris shoppe. I invite you to share my adventures in creating, in travel, and in life.


  1. Gosh I just don't know how you manage to keep up with such refreshing posts! What a darling table. I love the bee theme it's TDF!! Thank you for a lovely post, I'll be sure to look up the recipe, Hugs, Sally x

  2. Love the bee plates and flatware Jacqueline! Such a cute cake, I need to look up the Honey Cream Cheese Frosting, it sounds great:@)

  3. Adore the new bee plates...gotta jet...on my way to look at Horchow....just what I need...another set of plates. Thank you for inspiring with your darling design. Cherry Kay

  4. Jacqueline, you never cease to amaze me. This table is so gorgeous and unique. And I never knew Utah was the Beehive State! That cake sounds so luxurious, wish I had a little slice to go with a nice cup of tea, sigh. xo,

  5. that is darling, i have the same sets and adore all things bee too :)

    your cake is adorable, love your piping.

    i went to u of u, to ski of course, beehive state and poineer days brings back many memories, happy holiday to you, i am sure you will bee happy!

  6. Jacqueline, I'd say this is the "bee's knees"! I adore bee related items, so your table really speaks to my heart. The new dishes and flatware definitely needed to be in your home. Love the honey sweet cakes! I purchased the bee hive cake pans last year, but have yet to bake a cake in them. This table may just inspire me to get busy baking. ;-)
    As always, your table is one of the best! ~ Sarah

  7. I love how you put the table together.. I have some bee hive napkin rings you need (OKL). I love all the delicious yellowness of the table. The plates are gorgeous and go so well with your yellow bubble glasses. The flatware was a must! And everyone needs one of those cakes.. It looks absolutely yummy and your presentation is wonderful. Happy Pioneer day! xo marlis

  8. Adorable! My daughter is going to have a honey-bee birthday soon (no black and yellow, just tans and yellows), so I loved all your ideas. Beautiful tablescape!

  9. fantastic...i love the bee's. I consider myself the queen bee around my buzz!!

  10. I am so crazy about bees, even though I am allergic to them! I love your dishes so much and the bee cakes. I posted a cute one too on my previous post. Wish I had a set of dishes like that. I saw some glasses once that had bees on pretty! :D

  11. Love the bee plates! I Loves BEE.. yo bee.. Beautiful love it very much thank you!

  12. I am bringing a HUGE suitcase next time I visit and the plates and the flatware better be locked up or THEY WILL BE GONE! I have been toying with a bee tablescape for over a year and I love yours. The cakes look so good that even Pooh Bear would approve. Joni

  13. What a gorgeous table! I love those bee plates :)

  14. Oh I am loving your table setting! And as much as I love the dishes and the flatware, the cake is my absolute favorite!

  15. Gorgeous table! Every little detail....Christine

  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE your BEE table.. it was meant just for me!!!

  17. "Utah is known as the Beehive State"...I didn't know that! Happy Pioneer Days!

    Such fun details, Jacqueline. I have the same Napoleon bee flatware & some beverage glasses to go with it, but I sure could use those plates, too. You're a baaaaad influence, ya' know!

    I love your gorgeous yellow bubble glasses, too. What a pretty color!

    Well done, top to bottom.

  18. I'd be buzzing all around this delightful table! Love all the bees and that cake is adorable.

  19. I hope the bees are alive and well in Utah! We need some good bee-lovin' for the honey bees.

    Happy Pioneer Day and beautiful bee table!

  20. This table truly is "the bees knees"!!!!!! Fabulous, and so creative!!! Even the wire on the candleholders resembles bee hives! The cake...TOO clever!!! I know you were thrilled to find all of this at a bargain price! You will get many years of enjoyment out of it. I've been AWOL for a couple of months and missed reading your post. I will have to go back through to see what all I missed out on. Have a great weekend, and enjoy the Pioneer Day celebration!

  21. I love your bee 'scape! How fabulous to get a 30% discount and what a bee-u-ti-ful purchase you made. The dishes are so sweet and the flatware looks great with them.
    Your table is so sweet; love the darling little bee skep cake, too!

  22. I love all your bee things and the little beehive cake is a sweet idea to make.

  23. How beautiful. I can well imagine how this table would appeal to young and old. The cakes look scrumptious and I know the Bonnie Butter Cake and make it often. I scoured the internet and used bookstores for good copies of that old Betty Crocker cook book for my daughter and daughter-in-law.

  24. I love bees and your table is just perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  25. So sweet! I love that (almost) personal-size cake!!

  26. Hi Jacqueline, I just recently discovered your blog and I love it! I so enjoyed reading about your trip to Paris last month! That is my dream trip that I'm saving my pennies for : )
    All of your recipies look so yummy, and this beehive cake is no exception. I love your tablescapses as well. You have great taste!


    PS So jealous of you kithen!!!

  27. So sweet table, love every single detail!


  28. Everthing is just charming! I LOVE the flatware!

  29. There's no words I can say, only: PERFECT ELEGANT...

    Love them all...

    Happy TS,

    Greetings from Stockholm,

  30. What an exquisite table to celebrate Pioneer Day!!!!

    I of course love your Horchow plates, etc.!!! Such a warm and yummy buttery color!!!!

    And those flowers--I'm a-lovin' them something big time!!!

    Hugs/blessings/congratulations on the celebration,

  31. Lovely lovely, I have a duagther 5 years old and she has learned a song from school ref to bees and I just kept singing the song when I saw your table.

    Loved it, thank you for sharing.

    Lots of love,

    Karin Şen Cankan

  32. Oh, my goodness, how delightful is this table?? You are definitely entitled to ALL the bee-related items you want, since you live in the Beehive State! I love the plates you chose -- Williams-Sonoma has had some similar ones that I've admired. The whole table is just incredible -- and the beehive cake is too cute for words! Clever!

  33. Bee-u-tee-ful table, Jacqueline! Those plates are fabulous. The beehive cakes are adorable.

  34. Oh my, this is to die for! Love the little cake. It is adorable. love the plates. the individual cake glass holder is from where?

  35. Your table is wonderful, Jacqueline. Your bee flatware is so perfect with your dinnerware. What a lovely and fun table.

  36. Love the bees, especially on your new tableware. And the beehive you are really showing off!

  37. I love honey bees! I have seen the dishes and flatware at Horchow and I don't know how much longer I'll be able to resist buying these same pieces. I may just have to move to Utah just so I can have an excute! LOL! Your table is utterly charming. Your flowers are gorgeous! Fantastic job!

  38. What an adorable table!!! Love all of the new goodies and LOVE the yellow stemware. The cakes sound make the bees proud in their craft!!!

  39. Jacqueline, what an adorable table! Anyone from the Beehive State should definitely have bee-themed dishes and flatware! You'll have so many chances to use them -- and that should be a treat for you because they really are great!

    Stop by if you get a chance and check out my Vintage Linen & Dish Auction -- going on now! I'm celebrating my first year of blogging.

  40. Love the Bees! Such a cute Idea for the 24th of July!

  41. Love the bee cakes. How in the world did you get bundt cakes to stack. I'd love to sit down to your beautiful table.

  42. Wonderful, the setting, the cake, love it all!
    And those yellow glasses are great! Where did you find them?

  43. What a lovel and sweet decorative table setting. So unique ~ Alexandra

  44. Can you tell me the manufacturer of the bee plates. It will be on the back of the plate. Thanks.

  45. I love your table presentation. So cute. Can you tell me who makes the bee plates? Thank you.


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